Cartier is pleased to announce the appointment of Guillaume ALIX as General Manager of the Swiss subsidiary.
He will take over from Arnaud CARREZ, who has left Switzerland as General Manager of Cartier’s Hong Kong and Macau subsidiaries.
Guillaume Alix was born in 1974, graduated from ESSEC Business School, began his career in 1997, and worked as an assistant marketing manager at Cartier’s Hong Kong and Macau subsidiaries.

Guillaume Alix, new CEO of Cartier’s Swiss subsidiary

His experience in Asia helped him later join the international management team in Paris and was promoted to President and CEO of Cartier International in 2005.
Five years later, with a global and strategic perspective, he was named vice president of marketing and communications for Cartier North America.
Guillaume ALIX is married and the father of two boys, and now he will run Cartier’s Swiss subsidiary with extensive experience in the industry.
Source: Cartier