Month: December 2012

Black Power Tasting Tag Heuer Carrera Watch

Obviously, in the world of watches, rubber bands mean a sense of power and movement. Want to bring this kind of advantage to the extreme, of course, not only in the choice of strap, but also in the watch itself. Black is a very wonderful color. In the bright red and green, it represents mystery, and in the barren land, it represents a kind of courage. Is it hot? Of course not, the completely empty design makes it look unconstrained. Official model: CAR2B80.FC6325

  TAG Heuer has always been an expert in sports watches. Among the many series, Calera is definitely the best-selling sports series. Whether it is the details of the appearance, the movement technology or the polishing, it is very outstanding. Although TAG Heuer can’t be among the luxury watches, at least the super high price-performance ratio will make you excited.

 In the eyes of many people, the characteristics of the chronograph look very similar, and this watch is also the same. Then, since there are not many breakthroughs in the appearance, let us read more of his meaning! The advent of this Carrera watch has aroused many sportsmen. If you know that when you are exhausted, you can look at your watch in the burning sun and calculate the time of exercise. It is particularly proud of it.

 In many people’s eyes, the crown has more practical significance than ornamental value. Indeed, it is very difficult to write something in this small environment. Like all watch brands, this watch bears the glory of the TAG Heuer family on its crown.

 The strap adopts a completely empty design, which not only makes the air permeability better, but also makes aesthetic adjustments for boring materials. For those who like leather straps, the most annoying thing is that the skin impregnated with sweat is covered by the strap, and you don’t need to worry about this watch at all.

 The frosted case is very flat and textured. With the same polishing method and different craftsmanship and technology, TAG Heuer uses its black material very well, fully conveying the strength and hardness of the steel material through black.

 The buckle is also made of stainless steel. This charcoal black is reminiscent of many advertisements and movies. For watch fans, this not only symbolizes the spirit of TAG Heuer’s fearless wind and rain, but also has a sporting potential.

 The design of the lugs is very unique. The lugs we usually see have a more curved arc, and the design of this lug is a right-angle design. Why? Because this design is more in line with the masculinity of men during sports.

 A watch with excellent chronograph function already has a certain sense of competition. Seems to value time more than ordinary watches. The second hand’s head is colored in red, which is designed to count the seconds accurately in a short time.

 This TAG Heuer Carrera watch uses Calibre 1887’s consistent movement style, and it is clear that it is fearless of others’ evaluation, because it has the courage to dare to reveal it. The design of the flyback function makes it even more outstanding. From the point of view of the polishing of the movement, it is still very fine and worthy of fun.

In summary: When many watches were born, we were already deeply attracted by their appearance. Sometimes the things we like may not be as luxurious and dazzling, but more like a caring playmate who is accompanying us. Continuous growth is even more exciting if we can go through the storm together. Official model: CAR2B80.FC6325; Reference price: 60,100 yuan


Earl’s Watch Global Ceo: Mainland Consumers Are Reluctant To Spend Money On Services

As more and more top luxury brands enter the mainland market, the awareness of mainland consumers on top brands is also becoming more mature. However, as more and more brands pay attention to the powerful spending power of mainland consumers, some brands are gradually recognizing the various characteristics of this consumer group. Piaget Global CEO Mai Zhenjie pointed out in a recent interview with that mainland consumers are unwilling to spend money to provide follow-up services for the products they buy after purchasing luxury goods. For the world’s top brands, consumer education still has a long way to go.

The following is a textual record:

Guest: More and more Chinese people will go abroad to buy luxury goods, but they will also buy domestically. Chinese tourists have also played a very important role in promoting the development of our brand. Consumers have also become more and more rational. We found that before they only focused on products, now they pay more and more attention to services. In order to promote good service, we will increasingly establish local connections, which means we China has opened a lot of boutiques, retail stores and so on, so I don’t think we are only serving tourists, but that Chinese people can also buy our products in China. So we did this localization work, taking the service as our entire business development and important department, this service includes selling watches and some after-sales maintenance and other services. So we hope that the Chinese can also buy our watches at home, and we also want to vigorously develop the domestic market.

Regarding domestic service, I have a final question about the domestic service of luxury brands. Although luxury brands have opened a lot of specialty stores in China, the after-sales service of luxury brands is still a consumer in China. Such a thing that people find it impossible to reach, then including Earl has also made some unpleasant experiences for consumers. At home, I would like to know, how is Earl ready to work in this area?

Guest: In fact, in the service sector, we have launched our own service centers in three cities in China, namely Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. One thing we want consumers to understand is that some watches, like cars, also need to be regularly repaired, maintained, and serviced, and sometimes customers are less able to understand this. We will train a lot of excellent technicians in the service sector, including our school that has specialized technicians in Shanghai to train these watchmakers. Customers want this timely service, but often they don’t want to spend money to enjoy these services. We want to make our customers aware of this, and understand that services need to be provided on a regular basis.