Month: February 2011

Exquisite And Elegant Tasting 2017 Sihh Richard Mill Rm07-01 Watch

At the annual Geneva watch fair, the new Richard Mill always surprises us. The brand combines traditional watchmaking with exciting and cutting-edge technologies such as technology and racing to create classic timepieces that are full of unique connotations, and 2017 is no exception. In the real-time meter launched at the Geneva Watch Fair this year, an elegant and generous watch is particularly attractive, unlike the previous full diamond appliqué, which remains only on the middle and inner dial. Compared with previous years, it seems more low-key and luxurious.

   The barrel-shaped case, the diamond-encrusted crown of the racing wheels, and the like are all unique DNA of the brand’s watch, showing Richard Mille’s unique style. Advanced technology is Richard Millmere’s unremitting driving force. Continuous innovation, breakthrough, and constantly show us Richard Millmere’s watchmaking technology and innovative charm.
   The above content is the information related to the 2017 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, please everyone attention.
   2017 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon features:


Innovative Solutions From Saxony-lange’s Nine Inventions

Like most Lange inventions, real innovations are sometimes not discernible. The main purpose of these inventions is to make mechanical watches more considerate and practical. RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR ‘Terraluna’ ‘s patented trajectory moon phase display shows the position of observers looking at the moon, earth and sun in the northern hemisphere.

 For many years, Germany has led Europe in patent applications. According to the latest annual report published by the European Patent Office, in 2017, German companies have applied for more than 25,000 patents. Of course, the number of patent applications alone is not enough to measure the innovation of a company. The key factor is whether the invention can bring about real technological development. All patents filed by Ferdinand Adolph Lange follow this principle; he founded the first Saxony watchmaking company in 1845, hoping to produce top-quality watches in his hometown. After the Lange watch factory was rebuilt in 1990, it once again enriched the field of precision watchmaking with many major inventions. Here are some Lange patents that deserve attention:

Zero return device

Patented in 2000
 In 1997, Lange introduced an advanced and precise automatic winding movement-the award-winning Sax-0-Mat movement with built-in zeroing device. When the crown is pulled up, the balance wheel is stopped, and the second hand returns to zero immediately , Just like a chronograph. Sax-0-Mat movement remains Langematik
 Basic movements of watches such as Perpetual and Saxonia ANNUAL CALENDAR. 1815 Tourbillon and Richard Lange
Seconds’ manual winding movement also has a zero reset function, which simplifies the time setting process. In the future models, the zero reset device uses an independent module design and is equipped with a clutch composed of multiple discs, so that the second hand can still operate smoothly during sudden shocks or rebounds.

2. Accurate jumping points

Patented in 2001
 The precision jumping points were originally installed on Lange’s first chronograph movement L951.1 for the Datograph. After 60 seconds, the precision jumping minute dial advances by one division, and it is not bad to stop timing even at the moment of crossing the zero position. So you can read the minutes at any time, no doubt about it. This patented device allows watchmakers to perfectly synchronize the jumping of the integrating disc when the movement is fully assembled. In the current watch series, all Datograph, Double
 Both Split and the latest Triple Split models are equipped with this device.

3. Detachment gear

Patented in 2005
 With a delicate split gear, Lange Double Split, Triple Split and other chronograph chronographs can prevent amplitude loss during the split timing. This device was patented in 2005. By pushing the push-button, the push-button can be separated from the chronograph central mandrel and the chronograph hands on the integrating disc mandrel, eliminating the wear and tear in the old design.

4. Stop-second device for tourbillon

Patented in 2008

 More than 200 years after Lange’s invention of the tourbillon, it was realized how to stop the vibration balance in the rotating tourbillon frame, so that the tourbillon watch can also accurately design the time. Pulling out the crown, a sophisticated lever system drives a movable V-spring toward the edge of the balance wheel. The balance wheel then stops. Press the crown, the ‘brake’ will be released, and the balance will start to swing again. This patented device is equipped with other devices in Lange
 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar, 1815 Tourbillon, Datograph Perpetual

5. Constant power escapement

Patented in 2010

 The patented constant-power escapement on all Zeitwerk models is located between the barrel and the balance wheel, and is responsible for adjusting the operation of the digital dial to advance it by one division every minute. At the same time, the device ensures that the balance wheel is driven by constant energy and maintains a stable rate during the entire power reserve period, regardless of the state of the watch’s winding device and how the switching program consumes energy.

6. Word jump device

Patented in 2011

 Zeitwerk models are equipped with precision word-jumping devices, which reflect the unambiguous and clear design. The display module consists of three discs, and its layout allows the wearer to easily read large numbers from left to right. The constant-power escapement slightly jumps, making the patented word-jumping device advance one by one until it reaches the right point, and the three digital dials advance at the same time.

7.Translucent dial coating

Patented in 2013

 The technical problem when developing the ‘Lumen’ dial is to use light energy to ‘charge’ the luminous material hidden in the dial. Lange’s expert solution is to apply a translucent material to the sapphire crystal dial to allow ultraviolet rays to pass through. Visible light transmission is attenuated by the high-contrast, clearly visible dial. In contrast, ultraviolet light waves can pass through. Zeitwerk
 ‘Luminous’, Grand Lange 1 ‘Lumen’, Grand Lange 1 Moon
Phase’s dial thus glows for hours in the dark.

8. Track moon phase display

Patented in 2014

 Richard Lange Perpetual Calendar
The patented trajectory moon phase display carried by ‘Terraluna’ shows the position of observers watching the moon, earth and sun in the northern hemisphere. The display device consists of three disks, namely the celestial disk, the moon phase disk below it, and the earth disk in the middle. In this layout, the balance wheel represents the position of the sun. The trajectory moon phase display accurately tracks the orbit of the moon on the 29th, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 3 seconds, and only one day of deviation occurs after 1058.

9. Delayed Digital Conversion

Patented in 2015

 To ensure Zeitwerk Minute
The function of the complex movement in the Repeater runs smoothly, and the engineer installs a precision fuse for the movement. For example, when the beeping device is operating, the digital disk cannot be advanced until the three-question sequence is completed. The worm gear of the three-question device is connected to the mandrel of the dial, once it is switched while the three-question device is in operation, it may cause component conflicts and damage the movement. The delay mechanism also ensures that the alarm sound must be consistent with the displayed time.