TAG Heuer, who is particularly good at developing chronograph products, recently released the Silverstone classic chronograph watch. Although the shape design is not called the noble level of the S-level, but with its classic design concept and the traditional timing elements, it is enough to make up for all these shortcomings. TAG Heuer Silverstone Classic Chronograph
创立 Since its founding in 1860, tag heuer has always been a pioneer in the field of luxury watches and chronographs, and has been relentlessly committed to creating exquisite looks. Since the term ‘design’ was not popular, TAG Heuer has been among the pioneers in the field of watch design.
HeTag heuer The brand concept of TAG Heuer’s focus on avant-garde design is vividly displayed on the skin stand of TAG Heuer stores and baselworld. Skin can be regarded as the most avant-garde and trendy booth in the history of this world-renowned watch exhibition, which has won the Heuer brand’s silver award in the 23rd Annual Design Contest of ‘Exhibitor’ magazine in 2009.
纪念 To commemorate and commend Tag Heuer’s pioneering design that has been renewed for more than a century and a half, TAG Heuer once again introduces the most iconic creation in history: the silverstone chronograph.
TAG Heuer Silverstone Classic Chronograph
TAG Heuer has the courage to subvert the tradition and break the rules. It has been far ahead in the world’s famous luxury watches and chronographs, but the pursuit of outstanding design is the core element of TAG Heuer’s DNA.
而不 Silverstone’s outstanding retro design—a rounded case with polished stainless steel, is based on the Monaco series, a masterpiece of the era worn by Steve McQueen in 1969. Its edges are softer, decorated with colored dials, and the appearance is completely new. It is equipped with world-leading chronograph performance. It is one of TAG Heuer’s most authentic designs and the most representative work in its history. It has become the symbol and symbol of the 1970s, and it is also a popular design object.
TAG Heuer Silverstone Classic Chronograph
Silverstone, which debuted in 1969, was originally equipped with the acclaimed chronomatic calibre 11 automatic movement. It was developed in cooperation with Dubois depraz, Breitling, and Hamilton-büren. The result is the world’s first automatic chronograph movement equipped with a miniature automatic disk. The movement is typically characterized by a date counter at 6 o’clock and two buttons that penetrate the crown through two notches.
In order to retain the original counter, button and crown structure, the new silverstone movement is equipped with the dubois-depraz (calibre 11) component for the calibre 11. The revised product is exactly the same as its prototype-not only boldly blending square shapes and unparalleled technical features, but also engraved with the classic ‘heuer’ logo and ‘silverstone’ at 12 o’clock, and the same top alligator leather strap.
Tag heuer silverstone, with its mix of movement and fashion, and crisp geometric design, has become a bold and perfect model of TAG Heuer, and has confirmed its world-famous motto: ‘Swiss avant-garde 1860’ 1860).