Strong physique, artistic perception, and true scientific knowledge, few people can meet the rigorous requirements of these three standards at the same time, and the famous biologist and marine photographer Laurent Ballesta ) Is one of them. In April 2013, with the full support of Blancpain Blancpain, he embarked on an expedition to the ‘speartail’ (scientific name coelacanth), launched the Gombessa Project, and established himself The achievements in the above three areas have been carried forward again. From January 20th to February 23rd, 2014, Blancpain held a unique exhibition in the Cité du Temps in Geneva. During this period, audiences can enjoy shocking video clips, beautiful Xun’s photographic works and unique diving equipment seem to dive into the deep sea, completing an encounter with Coelacanth.

Lauren Ballesta and Coelacanth
It has been thought that this prehistoric fish had become extinct as early as 65 million years ago. Based on this ancient organism, we can outline the evolution of fish to the first batch of terrestrial limb vertebrates. It is the best evidence that aquatic animals came out of the water for the first time 370 million years ago. This expedition brought together an international scientific research team composed of geneticists, paleontologists and biologists. They took this opportunity to conduct the first investigation and research on coelacanth fish in the natural environment. In order to achieve this goal, the diving team needs to complete a number of technical dives under extremely severe conditions to a depth of more than 120 meters in order to assess the marine environment. A 90-minute documentary was produced during the expedition. ARTE broadcasted this spring in full film, and France 2 also broadcast a 52-minute clip.

Exhibition site of ‘Stomachfish’
 Lauren Ballesta is a pioneer in deep-sea diving. In this expedition, he exceeded the limit, explored an underwater world that ordinary people could not reach, and made a long-term inspection. As a biologist, he hopes to come into close contact with the greatest creatures of the twentieth century, such as coelacanth, in order to solve the mystery; as a deep-sea photographer, He is also eager to share his discoveries with everyone and show the world this seemingly dark but magnificent deep sea kingdom. The perfect combination of strong physique, artistic perception and scientific true knowledge has produced amazing results. This exhibition kicked off in the city of time, once again presenting Lauren Ballesta’s long journey of life, a lifelong journey of exploration.

Lauren Ballesta wears X 噚

 This exhibition not only showcases the brand’s love for the ocean, but also highlights Blancpain’s cherished qualities such as fearlessness, knowledge, cutting-edge skills, precision standards, authentic quality and abundant emotion. The Blancpain X 噚 watch is undoubtedly the true materialization of these qualities. This diving watch is equipped with a mechanical depth sounder and is inseparable from Lauren Ballesta in this expedition. As a complete success of this task Witnesses are also exhibited in this exhibition.