Month: February 2012

It Is Difficult To Know The Watch. How Can You Remember The Watch Without A Brand Logo?

When shopping, most people require a combination of aesthetics and practicality. The first thing that catches our eye is the aesthetics. This is not to say that we only value the appearance, but that we The importance of appearance to the design of an item cannot be obscured. Especially in today’s watch market, whether it is Swiss watches or domestic watches, there are more and more brands, and the styles of men’s and women’s watches have gradually become more and more colorful. It is more difficult for consumers to choose. The watches are enthusiastic for various brands, and even pick a watch that is unique and different, it is really not easy.

  For a watch, not everyone knows its expertise very well, and the classics of a watch cannot be discerned visually. If there is no brand logo, how do we judge the type and quality of the watch? Therefore, it is necessary for us to know the classic works in some watches and follow the edited text. Let’s recall the outstanding case designs together.

  Stirrup-shaped case, chic style:

  Before I entered the bezel, I had no idea about the shape of the watch. I could only think of round or square, barrel, turtle, horseshoe, octagon, and even irregular shapes. Each shape The change of the watch will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of the design of the watch, and the distribution of the dial scales and the harmony of the design will change accordingly. Most importantly, a shape represents the brand’s characteristics, and it is also a subtly endorsement style.

  The designer RalphLauren skillfully combined the equestrian sporty style with the brand’s characteristics. The Stirrup series highlights the knightly style. The smooth curve of the case is matched with the Roman numerals. A touch of retro taste. I think it is a watch that is very suitable for women. As the brand’s equestrian tradition, this series of watches also pay tribute to the brand’s classics and traditions. The LaurenStirrup series watches not only resemble the shape of a horse’s stable, the elegant watch links are also fashionable and novel, and follow the soft curve of the human body comfortably on the wrist.

  Twelve bright-colored calfskin and crocodile leather straps, with different sizes of Stirrup series stainless steel dial watches.

  If you don’t like the style of the chain link, can the gorgeousness of various belts satisfy your fashionable woman’s heart?

  The octagonal case is definitely a poison:

  Some people say that the wrists of Asians cannot support the wideness of the octagon, and the tough guy style of Europeans and Americans is more suitable for rough cases. But nowadays, more and more people like Royal Oak, and even women wear large octagonal cases, and they have more charm. Don’t always look at the case and say it’s too big. If you have the ability, try it out. If it’s not suitable, you will find that this is definitely a poison.

  Audemars Piguet’s biggest shock is the tough and domineering case design. Legend has it that the design of the Royal Oak was completed overnight. Good inspiration does not care how long it takes, but how classic it is. GeraldCharlesGenta also seems to have a soft spot for the octagon, and it is naturally and perfectly associated with the case, so let’s talk about the wonderful design of this case. The steel watch is the most classic I think. The brushed and polished case of the case and the heavy metal feel make people look forward to bringing it to the world. This Audemars Piguet automatic winding series 15703ST.OO.A002CA.01 watch has a 42 mm case, which is definitely large enough. Those who want to try it, prepare your wrists.

  This large dial is very suitable for a closer look. The octagonal case is fixed by the bezel with 8 exposed screws. The rubber strap is in the same vein as the case. It shows the extreme sports style and is definitely a true watch for men. The octagonal case is reminiscent of the octagonal portholes on the battleship. At that time and now, it is the classic representative of Audemars Piguet. Through the sapphire glass, the dial is engraved with ‘Méga Tapisserie’ oversized check decoration, with white fluorescent Arabic numerals, thicker hands are also prepared for easy reading, the calendar display window is located at three o’clock. With a water-resistant depth of 300 meters, your watch can show its appearance under the water.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series 67540OK.ZZ.A010CA.01
  Audemars Piguet’s ladies watch is a combination of masculine and feminine, one rigid and one soft, set off two styles.

  Of course, from the octagon we can easily think of Bulgari’s OCTO series watches. The simple lines are combined with complicated craftsmanship. The octagonal structure and the round bezel complement each other. The design of the octagon is more infused with a lot of historical content, whether it is from architecture or culture, it symbolizes a good moral meaning. Combining the structure with the avant-garde fashion style of Bulgari, a variety of OCTO series watches can meet the requirements of different people.

  Nautilus, luxury also has steel watches:

  The Patek Philippe Nautilus series is Patek Philippe’s earliest sports series watch. It is also designed by the famous watch designer Gerald Genta. Its design is inseparable from the submarine, and it also incorporates the design style. Since the introduction of the Nautilus series in 1976, it has been known for its sporty style and has made a lot of stainless steel. The first Nautilus watch was made of stainless steel and a thick and rounded octagonal case broke the luxury watch of the time. Traditional definition.

  The first time I came into contact with Nautilus was because of the love of friends around me. The simple low-key, gentleman’s connotation seems to be casual but the quality is extraordinary. This may be the top quality of Patek Philippe. Effect. This 5990 / 1A of Patek Philippe does not seem to be as aggressive as Audemars Piguet’s sports chronograph, but it is very low-key, and even more amazing, you will never imagine what kind of design PP will present to you. This seemingly simple shape brings extremely difficult challenges in the actual production process, and the buttons and crown around the case are precisely designed.

  Functionally, it also shows a strong carrying capacity. This watch can not only count the time, have a date display, but also indicate the second time zone, and even the day and night display. The 40mm dial accommodates enough functions. Often the date display window will be at the three o’clock position, but it will display the calendar as a dial at 12 o’clock. LOCAL and HOME at three and nine o’clock represent day and night. display. The size of 40 mm is not too big. The internal CH28-520 movement also has the PP mark, and the back case lets you truly understand the mechanical charm of fine watchmaking.

  Twisted case, novel keys:

  If fixed shapes are not challenging, can you imagine distorted shapes? Not only a twisted case, but also a twisted movement. The entire dial changes the curve with the bending of the case, the movement and the dial merge into one, and the plywood is carefully carved, and the special shape subverts the tradition of watchmaking.

  The crazy design of the Crash watch includes the 9618MC type movement, from hollow craftsmanship, to the polishing of precision parts, and the bending is just right, it makes people crazy about this crazy design. Of course, impact, distortion, and deformation are no strangers to Cartier’s world, and more attempts are made here.

  This year’s Cléde Cartier series once again interpreted Cartier’s genius ideas. It is another classic after the blue balloon and tank. The shape of the case is also round and square, showing the beauty of geometric lines. The shape of the crown also breaks the traditional round shape, but is similar to the shape of a key. It is chic and interesting, like winding a watch in ancient times. Scene.

  A four-leaf clover type that conveys luck and blessings:
  Many brands always like to display different flowers, animals and even natural scenery on the case in the design of the dial. Van Cleef & Arpels is not limited to the modification of the dial, but has conquered everyone with a four-leaf clover shape. To more product series, not only watches, bracelets, necklaces, many of its products have been given the meaning of four-leaf clover. Today, the clover has become a special DNA of the brand. When you think of the clover, you think of Van Cleef & Arpels. Many women are fond of clover. Seeing so many outfits, they must have been excited.

  Not only that, there are also barrel shapes, pillow shapes, square shapes, irregular shapes, and so on. Every change in appearance will cause changes in the overall style and changes in the internal design, which is really a major project.

Summary: After browsing so many looks, which one are you more interested in and who do you remember? If a symbol is used to represent a brand, we naturally think of the brand logo, just like seeing running Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini on the road, many people rely on the mark to remember a product, a brand. If there is no mark, can we recognize the brand to which the product belongs at a glance? Therefore, the brand wants to use a unique method to let everyone have an unforgettable memory, whether it is blue steel hands, ‘fisheye’ calendar, rose pattern, or octagonal case, any feature will be remembered because of its special Live, that’s enough. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)


Long-time Cohabitation, I Fall In Love With This Big Head ‘slag Boy’

The love story in the movie is always the same. The two loved each other in the first place, and they will always be separated for one reason or another. So the directors and screenwriters racked their brains to show us different love stories, sad or funny, with the intention of earning tears or laughter for the audience. However, a recently released ‘Cohabitation in Time’ made the audience laugh with tears and watched the entire movie without any peeing. How did the director do it? How do the film’s lead actors Lei Jiayin and Tong Liya interpret their roles? I fell in love with Lei Jiayin’s big head ‘scumbag’ in the end?

Starring Lei Jiayin and Tong Liya

Supervisor Xu Hong and Actor Tao Hong

Jaeger-LeCoultre Beibei Series 9028480 (Chronograph)
 Xu Yu, the producer of the play, wore a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch on the day of the press conference. In fact, in this play, Xu Yan played a master of ‘fishing the sea’, with full of laughter. In the play, Tao Hong is a guest of the manager of a high-end watch shop, and is a franchise store of Jaeger-LeCoultre!

 In the stills of Macross, you can see Tao Hong’s chest marked with a striking ‘double-L’ Jaeger-LeCoultre logo

‘Long Live Together’ Stills

 At the beginning of the story, the time and space of the hero and heroine overlap. From the perspective of the audience, ‘overlap’ is actually no different from ‘crossing’. Lu Minghuo played by the male lead Lei Jiayin in 1999, his career was unsuccessful, and no one can discern talents; Gu Xiaojiao, played by the female lead Li Ya, lived in 2018. Two seemingly disjointed people overlap in time and space and have to start. The life of ‘cohabitation’.

‘Long Live Together’ Stills

 Gu Xiaojiao was attracted by Lu Ming’s frankness, outspokenness, and even a bit of a dull character while getting along with each other; Lu Ming was immersed in Gu Xiaojiao’s cute and attractive appearance. The two fell in love, but Gu Xiaojiao, who can foresee the future of Lu Ming in 2018, was renamed by Lu Shiyi in 2018 and had to leave Lu Ming, the male lead of 1999, in the name of ‘Don’t change the future of Lu Ming’.

Lu Shiyi and Lu Ming

Lei Jiayin and Tong Liya in the play

  This section is the section in which Lei Jiayin’s acting skills are “explosive”. Switch between two characters with completely different personalities. Also let the two characters have their own blood and personality traits. In fact, this is not the first time Lei Jiayin’s acting ‘explosive’ works.

Actor Lei Jiayin

Stills of Chen Junsheng played by Lei Jiayin in ‘My First Half of Life’

 In 2012, Lei Jiayin won the best actor award in the China Changchun Film Festival for his action movie ‘Golden Robbery.’ Since then, he has become more known by virtue of the ‘ex-husband’ in My First Half of Life. The role of ‘ex-husband’ is actually an outspoken ‘scumbag’. Put a calm, loving family, but derailed. But when looking at this character, Lei Jiayin made the character hate. He explained and grasped the situation of a middle-aged man in a career and family that had already started to a certain degree but was confused and doubtful.

Lei Jiayin

 In addition to the impression that this work is a professional and acting actor, Lei Jiayin’s private personality has also been countless. Lei Jiayin himself is a humorous person who has nothing to show. His ‘big head’ has his own ‘dumb’ attribute. The head circumference is the same as that of Liu Haoran’s brother, but the shot of two people blowing snow seems to be full of joy.

Lei Jiayin wears the Jaeger-LeCoultre Series 9068670 watch, and Li Li wears the Jaeger-LeCoultre Date Series 3618490 watch

 But Lei Jiayin was still very handsome. When he was shooting the cover of the magazine with Yaya recently, he was so handsome that he also took on the feeling of a big brother next door. In short, the ‘CP feeling’ of the two is too much! On the same day, Lei Jiayin wore a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch and Yaya wore a Jaeger-LeCoultre date watch. In another photo, he is wearing a Jaeger-LeCoultre 1552520 watch.

Lei Jiayin wears the Jaeger-LeCoultre Series 1552520 watch

 In addition, we can find in the previous photos of Lei Jiayin that the relationship between Lei Jiayin and Jaeger-LeCoultre is not bad.

Lei Jiayin wears Jaeger-LeCoultre watch

 Last year, Lei Jiayin attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Jaeger-LeCoultre in Nanjing stores. On the same day, Lei Jiayin wore a rose gold Jaeger-LeCoultre watch with a brown belt, a checkered suit top and a gray suit trousers, a gentleman elegant.

Lei Jiayin wears Jaeger-LeCoultre watches

Lei Jiayin wears Jaeger-LeCoultre 1308470 watch

 It is not difficult to see that Lei Jiayin’s watch brand most frequently worn when attending the event is Jaeger-LeCoultre. This is very consistent with his own temperament, choose different models to match the look of the day. In the choice of watch type, formal watch is the type he usually chooses.

 Judging from Lei Jiayin’s acting skills, Lei Jiayin’s achievements should be more than that. At the box office of Macross Co-op, the 800 million mark has already passed. This is already a very satisfying achievement in domestic love movies, not to mention the starring role is not a traffic niche. I hope to see more good works of ‘Thunderhead’ with a head circumference of 61 cm.