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Cartier Lingsi Surging Female Entrepreneur Award’ With Elle Active! Start A Female Entrepreneurial Discussion

(Shanghai, June 5, 2016) ‘Cartier Lings Surging Female Entrepreneur Award’ brings ELLE Active! The women’s event jointly conducted a roundtable discussion on women’s entrepreneurship at the Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum. The site specially invited the 2011 Cartier Lingsi Surging Women Entrepreneur Award for the 2011 Asia-Pacific winner and Chen Chunhong, Chairman of Yiyuan (Shanghai) Energy-saving Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Ms. Yang Jie, judge of the ‘Cartier Lings Surging Women Entrepreneur Award’, CEO of Hirst Media Advertising Group China, Ms. Ling Zihan, the first professional female technology startup platform in China, founder and CEO of ‘Her Camp’ , As well as Ms. Zhang Chenling, the founder of ‘Wei Guoqing’, as a representative of outstanding women and their guests to share their entrepreneurial experience and unique insights.

‘Cartier Lings Surging Female Entrepreneur Award’ Women’s Entrepreneurship Roundtable Discussion Site

‘Cartier Lings Surging Female Entrepreneur Award’ Women’s Entrepreneurship Roundtable Discussion

‘Cartier Lingsi Surge Female Entrepreneur Award’ Ms. Chen Chunhong, winner of the Asia-Pacific region in 2011 and chairman of Yiyuan (Shanghai) Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Ms. Yang Yan, judge of the ‘Cartier Lings Surging Female Entrepreneur Award’ and CEO of Hirst Media Advertising Group China

Actively respond to Ms. Ling Zihan, the founder and CEO of the ‘Cartier Lings Surging Female Entrepreneur Award’ in 2016 and the first professional female technology entrepreneurship platform ‘Her Camp’ in China

Ms. Zhang Chenling, co-founder and CEO of “Victoria Qing”, who actively responded to the 2016 “Cartier Lings Surging Female Entrepreneur Award” and is committed to creating a new healthy eating style

From left to right: Ms. Pu Yingying, PR Manager of Cartier China, Ms. Chen Chunhong, 2011 Asia Pacific Winner of the “Cartier Lings Surging Female Entrepreneur Award” and Chairman of Yiyuan (Shanghai) Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. The founder and CEO of the camp, Ms. Ling Zihan, the founder and CEO of Wei Guoqing, Ms. Zhang Chenling, the judge of the ‘Cartier Lingsi Surging Female Entrepreneur Award’, the CEO of Hirst Media Advertising Group China
   As a gift for the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the award, Cartier has commissioned INSEAD to conduct an in-depth and detailed analysis of the ‘Cartier Lings Surging Female Entrepreneur Award’ and related projects in the past ten years, and evaluate the society it has created. Value and impact. The 2016 ‘Cartier Lingshuang Female Entrepreneur Award’ has officially started to recruit. Female entrepreneurs who are full of entrepreneurial dreams and enterprising are invited to log in to to submit an application before 17:00 on August 31, 2016. , Start the dream journey of entrepreneurship. The final winners will be announced at the Women’s Economic and Social Forum Global Annual Conference in France this October.


Hundred Years Of Hermès Watchmaking History Start With A Good Strap

The Hermès watch factory based in Biel, Switzerland, has added a belt-making workshop since 2006, becoming the first watch manufacturer to make its own belt. Hermès’ tradition of making saddles not only creates exquisite straps for watches, but also brings a lot of creative inspiration to the brand. For example, the design of a fully covered leather clock is the best example.
Left to right: Yvonne, Jacqueline, Simone and Aline Hermès, 1912
This Hermès family vacation photo is 100 years old. The brand was founded by Thierry Hermès in 1837. The four lively little girls in the picture belong to the fourth generation heir to Emile Hermès. The second Jacqueline Hermès from the left is actually a pocket watch and the belt comes from the Hermes leather workshop. Porte Oignon is the first watch in the history of Hermès.

Porte oignon belt, circa 1912
This timepiece from 1912 can be said to be a masterpiece of the brand’s watchmaking. The spiritual concept is still present in all the brand’s products: first, it is related to Hermes’ equestrian world tradition, and since 1837 The saddle saddle manufacturing process is closely related; wearing it on the wrist can avoid the inconvenience of pulling out a pocket watch to watch the time when riding.
In addition, it highlights the superb leather craftsmanship of Hermès; the exquisite construction of the Porte Oignon belt also lays down its innovative thinking that is simple and easy to use. Hermès watches include superb leather manufacturing technology, and are more designed with creativity, beauty and practicality in mind.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the relationship between humans and horses began to change subtly: Although horses are still a symbol of tourism transportation and an achievement of human conquest of nature, their transportation functions have begun to be gradually replaced by cars and gradually Integrate into the country of sports and leisure activities.
Seeing this, Hermès began making ‘Bag Watches’ with interchangeable straps and timepieces that can be attached to the belt, even if the impact during intense exercise does not damage the mechanical function of the timepiece. Later, the brand made travel clocks that could show the time in the world’s time zone. The design of its case was inspired by travel and sports, just like this pocket watch with a golf theme in the 1930s.
Belt watch, circa 1930
Leather is always the most important material of Hermès. The brand’s saddles, clothing, harnesses, and household goods are everywhere. Looking at the details of the watch, there are no traces of the leather and leather sewing process passed down from generation to generation for 175 years. Exquisite leather processing technology makes the leather look shiny and pleasing to the eye; in the watchmaking industry, leather craftsmanship and engraving or enamel craftsmanship are also respected.
Miami watch, circa 1935
In addition to aesthetics, the practical value of leather cannot be ignored. For example, the body and chain of the Miami watch, which appeared in about 1935 in the picture, are all covered with leather, which protects and is more comfortable to wear.
In the past, Hermès watches were equipped with movements made by famous watchmakers such as Movado, Jaeger-leCoultre, Lip, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Ulysse Nardin; but since 2003, Hermès has formed an alliance with the famous movement manufacturer Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier. , Began to design and develop the brand’s own dedicated movement.
In 2006, Hermès officially invested in Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier (currently owning 25% equity) to further consolidate and strengthen its ability to manufacture movements. In fact, Hermès has always focused on the development and innovation of watchmaking technology.
Buttonhole pocket watch, circa 1930
Transparent case back appeared in the 1930s, such as the buttonhole pocket watch seen in the picture, the exquisite craftsmanship of the case back perspective movement; At the same time, the brand also began to develop the crown protection device.


Beauty Queen Of Naples Series Advanced Custom Zodiac Horse Watch

According to Chinese traditional culture and customs, 2014 is the year of the zodiac horse. Horse, positive, is a symbol of success. Its elegance, nobility, bravery and vitality have become the source of inspiration for the creation of countless ancient and modern Chinese and foreign literary and artist works. The Breguet Naples queen series high-end custom zodiac horse watch, using the amazing shell relief process, reproduces the magnificent shape of the handsome horse in the classic goose oval dial.

 Breguet watches have always been favored by women. At the invitation of Napoleon’s sister Naples Queen Caroline Murat, Master Breguet began to create a ‘long oval shape that can be worn on the wrist’ in 1810 Design works. This first watch in the history of watchmaking has also become the source of inspiration for Breguet’s modern watchmakers. In 2002, it launched the Breguet ‘The Queen of Naples’ watch. Unique goose-shaped case shape, blending the style of the 18th century with avant-garde artistic style. Breguet Naples queen of high-end jewelry watch touches the most mysterious emotions of modern women with the charm of poets and magicians, awakening their desire to sleep .

 The elegant and feminine design combined with traditional hand-crafted shell reliefs adds a romantic and classic feeling to the Breguet Naples series of high-end custom zodiac horse watches. The eccentric hour and minute display dial, if there is nothing, seems to dedicate all the applause on the stage to the shell relief process. The 18K white gold diamond case and sapphire crystal mirror provide the best protection for delicate relief work. The design of the transparent bottom cover also reveals the golden oscillating weight hand-engraved and set with natural mother-of-pearl. This watch is like a muse born in a shell, which once again reflects the perfect fusion of Breguet’s extraordinary watchmaking skills and traditional handicrafts.

Reine de Naples Cameo Horse
18K White Gold Watch
Bezel set with 40 diamonds, weighing approximately 2.42 carats
Self-winding movement
Shell dial made of shell relief
Sapphire crystal case back
Water-resistant to 3 Pa (30 meters)
Dimensions: 40 x 31.95 mm

 The embossed shell on the dial of the Naples Series Year of the Horse watch is an ancient handicraft that originated in Torre del Greco (Greek Tower), a small town located in the Naples region of Italy. Through the use of high-relief techniques on the sculptural materials to highlight the contrast of the color, the excellent shell relief works are gorgeous and exquisite, like the elegant and beautiful flower god Flora under the brush of Titian, with a strong Renaissance tone; and dressed like Queen Victoria The lace skirt full of pearls is full of the gorgeous and beautiful atmosphere of the court. This extremely delicate engraving technique is made by a technician using a simple steel needle to scribe on different levels of the shell, and the depth of the engraving is less than two millimeters. All of this can only be carved by hand in accordance with traditional methods. If machinery is used, the shell will be damaged, and the cellular tissue of the shell can be clearly seen only under a microscope.

 In order to achieve the desired effect, the technician needs to carefully screen and inspect the color, layering, perspective, layer, and overall transparency of the shell. Shells are a kind of living carrier. You must use delicate methods to create beautiful works. The sculptor from Italy chose natural sea shells for Breguet. After being polished to remove the rough and hard surface, it was then cut according to design requirements to form Breguet’s unique shell pieces, which were then carved by hand by experienced sculptors , The process is quite complicated, once there is no chance of correction. Therefore, the shell embossed dial is a true shell micro-carved artwork.