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Radar Ceramic Real Diamond Series Unparalleled Elegance

Since the 1970s and 1980s, radar watches have been innovating and researching more suitable materials for watches. This time, they set their sights on high-tech ceramics that were only used in aerospace technology and high-end medical equipment at the time, because this material has the advantages of lightness, non-wear, high temperature resistance, and low skin allergy. On the watch
In 1982, the Integral series was born. The signature design of the series ‘Merge Watch and Bracelet’, the high-tech ceramic strap embedded in the I-shaped steel bracelet link, gives this watch an unparalleled elegance and the flexibility and flexibility that it feels when worn. Comfort.
Precision ceramic real diamond series
Integral Jubilé The innovative and precise ceramic series of radar watches, which are realistic, breakthrough and constantly innovating, today’s style is a bold and more modern interpretation. Maintaining its soft and smooth outline like an entire bracelet, it still offers its signature signature flexibility and adaptability. The curved case emphasizes and maintains the outline of the single line. Two rows of delicate diamonds line the case edges. Exquisite collection, endless touch.
The sapphire crystal with black metal coating covers the entire surface of the case. The dial has evolved into a screen that is straightforward. Silver hands define hours, minutes and seconds. Two rows of three diamonds mark the time scale, showing the moments at 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 and 10 o’clock, showing the interpretation of linearity.
It also has a mirror dial model, a watch showing mobile operation. True eloquence, ingenious, intimate touch, is a contemporary example.
Based on ‘DiaStar’ design model, more than 40 years of the Original founder series have launched many different versions at different times. Today, the original version on the market is a new version launched in 2005, inheriting the classics and incorporating many modern elements. What deserves special attention is the radar watch, which has been paying attention to the material and shape of the watch. Last year, it launched a new dual-track mechanical chronograph and Basel launched an original Skeleton mechanical perspective watch. These two models The launch of the watch once again proves the leading level of radar watch in watchmaking technology.
New founding double chronograph mechanical chronograph
New Original Rattrapante
Light and shadow ratio game. The design of the blue and black dial is inspired by the little stars under the mysterious night. The shimmering flow of the strap and the brightness of the oval case project a subtle light on the night-like dial. The subtle white starlight shining in the background of the deep black dial makes the watch’s lines firm and real, but also full of abstraction and mystery. Various color contrasts give the new and original type of radar watch its strength and charm, mature, seductive, frank and unfathomable.
推出 The introduction of this dual-tracing hand mechanical chronograph proves the profound skills of radar meters in manufacturing complex mechanical watches. Although it may seem simple, it is a device that can realize the double-second chronograph instantly through three timing buttons. Every second is accurately recorded. This is the throbbing beat of a metal movement under sapphire crystal. The dim matt dial is inlaid with a shiny timescale at the top; three timing windows record the change from seconds to minutes and hours, and the free-swinging iron anchor in the porthole symbolizes the automatic mechanical movement of the watch. Fluorescent hands, titanium buckle, screw-down crown and crown protection, all subtle qualities are displayed in its outstanding quality.
瑞士 Switzerland, 1962. The watches of Ganges sand number flow from the manufacturer’s workshop here to the world as usual, as in the past hundreds of years. Except for RADO, which has just been born for five years, no one may think that an oval watch called ‘DiaStar’ is about to create a new watchmaking history. At that time, Mr. Marc Lederrey, the designer of the Swiss radar watch, found that gold and steel watches were very beautiful when they were brand new, but after a few days of wearing, they will be scratched and need to be constantly re-polished. At the time, hard metal alloys composed of tungsten, titanium, and carbides were only used to make tools and used in high-tech fields due to their unique anti-wear physical properties. Mr. Lederrey suggested: ‘We can use this metal to make watches.’ Mr. Paul Lüthi, then Swiss radar watch leader, used a short sentence: ‘Go ahead!’ As a result, the world’s first hard-wearing watch was born. This is the Original DiaStar, a founding ‘diamond star’ watch that combines high-tech hard metal alloys with classic design. Subsequently, the new material concept of ‘not easy to wear’ swept the world. With its unique and forward thinking, the young RADO radar watch brand has become an upstart in the watch industry with its innovative ideas of half material and half design.

Sintra Super Jubile

Silver Diamond Series
Keywords: is a popular series of radar
Design features: round and harmonious appearance, comfortable to wear
特点 Material characteristics: high-tech ceramics
The integrated shape of the radar watch silver diamond series is like a building structure, passing the original idea that the radar watch challenges infinitely. The Sintra series is currently the most expensive watch in the radar watch category. It includes astronomical watches, sports chronographs, automatic watches and diamond-set super diamond watches. Pink and other colored elements. The color series made of high-tech ceramics is highly sought after by elegant women.
The classic barrel-shaped design body is the symbol of the silver diamond series. The proportions redesigned in 2007 inherit the essence of the original creativity. The dial has an arched square, and the smooth curve of the barrel-shaped case gradually extends into the strap. The entire body of the Silver Diamond Series is covered with high-tech ceramics, and the high-tech ceramic strap with a very tactile experience makes the wrist feel comfortable.
Silver Diamond Super Diamond Watch
Sintra Super Jubile
Radar silver diamond extra-large real diamond series continues the strong black legend. The metal-plated black sapphire crystal interacts with the dial and interacts with the barrel-shaped case. The integrated strap is completely smooth, and each watch is progressively advanced to the end. A continuous stretch of single colored lines. Delicate hands and four diamonds dot the dial. Inlaid with 48 real diamonds on both sides of the case, it shines.
The Silver Diamond Super Extra Large True Diamond Series draws energy from the material and is covered with high-tech ceramics, becoming an unparalleled color carrier. Luxurious, comfortable to wear, subtle and ethereal, mysterious.

Integral ceramic chronograph real diamond series
Integral ceramic series
Keywords: the world’s first watch covered with high-tech ceramics
Design features: the width of the dial and the strap are the same
特点 Material characteristics: black high-tech ceramics
Following the widespread welcome of the launch of the precision ceramic series in 1982, the radar watch continued to think about how to apply high-tech ceramic materials to a magical situation. In 1989, the whole ceramic series (CERAMICA) covered by high-tech ceramics was born. This is the first time in history that black has been used in watches, and the design of the dial and the width of the strap has repeatedly won international design awards.
Last year, this watch with the unique material and classic design of the radar table perfectly combined, once again attracted the attention of the world. The round design of the dial of the overall ceramic chronograph series has changed the tough image of the radar watch. It represents three different rings with three timing rings and a date window. It has become the iconic design of the radar watch in recent years. . Last year, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the radar watch, designer Jasper Morrison redesigned the limited edition series of the overall ceramic chronograph, which has become a favorite in the watch design industry.

Integral ceramic chronograph real diamond series
Ceramica Chronograph Jubilé dial, sapphire crystal, case and strap, covered with high-tech ceramics all over, all black and natural. As the iconic graphic of the entire series, the unusual line design makes the watch unique. The exquisite design in details brings a unique temperament to this highly technological chronograph-sparkling diamonds set with four rings, three chronograph windows and a date window set on the dial, conveying the basic Conceptual design consistency. The push-type chronograph button is slightly exposed on the side of the watch, again showing the chronograph function of this model
Radar V10K series
Keywords: the hardest watch in the world
特点 Design features: simple, crownless design
特点 Material characteristics: high-tech diamond
V10K series was successfully developed by RADO in 2005, and won many world design awards. The English abbreviation ‘V10K’ stands for 10,000 Vickers hardness. 100% of the high-tech diamond coating is covered by the special manufacturing process of RADO, and its hardness is equivalent to that of natural diamond. The toughest watch in the world. On the simple and smart case, there is not even a crown, but it is still easy to time from the back of the case-this is one of the details that reflects RADO’s emphasis on innovation. On this watch, you only need to use the With integrated magnetic contacts, time can be easily adjusted.


Supreme Glory The German Chancellor Participates In The Lange New Factory Cutting Ribbon

Not long ago, on August 26th, the new watch factory of top watch brand A. Lange & Söhne was officially opened in the small town of Glashütte, Saxony, eastern Germany. Prime Minister Merck Unveiled the new plant. As a watch brand and a top watchmaking brand, it stands to reason that it has nothing to do with the lives of ordinary people. A country’s prime minister actually goes to their watch factory to cut the ribbon? On what grounds?
History of Lange

View of the small town of Glashütte in the Ores in 1855
   The German watch brand Lange, from the small town of Glashütte in Saxony in eastern Germany, reviews its watchmaking history and can be divided into two sections. Since the founder Mr. Ferdinando Adolf Lange established the watch factory in 1845 in Glashütte and integrated his extensive study experience in the Gutkes Studios and Europe into the operation of the Lange watch factory, Bring great changes to the watchmaking world at the time. At the same time, it also affected the entire Glashütte area at that time, and the watchmaking town was born. The formation of the watch industry chain also solved the local people’s livelihood and employment problems.

Lange’s pocket watch
   Lange’s pocket watches have been one of the most enviable timers for hundreds of years. Their unique classic elements, blue steel screws and screw-fixed gold sleeves, especially the iconic 3/4 plywood, increase the volume of 3/4. The splint can accommodate the various mandrels of the gear train, making each connected gear more stable.

Walter Lange took a group photo with the first four contemporary Lange watches in 1994
   In 1945, the artillery of World War II ruthlessly destroyed Lange’s watchmaking workshop. After the war, the century-old foundation of Lange encountered the forfeiture and confiscation of the East German regime. It was not until the fall of the East and West Berlin Wall in 1989 that it truly ushered in a revival and was reappeared. Inherits the legendary elements of Lange pocket watches, German silver 3/4 splint, screw-fastened gold sleeve, and hand-carved balance wheel splint with gooseneck spinner, Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s great-grandson Val In the name of Lange, Mr. T. Lange once again started making the best watches in the world. After the merger of East and West, the revitalized watchmaking town in eastern Germany revived, not only driving the entire town’s economic development, but also bringing hope to the town’s people.
Special new factory

Lange’s new factory in Glashütte
   With the continuous development of the brand, as a Lange with more than 670 employees, its plant can no longer meet the realization of a new future vision. As a result, the brand decided to centralize the assembly of all watch movements and the production of precision components in a new, dual-connected factory building. By centralizing all major production processes to improve overall efficiency, the main purpose is to improve the working environment rather than increase production .

   Due to the main distribution of gneiss in the area, it has the characteristics of high quartz content, high density and good thermal conductivity, which is very suitable for geothermal mining. For this reason, Lange decided to use this environmentally friendly technology to build a modern, energy efficient and beautiful environment through geothermal power. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on September 5, 2012.

Watchmaking studio in Lange’s new building
   This project with an investment of tens of millions of euros was finally completed this year after three years of construction. The brand new building has an additional 5,400 square meters of usable area and consists of two parts. The movement manufacturing equipment is located in front of the lower floor of the building, separated from several hand-carving and finishing departments. The building is fitted with large, large, tilted glass to ensure sufficient light. The watchmaking workshop has a very modern design, allowing watchmakers to work in an almost dust-free environment. The building’s double-deck curtains are also equipped with a temperature adjustment function.

Warm with geothermal in winter and cool with geothermal in summer
   In Saxony, the geotechnical installation with the highest technical performance, in summer, the operating principle of the entire system is completely opposite. The air-conditioning plant can directly dissipate heat through the probe, thereby cooling the building. This raises the average temperature of the groundwater, and the rocks store this thermal energy for use next winter. The heating and cooling capacity of this device is 892 kW and 500 kW, respectively.

German Chancellor Merkel speaks to an employee in the movement modification department of the Lange watch factory
   The completion of the new factory is undoubtedly a milestone in Lange’s history, providing employees with the ideal working environment and centralizing all major production processes to improve overall efficiency and improve the production process, not to increase production but to further Improving the quality of products, defending Lange’s reputation as the world’s top watch brand, and also injecting development and vitality into watchmaking towns. Advancing with the times, using geothermal heating and ecological power to provide energy for new buildings has made a significant contribution to protecting the local climate, setting a good example for brand companies to reduce their ecological footprint and resource consumption. It is no wonder that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will participate in the unveiling of Lange’s new factory on August 26.