In summer, people often exercise more and sweat more. Because the pH value of sweat is different, the material of the watch is also different, and the degree of sweat and impact on the watch is not the same. So the maintenance of the watch in summer is even more important. Watches of different materials also have different emphasis on maintenance. As a watch lover, you must know the following maintenance knowledge.
 Jewellery watch
Jewelry watch is not only a timing tool, but also beautiful jewelry, so it needs more careful care to keep it shining like new.
In summer, due to less clothing and easy collision, it is easy to cause the stones to loosen or even fall off.
Maintenance focus:
1. Jewelry watches are the most afraid of impact, and should be removed as much as possible during summer sports.
2. To prevent the gem from being corroded and rubbed by hard objects, remove the watch when spraying perfume or doing rough work to prevent the gem from being corroded or worn.
3. Before each wearing, check whether the stones are loose, and if necessary, send them to the watch shop for repair immediately.
Mechanical watch
     Mechanical watch movements will rust in humid air or by corrosive gases. If the watch is eroded by sweat for a long time or allowed to accumulate without being wiped off, the watch will slowly show rust spots, especially Low recesses in the back cover are easy to appear. Especially in the rainy summer, it is most likely to cause rust and damage of repair parts.
Maintenance focus:
1. According to the size and needs of the repair unit, the silica gel dryer should be equipped with one or several thousand dryers to store the mechanical watch movement to prevent the movement parts from rusting after being wet.
2. Quickly remove the rust solution. After 775 ml of the above solution is mixed in proportion, the mechanical watch movement parts can be put into it to quickly remove rust. The specific immersion time depends on the degree of rust of the part.
Chanel J12 series high-tech ceramic watch
     Tungsten carbide carbide, high-tech ceramics, sapphire glass and other materials are characterized by high hardness and strong wear resistance. Watches made of this material can remain bright and clean after long-term wear. However, outdoor activities are often performed in summer and summer. If accidentally collided, scratches on the appearance surface will occur.
Maintenance focus:
1. In summer, you should take off your watch before playing sports. The flexural strength and impact toughness of these high hardness materials are not as good as stainless steel. Try to avoid knocking, bumping or falling on hard ground.
2.Using a toothbrush and a little salad to gently brush the watch to remove the stains.
Plated / K Gold Bvlgari Serpentine 18K Gold Watch
     The plating and K gold have good chemical stability and abrasion resistance, but white K gold and rose gold are likely to undergo slight discoloration after prolonged wearing, especially in sweaty summers. This is due to the small amount of chlorine in human sweat. Compounds, lactic acid, urea ammonia, etc., these substances may chemically react with K gold to produce trace dark chemical salts.
Maintenance focus:
1.K gold material is mainly to avoid the corrosion of summer sweat, it should be best to wipe it with a wet cotton part regularly to remove sweat stains and dust.
2. After scrubbing or cleaning, the watch can be blown dry.
     The above is mainly about the maintenance of the watch’s case and chain. As for the internal oil washing and thorough cleaning of the watch, it should still be regularly sent to the watch shop for professional treatment.