Month: December 2016

True Thinline Radar New Color Ultra-thin Watch

Swiss Radar launched the True Thinline brand new color ultra-thin watch in the early spring season, leading the spring fashion step by step. Black, white and white gold ceramic watches, replaced with silver or yellow hour markers, show the extraordinary design aesthetics and early spring fashion with simple color matching. 35 grams of extremely light weight allows you to get rid of heavy winter clothes early and change yourself for a fashionable and light body early to welcome the romantic spring!
True Thinline white ceramic watch
The True Thinline ultra-thin ceramic watch showcases the ultra-thin craftsmanship of high-tech ceramic watches with high-tech ceramic watches. The world’s first ultra-thin ceramic watch with a thickness of only 4.9 millimeters. The quartz case is thinner than the real-world series. 50%, and the mechanical watch is also 30% thinner. In addition, in 2011 and 2012, it won two good awards including the Good Design Award and the reddot design award. The newly launched models are elegantly matched in black, white and white gold with simple colors, which easily reveals the unique wrist fashion of the radar. The time-mark design is especially matched with silver and yellow. The new ideas also once again showed the infinite creativity of radar tables.

True Thinline ultra-thin ceramic watch black
The relative position of the movement of the True Trueline ultra-thin watch and the crown of the radar. The thickness of the quartz movement is only 1 mm, and the sapphire crystal mirror crystal see-through dial. The thinnest part of the entire watch is only 4.9 mm. The high-grade skin-friendly ceramic case and strap are comfortable and close to the wrist without adding weight between the wrists. Newly installed in black and white, the dial is equipped with silver radial hour markers and hollow hands, exuding a natural and restrained artistic temperament; while the diamond hour marker style is meticulously embellished with 4 real diamonds at the time scales 3, 6, 9, and 12 , Sparkling beautiful diamonds embellish it, the low-key diamonds are more elegant and charming on the simple dial.

True Thinline ultra-thin ceramic watch silver
Another thin-gold strap watch launched by True Thinline for the first time. The high-tech ceramic strap is processed by the radar’s unique plasma technology (Plasma Treatment) to create a dazzling white-gold look similar to stainless steel, completely scratch-resistant. Show once again the radar’s superb watchmaking technology in the field of high-tech ceramics. The yellow hour markers and hollow hands on the dial are matched with the appropriate color design, which cleverly explains the radar’s design philosophy of continuous innovation.
Swiss radar, famous for high-tech ceramic watchmaking, 90% of the models are made of ceramic material, with a hardness of up to 1900 Vick, which is not easy to wear and resist corrosion. Does not increase the burden on the wrist at all, and the highly skin-friendly of ceramics can change its temperature with the body temperature. Regardless of material and overall design, the radar aims at high standards, and continues to create stunning and leading trends on the altar.


Love, Transcending Time And Space Athens, Switzerland Presents Christmas With Love

The snowflakes of Bingjing carry deep thoughts, hovering and falling on the white dial, and instantly turn into crystal water drops, trembling trembling just like that eager expectation. At this moment is his night. In the early morning, the time zone gap is shortened to this square inch, which shortens the distance between heart and heart. No matter if he is in New York, Paris or Tokyo, she can simply switch to his longitude by simply adjusting the double time zone female watch of the Athens manager on her wrist. Although in both places, every important moment can be shared at any time. This dual time zone watch synchronizing the time of two people is his warmest intimate and commitment to her. The Christmas bell rang, no need to adjust, he had reached her time zone, looked up and stared at each other, the frame of smile and hug overlapped, the time of love was set in this moving Christmas.

   In 1996, Athens Watch launched one of the brand’s breakthrough technological inventions-the patented dual time zone quick-adjustment device. This revolutionary device is also applied to managers’ dual time zone women’s watches. Without removing the watch, just press the high-tech button on the bezel to quickly adjust the hour hand to another time zone. Whether you are going abroad or meeting with your spouse in time, the dual time zone system is a practical and convenient watch function that can keep close contact with your lover at any time. In addition, the dial has 2 windows and 2 o’clock positions with a large date and an oversized second hand display, which will be expressed in every detail.

   In addition to its functions, the pure white manager’s dual time zone women’s watch is elegant in design, and the multi-layered mother-of-pearl dial is decorated with diamonds on the Roman numerals. The 40 mm case is made of durable materials, making it practical and aesthetically pleasing, making it the ideal watch for everyday wear. The bracelet styles of different materials add a variety of choices to her unique temperament.
   Pure white Christmas sparkles with love and thoughts, and the Swiss watch in Athens presents love, spanning time and space, synchronizing the time of lovers, and warming the whole winter.
Athens watches
   The spirit of sailing is to pursue the discovery of completely new things as the highest pursuit. As early as 168 years ago, Ulysse Nardin, the founder of the Athenian watch brand, already produced astronomical clocks in Neuchâtel surrounded by mountains in Switzerland. He devoted himself to the accurate design of marine timepieces, and is famous for his impeccable marine astronomical clock. 50 countries have set the Athens watch marine clock as the standard configuration of the navy to protect human navigation. Since then, Athens Watch has won more than 4,300 championship awards, of which 18 are the world’s most respected gold awards, while also obtaining the largest number of mechanical watch patents. Science, innovation and imagination have inspired the Athens watch, and talented ghosts have repeatedly created a precedent. They have led the global watchmaking industry with unprecedented design concepts and bold breakthroughs. Relying on its firm conviction, the Athens watch uses the bold innovation and the pursuit of excellence in watch manufacturing to interpret the extreme professional attitude and the pure philosophy of top watchmaking experts.