Month: April 2011

Parmigiani Double ‘p’ Marriage Elegant ‘man’ Extension

PARMIGIANI and POMELLATO join hands with POMELLATO for a top-level marriage about exquisiteness. Parmigiani has solemnly announced the establishment of a new cooperation relationship with Italian famous jewelry brand POMELLATO The combination of extraordinary professional capabilities of companies will redefine the look of women’s watches.
 Both PARMIGIANI and POMELLATO demonstrate excellence with high-quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. This strong combination perfectly combines the strengths of both parties: Parmigiani’s expertise in process technology, POMELLATO demonstrates unconventional creativity, allowing the watch’s elegant appearance to embrace the brilliance of jewelry. This collaboration will surely produce many amazing works in the future, paying tribute to women without reservation and satisfying their diligent and elegant pursuit.

A similar destiny – stories from Milan and Fleurier
 The combination of PARMIGIANI and POMELLATO is logical, because both brands have the spirit of change that does not fall into the same category. The establishment of POMELLATO in Milan in 1967 was an exciting historic moment. Jewellery has always been considered a very traditional and conservative industry. Jewellery has always been regarded as a status symbol. Most of the time it is hidden in the boudoir, and people basically only pay attention to the monetary value of jewelry. However, POMELLATO boldly challenged this tradition: introducing the concept of ‘ready-to-wear’ which was then worn out in the fashion industry into the jewelry industry. The jewellery immediately turned into a striking accessory, won people’s cherishment, became daily wear, and matched with clothing according to personal mood or personality. POMELLATO, who challenged stubborn conservative views, declared that ‘the safe is not the home of sexy jewellery’ and used it to win the shining favor of the goddess of success. As time goes by, the POMELLATO product series is becoming more and more abundant, always keeping abreast of fashion and trends, and finally accumulating a heritage: continuous exploration of new and unique. POMELLATO can be called a pioneer. It always takes the lead to change, lead the trend, and become a vane that everyone is following.
 Look at PARMIGIANI again. In 1996, PARMIGIANI was established in Waldtravel, Neuchâtel. Although the environment, conditions and challenges faced by Parmigiani are different from those of POMELLATO, they have shown the same courage in their commitment to innovation. At that time, the technologically advanced watchmaking industry prevailed in purchasing finished movements or parts from third-party companies, then decorating them, packaging them with standard cases, and marking the brand mark on the bottom of the faceplate. Over time, ‘watchmaking’ has gradually reduced to a ‘design’ practice, focusing only on whether the work is beautiful or not, a brand that can escape this stereotype. As a result, the exquisite craftsmanship of the watchmakers who had laid a solid foundation for the watchmaking industry was pushed behind the scenes, and was ‘monopolized’ by only a few watch machinery companies. PARMIGIANI abandoned this approach, restored the superb craftsmanship of watchmakers and made it the cornerstone of the development of the PARMIGIANI brand. The whole process is carried out in two aspects: First, based on the brand’s unique restoration art, Parmigiani regards watchmaking knowledge as the core element of brand development. The founder of the company, Mr. Michel Parmigiani, is a genius restorer. With his rich experience, he unveiled the century-old secret of watchmaking technology. Based on this, he worked tirelessly and refined his skills to create the same excellence Contemporary works.
 Secondly, PARMIGIANI chose the road of completely independent production, which is a difficult road, but also a necessary road. Thanks to the financial support of the Sandoz Family Foundation, less than a decade, or through acquisitions, or new construction, Parmigiani owns one of the industry’s top manufacturing plants. The brand’s complete watchmaking system today-a fully integrated professional skills center. In this way, PARMIGIANI chose to follow the challenging path of ‘original originals and originals’, at all costs, to break through the rules and break the rules. Today, the brand has mastered the entire production process of the watch, from the smallest parts to the most complicated wheel train; from the most creative draft design to the assembly and decoration of the finished product. This is an important moment shared by PARMIGIANI and POMELLATO: Italy’s POMELLATO is the only jewelry brand in the world whose headquarters directly controls its own manufacturing plants.
 Now a unique and brand new bridge of cooperation has been established between Milan and the mountains of Neuchâtel. Today’s PARMIGIANI and POMELLATO have a lot in common: both companies have full control over their business, they have the same strict quality standards, they also pay attention to details, and they also innovate in an eclectic manner. This innovation respects watchmaking , The manufacturing tradition of the jewelry industry, but not stubborn.

PARMIGIANI and POMELLATO have chosen to join hands. Both parties will uphold the same excellent craftsmanship, the same independent spirit and the unremitting pursuit of the beauty of creativity, complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and show their capabilities.

PARMIGIANI and POMELLATO have established a new partnership that will redefine the look of women’s watches.

 By PARMIGIANI, an elegant and pure women’s watch, the faceplate is accompanied by the brand mark of POMELLATO, which meticulously and meticulously interprets the sincere work from the fusion of two companies from Fleurier and Milan. First of all, which Parmigiani watch to choose to reflect the characteristics of this Italian jeweller? The Tonda 1950 became a logical choice. First of all, as the iconic model of PARMIGIANI, the Tonda 1950 can represent the essence of the brand, and even its name itself is a reasonable reason-1950 was the year of birth of Michel Parmigiani. Secondly, this ultra-thin watch with diamond-encrusted female models has a simple design and smooth lines, leaving necessary space for new interpretations. Specifically, it can be transformed into a POMELLATO-style ‘look’. All of the Tonda Pomellato series are rose gold models: rose gold is the ultimate choice to convey a feminine atmosphere, and it is also the iconic material of this Milanese jeweller; the newly designed hands and hour markers also use rose gold. This new collection includes four faceplate appearances, each carefully decorated with jewellery.

Arabesque wind Tonda Pomellato
 There are four models in the Tonda Pomellato series, three of which are inspired by the Arabesque series (‘Arab arabesque’ style) of POMELLATO, which is characterized by rose gold-shaped ‘Arab arabesque’ hollow patterns inlaid with colored gems, creating A transparent look and feel.
 Watches are often characterized as flat and opaque. If you want to reflect this swirling ‘vine’ pattern on your watch and reproduce the delicate light and dark reflection effect-the chiaroscuro effect, the only medium that can achieve this nuanced effect is the surface. plate. PARMIGIANI’s professional faceplate manufacturer Quadrance et Habillage successfully reproduced this ‘Arabian arabesque’ pattern through two independent processing steps using a surface protective coating process called épargnage. First, the entire surface of the face plate is subjected to high-brightness opalization. In the second step, screen-printed stickers were superimposed on the milky surface, and these stickers showed the pattern of arabesque vines. Then a second sandblasting process was performed, this time including all surfaces not covered by the sticker. After the above process, the area ‘protected’ by the sticker is milky white (as indicated by the process name), and the second treatment process makes the remaining surface sandblasted. Thanks to Quadrance et Habillage for the clever craftsmanship, the Arab arabesques obtained in the end are extremely smooth, but shining, and the light is vividly reflected, which is comparable to the real jewelry effect created by superimposing gold and gemstones.
 The ‘Arab Arabesque’ Tonda Pomellato watch is available in beige and graphite. The former is available with or without diamonds, and the latter has four lugs and diamonds.

Capri Tonda Pomellato
 The fourth model of the Tonda Pomellato collection is inspired by the Capri collection of Italian jeweler POMELLATO and pays tribute to the typical Mediterranean colors of Capri, a paradise island on the Naples coastline. Capri jewelry uses Capri’s most iconic color-emerald blue, with colorless crystals to create a transparent effect, reminiscent of the deep azure blue grotto (Blue Grotto).
 The ‘Capri’ style Tonda POMELLATO watch expresses this mood very delicately through the delicate emerald blue dial. Emerald gem cutting is a challenging technical task, because a stable surface must be found to avoid the natural roughness of the gem. In the center of the ‘Full setting’ case, the emerald blue dial is shining-‘full setting’ refers to the bezel and lugs with diamonds. Therefore, it can be said that the “Shadow and Darkness” feature, which marks the success of the POMELLATO Capri jewelry, is perfectly reproduced on this watch.

Capri’s TONDA 1950 POMELLATO rose gold case with turquoise dial and diamonds has a simple design and smooth lines.

TONDA 1950 POMELLATO rose gold case beige face plate, low-key and elegant, more style.

Arabian arabesque TONDA 1950 POMELLATO rose gold case graphite black face disc lugs and diamonds models, fashionable colors, low-key luxury.

The TONDA 1950 POMELLATO rose gold case with beige dial and diamonds is elegant and luxurious.


Jackson Launches New 101 Series Jewelry Watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre knows how to win the hearts of men and women. The latest Grande Reverso 101 Art Déco jewelry watch is the best proof. Grande Reverso 101 Art Déco has launched new models for men and women.
     When the tiny movement occupies the heart of the largest Reverso watch case, the lapse of time becomes illusionary. And the magical scene composed of mother-of-pearl and diamonds reveals mysterious magic, making the fantasy time presentation more dwarfed.
    Rows of rectangular cut diamonds underline the Art Deco style of this watch. Snow flake-set diamonds cling to each other on the side of the watch, immersing itself in the charming light.