Month: June 2014

Immortal Legend Piaget Polofortyfive Collection Flyback Chronograph Watch

Count Piaget, probably most people think of jewellery, but in addition there are some tough and powerful watches, such as this PoloFortyFive series flyback chronograph watch to be said today Although the Earl’s official website has announced that this watch has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale, this watch represents the high-end skills of Earl Watch. Today we come to appreciate the charm of Earl’s complex watches.

    This handsome POLO series watch is limited to 500 pieces, the official model is: G0A35001.

Watch case made of titanium
   The diameter of the watch is 45 mm, and its large size just matches the masculine masculinity of the POLO series. The case made of titanium not only has the strong texture of precious metal, but also has a lighter weight, reflecting the characteristics of titanium. At the same time, it also shows the ingenious intention of Piaget in the selection of materials.

Watch diameter 45 mm
   From the side, the shape of the watch is more rigid, the lines are straight, and there is only a slight arc at the lugs, and the design of the case and bezel presents a three-dimensional effect. The hard sapphire crystal glass is polished by the watchmaker to form a beautiful arc. It is embedded in the bezel to clearly show the precise timing for us.

With a rubber strap
   The black rubber strap has a comfortable wearing feeling. The rubber material has a good skin-friendly property and is light in weight. It reduces the weight of the watch, and also creates a full-featured sports appearance, which fully displays the spirit of fashion and sports.

The use of black and red tones adds to the mystery of the watch
   The charm of the watch dial can be felt through the sapphire crystal. The use of black and red tones adds to the mystery of the watch, and it has a sense of time and space.

Watch dial design heavy and simple
   The watch uses an open-cut dial in black and red tones. At first glance, it looks a bit messy. In fact, the watchmaker has already designed the functional display only in an orderly manner. The complicated and simple design has a unique wearing experience. The dial is equipped with fluorescent hour markers and hands. The 30-minute timer, small seconds dial, second time zone display, and date display occupy a quarter of the dial. The design is harmonious and the layout is reasonable.

Watch with a stainless steel buckle
   The one-piece buckle made of stainless steel has excellent aesthetics, and the surface of the buckle is delicately brushed.

Transparent case highlights Piaget’s superb watchmaking skills
   This classic series of chronographs is equipped with Piaget 880P self-winding mechanical movement. The movement is treated with black PVD and echoes the black open-cut dial. The openwork design reveals the secret of the movement. In addition to the timekeeping and flyback functions, it also has a 24-hour second time zone display and a date display function.
   Piaget’s 880P movement is currently one of the thinnest mechanical chronograph movements, with a thickness of only 5.6 mm. There are few chronograph movements equipped with complex functions, and this movement is unique in that it is equipped with flyback chronograph. The 880P chronograph movement is equipped with a dual barrel, a screw balance, a balance stop, a circular Geneva wave pattern, a rounded main plate, a beveled bridge, blue steel screws, and a engraved Piaget family emblem. Decorative details such as the oscillating weight show the unique aesthetic standards of Piaget.
To sum up: The tough and domineering appearance of this Piaget POLO series watch, as well as its complicated professional functions, bring unparalleled wearing experience, which is the icing on the cake of the man’s unique temperament and grace, and has attracted the attention of many people. The current domestic reference price for this watch is 176,800 RMB.


2014 Basel Watch Show China Watch Fiyta Booth Appreciation

The Basel International Jewellery and Watch Fair, which is known as the ‘Oscar in the watch industry,’ opened on March 27, 2014. This is the 42nd session and this year is the second year that Basel has used the new club as scheduled. The opening of the watch exhibition continued to attract many watch brands to participate. It is good to know that the domestically produced watch Fiyta also participated in the exhibition, and once again became the only watch brand to participate in the Pakistan exhibition. Our special editors in front will also pass over the latest Pakistan exhibition information, including Fiyta’s new watches. Here, we will first present the exquisite exhibition show of our domestic watch Fiyta.

 The above content is the cutting-edge information of the 2014 Basel Watch Fair Fiyta Pavilion prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, so stay tuned.

2014 Basel Watch Show Special Website:


Carl F. Bucherer Appoints Its Newest Ambassador Diego Benaglio Diego Benario

CarlF.Bucherer Bucherer has appointed Diego Benaglio, its latest ambassador, as goalkeeper for the Swiss national football team. Benaglio is one of the few successful examples of great dreams.

By the age of 27, he had made many dreams a reality. His childhood dream was to become a football player. In 1999, this dream became a reality. Benaglio Benario officially joined the Zurich Football Club Grasshoppers and started his player career. In 2001 he helped the team to obtain the Swiss Super League championship. This is followed by a three-year contract with the Bundesliga VfB Stuttgart Stuttgart.
他 When he was 23 years old, he came to Portugal to develop and transferred to the Portuguese Super Football League’s ‘Desportivo Nacional’ national team club. This move seemed to surprise the outside world, but it was well worth it.
In 2008, Diego Benaglio returned to the German Football League and joined the VfL Wolfsburg. A year later, his team VfL Wolfsburg won the Bundesliga title.

At the same time, Diego Benaglio was selected to the national team and was selected by the then national team coach as the main goalkeeper for the 2008 European Championships in Switzerland and Austria.
In the 2010 FIFA World Cup group stage in South Africa, Switzerland’s first match was against the world champion Spain, and he still maintained the same goal. This allowed Switzerland to win for the first time in a confrontation with Spain, and it was the only victory the Swiss team achieved in last year’s World Cup.
Source: Carl F. Bucherer