Month: May 2017

Bedat & Co Introduces Model 883 Extravaganza

With the launch of Model 883, Bedat & Co’s N ° 8 jewelry series has made watch lovers even more impressed by its exquisite beauty.
Inspired by the Art Deco Art Deco aesthetic tradition, this exquisite watch presents the perfect combination of the watchmaking industry’s exquisite artistic skills and outstanding Swiss craftsmanship.

At the center of the watch is a rose-shaped ornament similar to the inlaid decorative artwork, and it is also equipped with the most sophisticated complex device. Coupled with the ring-shaped ornaments that surround the surface, the overall design is a dazzling spiral.
With the embellishment of 22 diamonds of different sizes, the gold ring presents a distinctive sense of hierarchy. These dazzling gems show the meticulous creation of this masterpiece by watch fans.

The white gold bracelet is decorated with 600 diamonds and reproduces the precious jewellery of the 1930s, interconnected by the construction of baguettes. At the same time, the “No. 8” sign of the well-known Geneva building can be seen on the elegant buckle. This sign not only represents the hourglass, but also means wealth and prosperity.
Source: Bedat & Co
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Antique Labor, Fifty Fathoms, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar, Patek Philippe Small Gold Watch … Do You Really Play?

Not long ago, he and Tang only appeared on the red carpet in Cannes. The film ‘The Last Night on Earth’ starring them together was shortlisted in the ‘A Concern’ section of the film festival. He has multiple identities. The authentication on Weibo says ‘Photographer Artist’, ‘Dance Artist’, ‘Painter’, ‘Musician’, and his profile is filled with ‘Beauty Shoe Blogger’ … but he is actually an actor , Debuted with Zhou Xun in the same scene. The most enviable is not only these. In his family, he has a dog, a lovely pair of children, and a lover who can talk. Life is so satisfying.

‘Make my new shoes breathable’
 He likes embarrassing shoes with netizens, and ‘shoes drying’ on the Internet has become his daily routine. If you praise his shoes well, he will pay you if he doesn’t agree. Seeing this, you may have questions, who is this person? Sneaker lovers? What the hell is it doing?

 His name is Huang Jue.

Journey on the Cannes Red Carpet (third from left)

Huang Jue in the film The Last Night of the Earth

 In the past, before I wrote a star or public figure, I would put ‘actor’, ‘singer’ or some other label before their name. But this time, I could n’t add a tag in front of Huang Jue’s name, because he is “not simple”, he is not confined to an identity, he is an actor, he can also be a photographer. Well, it can also be called a dancer. If you have to add a label, call it ‘beauty shoes blogger’ according to his wishes. Of course, today is not to count how much he likes shoes, although I also like sneakers very much, and when I have a ‘shoes home’ to write again, today I still focus on Huang Jue’s watch.

 In addition to ‘beautiful shoes blogger’ Huang Jue likes to dry shoes, there is a small ‘free time’-playing watches. From the Casio G-SHOCK series to Patek Philippe antique gold watches; the Rolex Green Face Gold DD in production to the discontinued limited black-faced Ghost King; the diving watch only plays Rolex? How can Blancpain Fifty Fathoms be missed; even Atelier De Chronométrie Number 1, which is rarely known in China, we often wear it …

 First of all, how do you make a stylish watch? Sun Bracelet! Born in Nanning, Guangxi, Huang Jue loved picking almonds when he was a child, and exposed his favorite fruits when he was a child. He also inadvertently made our ‘eye-tip’ netizens notice his bracelet. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series is correct, but which one is it? Until I turned to a Weibo previously posted by Huang Jue.

Huang Jue wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Watch

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Moon Phase Watch

 This is an antique watch, which has been discontinued. I found the same watch on an e-commerce auction platform. The selling price is about 140,000 to 150,000 yuan. The case and bracelet are made of 18k gold, with functions such as date, month, perpetual calendar and month. Finally, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar, which appeared on the e-commerce platform, was sold for 147,200 yuan. This is the market price at the end of 2015. Three years later, the secondary market and the auction market are surging today, and this price has no reference significance. But this is not the point, the point is that Juebao’s text ‘The most oily string, be the most greasy middle-aged person’, tease yourself with ‘greasy middle-aged person’, maybe this middle-aged person will look cute Right …

 For this small dial with a gold face, Huang Jue replaced the strap with NATO, and with his hand full of gold chains and diamond-set bracelet rings, it looked a little nice. Look at the logo of this watch in two small lines, originally thought it was Piaget, but can be ruled out now, which brand of antique watch? Everyone can guess.

 In another photo, Juebao was holding a small walnut (oldest son) and we saw the watch again.

Shoe or watch?

In the next exposure, Huang Jue simply and directly displayed the surface in high definition in front of us. This is a small white 3-pin antique watch from Patek Philippe. The case, the surface and the mirror have been polished over the years to present a different kind of charm. This is in line with the word of mouth that the word ‘You don’t really own Patek Philippe, you’re just keeping it for your next generation.’

Huang Jue wears Atelier De Chronométrie Number 1

 When I saw this watch, I didn’t recognize it. Later, after checking some information, I learned that this is an Atelier De Chronométrie Number 1. Few people in China may know it, but the watchmaking skills it inherits are indeed recognized. Atelier De Chronométrie’s ordinary models are said to start from 36,000 Euros, and at the current exchange rate, about 280,000 RMB.

 The old 50-year-old, we also have a sense of treasure. Antique Fifty Fathoms are classic and fascinating from any angle. As long as good looking Fifty Fathoms generally appear on the auction site or in the secondary trading market, they will attract collectors. The antique diving watch next to it is covered by the logo, and the last letter can only be faintly recognized as the capital ‘A’.

Huang Jue wears Pear サ イ ク ル X Casio G-SHOCK series DW-5600 watch (similar models)

 This Casio found on the right is a joint model of ‘square white’. I searched for ‘square white’ in some pictures. All the men’s underwear appeared. White … It seems that the domestic awareness of this joint is not high enough. Casio’s G-SHOCK series watch has some changes. I don’t know if I replaced the watch band by myself.

 Next, we must reveal another true face of Huang Jue-Rolex ‘mystery brother’.

Rolex Day-Date Watch 228235 Green Dial (Similar)

   In the picture at the beginning, it is difficult to ignore the Rolex in Juebao’s hand. Triangular pits, head-type bracelets, Roman numerals … these iconic features are telling us that this is a Rolex day calendar series.

 In addition to the golden DD above, Huang Jue also has a ‘halal work’. He has sunbaked this watch more than once ~

 Next to it is a piece of gold DD, but this piece is black-faced. What about the time scale? Juebao’s shooting angle disorients me … thought it was over here?

 Juebao will not let you down. The picture above is a black-faced ghost king. The dial and case are treated with a special coating to give a carbon black texture. Think how many Rolex watches can become ‘mystery’?

 The competent ‘mystery’ must do a good job of ‘support’, and the Rolex ‘logo’ jumper must be!

 Have a Rolex hat too!

 Letting his wife ‘crown’ in front of the Rolex gate is also something that only Jiaobao can do. Speaking of Huang Jue’s wife, Mai’s temperament, talent and appearance make me a jealous woman. She is a recorder and painting and photography have become an indispensable part of her life.

Mai Zi and her painting (Huang Jue Photography)

Wheat in Huang Jue’s eyes
 If the lover’s eyes are out of Shih Tzu, if the other person is already Shih Tzu, how beautiful the fairy is in the eyes of the lover. Two people are particularly good. I can only use such superficial words to describe: really good.

Huang Jue’s Family (Huang Jue Photography)

 Being free, loving, and loving a family can maintain a love for life. This is what Huang Jue, a non-greasy ‘greasy middle-aged man,’ tells us-always staying childlike, maybe life is worth it.


Expected $ 4 Million Rare Patek Philippe Platinum Perpetual Calendar To Auction

Recently, Eric Clapton will auction a treasure in his collection. This watch, numbered 2499 / 100P, is an extremely rare Patek Philippe white gold perpetual calendar chronograph.

 This 2499 series watch was born in 1951. In the 35-year production process, a total of 349 pieces were released. Among them, only two pieces of white gold case were produced, and the other one is now the treasure of the town hall in the watch area of ​​the Patek Philippe watch museum in Geneva, Switzerland.
 The platinum perpetual calendar chronograph from Eric Clapton’s collection has been on sale for the first time since it was first sold more than 20 years ago.
 The watch will appear at the Christie’s Geneva auction at Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland, and the final price is expected to exceed $ 4 million.