Month: February 2015

Glasutti Original Double Store Renewed Elegant Addition Of Rou Mei Shen Yun

In November 2013, the German top watch brand Glashütte Original’s two boutiques located in Beijing’s fashion landmark Oriental Xintiandi and Shanghai’s luxury consumer landmark Shikumen Xintiandi welcomed a brand new store decoration. On the basis of consistently simple and elegant style, it is ingeniously blended with gorgeous and soft colors like peacock feathers. The noble and mysterious purple, the gentle deep dark green and the bright and gorgeous gold are intertwined, and the elegant and charming atmosphere spreads as much as possible. A wonderful prelude to the official launch of Glashütte’s original 2013 new dream masterpiece, the Lady Sparrow Pavonina watch.

 In order to attract the favor of the opposite sex, the peacock develops colorful tail feathers. This is the design concept of the new store decoration. The large window in the store carefully displays Pavonina still life blockbusters, which instantly freezes the extreme beauty of the watch, telling all consumers the wonderful diversity of this series of watches. For its elaborate display case, the delicate combination of luxurious purple silk satin, white moist pearls and rich and elegant peacock feathers perfectly complements each of the twenty Pavonina ladies’ watches, which reflect the brand’s exquisiteness. Thoughtful details. The redesign of the store style aims to bring an exclusive shopping experience to female consumers who seek independence and freedom. The private and exquisite environment created makes you feel as if you are in a quiet and tranquil atmosphere, enjoying German comfort and elegance.

 The Soul Pavonina watch is praised by the modern women who entered the society in the early 1920s-they broke old stereotypes and cumbersome frame restrictions, combined wisdom, strength, gentleness and charm, and became white-collar workers in the workplace Elites, elegant celebrities at the party, artists inspired by springs, or athletes with unlimited vitality make today’s life richer and deeper and brighter than ever. In order to express its appreciation to women, this watch series includes simple and elegant to eye-catching gorgeous design, which is diverse, lively and elegant elements. It has endless charm, exciting beauty, and precision. Glashütte Original presents this series to a group of independent modern women who have confidence and charm, show charming and proud.


Sihh 2015 Second Day Highlights Three Standout Creative Bracelets

Van Cleef & Arpels Cadenas watch came out in 1935 and is said to have been given to the Duchess by the Duke of Windsor, the only king in Britain and Commonwealth history who abdicated automatically. The special feature of the new Cadenas is that the petite tilted dial means that only the wearer can clearly read the dial time.
   Not only that, the bracelet of this watch is padlocked (the padlock in French cadenas) is unique and original. The newly released Cadenas series includes a total of 9 timepieces, ranging from crocodile leather to full pavé diamonds, with different bracelet materials and forms. The picture above shows the 18K red gold model without diamonds. The charming snake curve design adds jewellery charm to this revival timepiece.
   Piaget’s Traditional Oval watch is also a model of revival style, which was very popular in the 1960s. Although the oval gem-set case (with a choice of dials in different colors that can be set with diamonds or emeralds) is worth noting, what catches us more is the intricate details of the gold bracelet.
   The entire bracelet is assembled by hand from individual gold parts, and then hand-carved in Piaget style ‘palace’. The fine texture after polishing makes people feel close, wearing smooth silk on the wrist. In addition, the chain strap is directly mounted on the case, perfectly integrating the dial and the chain strap into one.
   At the Geneva Fine Watch Fair in the past two days, Richard Miller’s new women’s watch surprised the industry, although there are more innovative timepieces throughout 2015 (a new brand is released about every two months) Works), but there is no doubt that the focus of the Geneva watch fair is on women’s watches, as this Tourbillon Fleur watch presents.
   Along with the new watch, there is also a new ‘Open Link’ gold bracelet, which is the first gold bracelet launched by Richard Miller for women’s watches last year. 01 and RM 037. The evolution of the new ‘Open Link’ gold bracelet lies in the connection parts, which are individually hand-crafted and retouched, all micro-blasted, brushed and polished. For male watch enthusiasts, the only comfort is the news of the new titanium bracelet. This titanium bracelet is entirely produced by Richard Miller’s brand workshop in Les Breuleux.