Month: May 2016

Eberhard & Co. Launches Tazio Nuvolari Chronograph

The basic design of the old dashboard can provide the best performance and legibility, and it is enough to withstand the adverse effects of weather and vibration. Therefore, Tazio Nuvolari timepieces are of course designed to this same standard.
The oversized dial is optimized for readability, and the Arabic numerals and minute and hour hands with 氚 are completely legible even in the dark. The combination of a black dial and anti-reflective sapphire glass makes it easy to read and quickly check the tachometer.

The Tazio Nuvolari watch is a typical chronograph work of Eberhard & Co., a company known as the pioneer of time measurement history.
So if Tazio Nuvolari is still driving today, he will definitely wear ‘his chronograph’ on his wrist. Maybe we can even see him smile happily because of a small feature on the left side of the dial. This small feature makes this chronograph more unique; this is a fashion image of a turtle mascot, and is the poet Gabriele D ‘ Dedicated to him by Annunzio, ‘to the fastest driver in the world, the slowest animal.’ This is obviously not enough. It must be worthy of the name, so the signature of the true champion is engraved on the case back.


Navy Charm Blue Dial Watch Collection

If you don’t like deep black, bright white, bright gold, then deep blue may be your best choice. The low-key and mysterious blue dial watch is very suitable for you Elegant temperament, it is like infinite night sky or boundless deep sea, noble and romantic, low-key and luxurious. Glashütte 70’s large calendar watch
There are a lot of things that catch the eye in the 1970s: cars, airplanes, furniture, and fashion are all signs of the 1970s. They inspired new art and design, making the decade of the 1970s an unforgettable decade. What the 70s left us with a special shape and feel. To pay tribute to this unique decade, Glashütte produced a masterpiece of German design and engineering: the 70s big calendar.
70s big calendar models have significant 1970s features. Cushion-shaped steel casing is a typical design of the 70s. Dials are available in silver, ruthenium, and blue. The ruthenium-plated dial is decorated with sunburst, while the silver-plated dial is beautiful and smooth, and the finely polished shading of the blue dial covers the entire surface. Scales and hands are white or rose gold. The arched sapphire crystal case fits the wrist better. The finely polished steel case and strap give the wearer a unique and retro look and feel.
宝 齐 莱 Azure Ocean Men’s Watch
This watch is most prominently displayed by the dial-back hour on the timer. Each revolution of the central chronograph hand moves the minute timer at 9 o’clock by one tick. After the hand passes a circle, the power will be transmitted to the hour timer set between 7 o’clock and 8 o’clock through a well-designed transmission mechanism, and the hour hand will move down the semicircular scale . When the hour timer hand moves to the last scale, it immediately jumps back to its original position and begins a new journey again. Callback display is exactly the biggest feature of Plavi ChronoGrade different from traditional timers.
Another outstanding quality is reflected in the flyback function. The timer can be restarted by pressing the button without stopping the operation. The dual-window display of power reserve and date complements the perfect functions of this unique timepiece. After winding, the disc rotates clockwise. When the mainspring chain is released, the hands on the disc move in a natural direction (clockwise), that is, the hands are not dial-back. For the first time, Bucherer integrated this sophisticated technology, combined with a timer, a large calendar display, and a barrel-shaped case, to create the Plavi T-Graph. It is worth noting the minute circle in the timing function. The timer scale is located on the inner edge, and the stop-seconds hand can be quickly read with 1/4 second accuracy.
地 Cartier blue balloon ultra-thin platinum watch
Cartier, with its profound watchmaking skills, once again stood at the forefront of the trend, announcing the world with a new ultra-thin blue balloon series watch. The ultra-thin body and light texture interpret the elegance of the blue balloon watch series to the extreme. Within the oversized 46mm diameter, the restructured mechanical movement components perform their respective roles and complement each other. The case is made of rose gold, white gold and platinum. Among them, the rose gold and white gold models are decorated with silver carved dials, which are elegant and delicate; the platinum models are lined with dark blue dials, which conceal an endless future.
The bold innovation of the Cartier ultra-thin blue balloon series watch transcends the inherent shackles of time and leads a wave of the future that has never been seen before. The smart and smooth shape makes the watch seem to break away from the gravity of the earth; in the golden light, this gorgeous blue balloon is slowly rising; the light and elegant design greatly enhances the fit between the watch and the wrist. The wearer creates the best experience.
Biswatch Collection Fashion Watch
Since the exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship of traditional Swiss watches, the most popular colors and accessories of today’s catwalks have been added to the watch design. The world’s top-selling Swiss imported fashion watch jewelry brand Swatch continues its legendary fashion history. The new Swatch pure series watches cleverly add lightness, texture and bright characteristics to the design of the watch, and the color tone closely follows the trend of the international ‘T stage’ clothing trend. While showing the fashion trend of the watch, it also shows the extraordinary quality of life of the wearer.
Swatch pure series watches, three crystal ladies watches, bold and bright color, plus bright crystal on the twelve scales embellish women’s confidence and charm; five solid-color smoke watches, will be the most classic low-key The silky earthy color blends into the watch’s hue, with a classic appearance and elegant touch, the dial is clear and easy to read, and the design is light without losing texture. Whether it is a fashionable woman following the trend, or a modern man with a unique taste and charm, it must be the “fashion on the wrist” that is indispensable this summer.


Simple To Get Drunk Four Men’s Watches For Your Face

When it comes to the design of watches, there are actually various types. From the perspective of functions, they include complex tourbillons, perpetual calendars, chronographs, moons, etc., and enrich the functions of the dial with a variety of functions; In terms of decoration, it also includes enamel, hollow out, lacquer and other crafts. Various patterns are drawn on the dial in different ways, making the watch look more colorful. Decoration is a kind of beauty, and simplicity is also a kind of beauty. A simple watch is more difficult to do well. The simple chronograph scale, elegant digital display, slender hands, and smooth radians have long been intoxicating. For The men who love simple and concise, hope that there is no tedious decoration. Next, the Watch House will bring you four ultra-simple watches, which will impress people with unique designs.

  Lange 1815 series 233.026 watch

Comment on the watch: The Lange watch is a very precise German mechanical watch brand. Its main features are: unparalleled superb technology and high-level perfect handwork. Lange is a German precision watchmaking industry that originated in Glashütte. Founded by Ferdinando Adolf Lange, ‘1815’ is the year of his birth. 1815 incorporates traditional design elements, including blued-steel hands, Arabic numerals and train track minute markers, and is a model of Lange’s watchmaking tradition. From the exterior, this watch is made of 18K white gold with a 40mm diameter design. The central recess of the solid silver dial draws on Lange’s famous pocket watch design, making the level of 1815 even more distinct. The blue-steel hands are also a classic design of 1815, which contrasts with the dial, making the display easier to read. This blue must be carefully smelted through a slow fire at 300 degrees Celsius to form. During the process, an extremely thin oxide layer with a chrysanthemum blue luster is produced on the surface of the pointer, which can enhance the corrosion resistance of the pointer.

  The back-moving movement naturally radiates the charm of the mechanical watch. The watch is equipped with a manual winding movement L051.1, which has 188 precision parts, a lever escapement, a vibration-resistant glucydur screw balance, and Niwaro. Nivarox balance spring, vibrating frequency 21,600 times per hour, gooseneck trimmer with patented trimmer, full winding can provide 55 hours of power reserve. The polished sleeve carries multiple mandrels of the movement. These sleeves are usually fixed by Lange’s blue screws. Synthetic ruby ​​as a bearing. Crimson jewel bearings, chrysanthemum screws and gold sleeves create the traditional three-color design of the movement, all with beautiful views. The price is naturally slightly higher, but still does not affect the appreciation of table friends.

Basic Information
No. 233.026
Brand: Lange
Series: 1815
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 192,000
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Review of the model: Audemars Piguet 15170OR.OO.A002CR.01 is an automatic winding watch in the Audemars Piguet classic series. The watch has a medium size and a small diameter. At 39 mm and 9 mm thick, it can fit the wrist of most men. The case is made of 18K rose gold, and the smooth lines exude a soft red metallic luster. This watch does not have any complicated functions, and the basic time display is already fascinating. The simple three-hand time display, the slender rose gold hands, are very bright against the black background, the date display window is presented at the three o’clock position of the dial, and the golden Arabic numerals on the black background make the date acquisition At a glance. The round case is enhanced by the black alligator leather strap. This watch is also designed with a water resistance of 20 meters, which can avoid the situation of contact with water that must be avoided in life.

  In terms of power, the watch is equipped with a cal. 3120 self-winding movement, which is an Audemars Piguet self-produced movement. It is a cal. 3090 manually wound movement. Comes for basic transformation. This movement is composed of 278 parts. It has a balance wheel made of beryllium and inert variable elements, a flat hairspring, a KIFElastor shock absorber, and a vibration frequency of 21600 times per hour, which maintains the accuracy and mechanical movement of the watch. The core is not easily damaged. This movement can also provide a 60-hour power reserve, which is very good in the same type of watches, I do not know how many gentle men will be generous to give it away.

Basic Information
Number: 15170OR.OO.A002CR.01
Brand: Audemars Piguet
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 150,000
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Review of watch models: Jean-François Bautte, the founder of the brand at the end of the 19th century, has the unique vision to become the first master watchmaker to incorporate blue into watchmaking. An epoch-making move, from time to time, the blue touch appeared in the timepieces of Girard Perregaux. GP Girard Perregaux 1966 collection combines subtle elegance and precision timepiece performance. The design and layout are balanced, the size ratio is just right, and the decoration is flawless. It is a contemporary masterpiece of elegant timepieces. The micro-curved dial is covered with a dark blue, and the subtle ray texture makes the bloom bloom subtlely. It glides with the hands and dances, a touch of dark blue, elegant, timeless and moving; set the date display at the 3 o’clock position of the watch; 3, 6, 9 and At 12 o’clock, there are clear gold-plated bar-shaped hour markers, of which the 12-hour hour-marker is double-rod-shaped; the leaf-shaped hour and minute hands and the central seconds hand are also gold-plated.

  The rose gold case is set with a beveled bezel to make the outline more prominent; the case diameter is 38 mm and the thickness is 8.62 mm. In terms of power, Girard Perregaux 1966 series 49525-52-432-BB4A watches have a GP Girard-Perregaux watch built-in. Developed GP03300-0030 automatic movement, providing 46 hours power reserve, swing frequency 28,800 times per hour, with hour, minute, second and date display function; blue alligator leather strap with rose gold pin buckle, perfectly matches the case and dial , Showing the distinctive taste and style of men, the price is naturally expensive, will not some watch lovers stay away?

Basic Information
Number: 49525-52-432-BB4A
Brand: Girard Perregaux
Series: Men’s Watch
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 123,800
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Watch reviews: Pilots in the IWC watch and the Portuguese series are both watch models of great concern. The glory of the Portuguese family continues to shine with the change of time. If we define time as the sequence of a series of events, then the glorious 75-year history of the IWC Portuguese watch series is full of extraordinary events in the history of watchmaking. The following brings you a Portuguese watch, the simple and generous design is always memorable. The watch is made of 18K rose gold with a round case of 40.9 mm. The noble materials exude men’s elegance. On the white dial, the 30-minute chronograph and the small second hand move up and down to form a symmetrical beauty. The simple Arabic numbers are easy to read at a glance. The chronograph hands are marked in blue and the hours, minutes and seconds are distinguished by rose gold.

  The watch has a rose-gold case with a dark brown strap to set off the watch’s overall temperament. The crocodile leather has a natural texture and brown stitching, which is comfortable and beautiful to wear, which sets off the masculinity and calmness of men. The watch is equipped with a Cal.79350 automatic mechanical movement, 28800 oscillations per hour, a power reserve of 44 hours, and a water resistance of 30 meters. There is absolutely no problem for daily wear. Although this watch is a chronograph, its design does not seem cumbersome and procrastinating at all, but it is very simple, and it also favors softness and retroness in color matching. Therefore, it is also a favorite of many men’s wrists.

Basic Information
Number: IW371402
Brand: IWC
Series: Portugal
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 140,500
For more watch details, please click: iwc / 559 /

Summary: The design of clothes requires tailoring, lines, hue, style, and so is the design of watches. There are no different design rules in each area. On the basis of showing timepieces, each designer shows the beauty of other lines, corners, materials and even technology of the watch from different angles. It is also a Swiss watch, and many brands have different designs. The German watch is more like the quality of the country. It is precise, rigorous and gentleman. Those who like simple design, carefully choose among the models, there is always a taste and style that suits you. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)