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Material Master Leads The Future Of Design Rado Swiss Radar Is Once Again Honored As The Official “Design Shanghai” 2019 Timepiece

(February 2019, Shanghai, China) Swiss pioneer Pioneer watch brand RADO will once again make its official debut as the official timepiece of ‘Design Shanghai’ in 2019, with the extraordinary charm of ‘Material Master’ Asia International Design Festival adds new vitality.

RADO Swiss Radar is once again the official timepiece of ‘Design Shanghai’ 2019

From March 6th to March 9th, 2019, “Design Shanghai” returned to the Shanghai Exhibition Center. This will be the largest and best quality exhibition since “Design Shanghai” was founded. In addition to adding many top design brands, More than 400 brands and design galleries from more than 30 countries and regions will be brought together, and a large number of new products will be launched on the spot, presenting the most noteworthy limited design boutiques.

During the exhibition, RADO Swiss Rado will also hold a media forum on RADO Swiss Rado “talking and designing with masters”, Mr. Hakim ElKadiri, Vice President of Global Product Management of RADO Swiss Rado, Ms. Inma Bermúdez, co-designer of Rado’s Real Thin Series Star Diamond Watch, and her best friend and well-known Chinese graphic designer Yuan Youmin will be unveiled together to discuss the beauty of design and material innovation. Design trends in China and other topics.

2019 is the sixth anniversary of “Design Shanghai”, and it is the third year that RADO Swiss Radar is working as an official timepiece with “Design Shanghai”. Since its participation in the exhibition, the Rado exhibition area of ​​Rado has won unanimous praise from inside and outside the industry with its brand’s iconic and simple style. It is worth mentioning that this time Rado will further expand its exhibition space, and will bring a more unique viewing experience to the audience with a new layout and design.

RADO Swiss Chrome Hyper Chrome Ultralight Limited Edition Watch
Won the 2018 Good Design TM Award

As a leading brand in the international design field, RADO has always been a pioneer in the field of material innovation and design. These two elements are also deeply embedded in the brand DNA. Over the years, with its unique control over materials and an extraordinary design concept, RADO has been recognized by more than 40 international design awards, and has thus won the reputation of ‘Design Pioneer’ and ‘Material Master’.

At ‘Design Shanghai’ in 2019, RADO will bring the brand’s new 2019 series, many classic timepieces and design award-winning watches to the brand new exhibition area, with a unique interpretation of the beauty of time on the wrist, bringing audiences A visual feast of material art and design.

Exhibition address: Rado Swiss Radar Exhibition Area, F45 area, Shanghai Exhibition Center, 1000 Yan’an Middle Road


Jewelry, Watches And Luxury Goods Release List Cartier Stepped On The Throttle To Super Omega

The number of newspapers and publications in the luxury industry: the largest is skin care, followed by watches and clothing, and the jewelry is fourth

For a brand, from obscurity to well-known, media advertising has played an important role in boosting it, especially for high-profile and oligopolistic luxury brands. Advertising and public relations activities have become the two magic weapons to expand its influence.

Unlike ordinary goods, expensive “rare” luxury goods pay more attention to “degree” when placing advertisements, and they have more stringent requirements on the appearance of the carrier. From the category of advertising, jewellery and watches can be said to be a big player in newspaper advertising.

According to HCR (Huicong Research) data, in the first half of 2013, the largest advertising volume in the newspapers and periodicals of the luxury industry was skin care products, accounting for one-third of the total, followed by watches and clothing, and jewelry ranked fourth.

Even if luxury goods are under pressure from political anti-corruption in the Chinese market, they still have not been able to stop their propaganda efforts to expand their popularity and reputation.

Advertising is an effective tool to increase popularity, and public relations is the only way to improve reputation and loyalty. The marketing of jewellery watches often combines the two to create a combined punch, thereby increasing the brand’s influence.

Of course, different brands will have different publicity strategies. According to the brand’s image, positioning and marketing strategy, each jewelry watch brand will develop different public relations activities. Each of them has its own consideration criteria in the selection of advertising delivery channels and the formulation of delivery volume.

However, in the choice of publications, luxury goods still inevitably enter some misunderstandings.

Advertising keen magazine

Advertising, as the name suggests, ‘broadcast’, is to expand brand awareness, which is also the main way for luxury brands to increase their popularity in China today.

However, in the form of advertising, it is ‘soft and hard’. For luxury brands with a higher end, the more inclined they are to use soft text to communicate with consumers, this can more convey the brand’s cultural connotation and brand story. . For mass luxury with a certain popularity, hard-broad is more straightforward.

But in the choice of media channels, luxury brands have their own preferences. According to the “2012 China Luxury Products Report” released by Fortune Quality Research Institute, magazines are the main media used by luxury brands in promoting China (25%), and the Internet ranks second (12%). Mainly used radio (18%), outdoor advertising (20%), newspapers (18%) and television (6%). Although mobile media and new media (4%) are currently less used, they are gradually receiving attention, and many brands have started to develop new media forms of advertising.

Against the background of declining revenue from print media advertising, luxury advertising has become a dark horse for newspaper advertising, especially fashion magazines, and it is full of ads for various luxury brands. According to HCR (Huicong Research) data, in the first half of 2013, the luxury goods industry contributed 4.229 billion yuan in advertising in newspapers and periodicals, a year-on-year increase of more than 16.5%.

Taking jewelry as an example, the three competitors of Bulgari, Tiffany and Cartier [Weibo] are regular customers of fashion magazines. And the growth of watch investment in the media continues to grow. According to the 2012 HC Research R.CHC (Chinese High-end Consumer Consumption Research) research results, watch advertising in 2012 increased significantly, with a total investment of 2.201 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase. Up 24.4%.

Different brands have different degrees of enthusiasm for advertising. According to the monitoring data of HC Research’s newspapers and periodicals, the highest watch advertising amount is Omega, reaching 301 million yuan. Montblanc [Weibo], Cartier, Chanel [Weibo], Rolex, Tissot, Longines have invested between 120 million and 150 million yuan. The largest increase compared to the same period was Chanel, which reached 99.3%, Breguet also increased by nearly 70%, Montblanc and Longines both increased by more than 40% over the same period, and Rolex and Radar, which had relatively small increases, also exceeded 10%. .

Of course, the advertising of jewelry watches is not blind and disorderly, but has its own selection criteria. According to a survey conducted by the Fortune Quality Institute, audience quality (34%) and content positioning (27%) are the main factors considered by luxury brands when choosing a promotion medium. In addition, the advertising environment must be consistent with its brand image. As luxury brands pay more and more attention to the marketing of public relations activities, whether they can cooperate with public relations activities is also one of the important criteria for luxury brands to choose media.

However, luxury brands are also prone to fall into the misunderstanding of media distribution. For example, they think that fashion magazines are equal to high-end magazines. In fact, their readers are young fashion people, not wealthy people. In addition, high-end content is not necessarily high-end magazines, but its The reader is not a high-end person.

各 Various public relations activities

As a way for luxury brands to increase their influence, public relations activities are getting more and more attention from brands. In particular, many brands see small public relations activities as opportunities to maintain customer loyalty and increase new customers.

According to a survey conducted by the Wealth Quality Institute, most of the luxury goods’ public relations are still sponsored and participated in, accounting for 65% of the total number of luxury brand events, while only 13% of the independently hosted public relations activities are mainly for new product listings. Activities that need to highlight the independence of your brand. Cooperation with other brands has been the main way of public relations for all luxury brands in recent years, accounting for 22%.

For example, Rolex, Omega, Audemars Piguet watches often sponsor various international sports events, especially Rolex and Omega are fiercely competitive in various international competitions. Rolex, which has always been low-key, rarely participates in other forms of public relations activities. Its PR center is placed on sports events, such as the Rolex Tennis Masters, Rolex Golf Tournament, etc. Omega has also won a place in golf competitions, and in international competitions such as the Olympic Games. Omega is often seen on the screen as the official timer. However, Omega sold more Rolex through frequent print ads in the Chinese market.

伯 The Piaget positioning high-end jewellery watches seems to be more feminine, less sporty, but more noble and elegant. Earl rarely advertises in magazines and newspapers. It focuses its main marketing efforts on public relations activities, which belongs to 13% of independent main office activities. Piaget’s public relations activities are often small new product appreciation parties of about 20 people. By inviting old customers, and even holding party-like events directly at the old customers’ homes, friends invited by old customers naturally bring potential consumers to Piaget.

If jewelry watch brands participate in some public auctions, they are public relations activities in cooperation with other brands, such as the ‘ONLY WATCH’ charity auction for watch brands. Almost all big-name high-end watches will participate, except Rolex.

In terms of per capita cost, the per capita cost of a public relations event is much higher than that of ordinary advertisements. Such high costs cannot be held in every city. According to a survey conducted by the Wealth Quality Institute, 70% of activities are concentrated in Beijing and Shanghai, that is to say, Beijing and Shanghai are the absolute focus of high-end watch brand marketing.

四 Four major brand strategies in the Chinese market

其实 In fact, whether it is advertising or public relations activities, it is centered around a center-brand marketing strategy.

Although each brand’s marketing strategy is different, the methods are similar. According to the ‘2012 China Luxury Report’ released by Fortune Quality Research Institute, there are four main strategies for watch brand strategies: first, story marketing; second, price increases and value added; third, limited sales; and fourth, local strategies.

品牌 Luxury brands are the brands that are most adept at telling stories, especially those related to royal aristocracy, which are lauded by every luxury brand. For example, Cartier has been promoted as ‘the emperor in jewellery, the emperor’s jeweler’; Tiffany has become the most dazzling jewellery in classic movies, and has recently set off a wave of Tiffany through the film ‘Compared to Gatsby’. Tiffany This film is also used for a large number of event marketing promotions.

‘Price increase and value addition’ seems to be a magic weapon to repeatedly prove the value of jewellery and watch brands. In addition to the increase in production costs and labor costs caused by objective reasons, sometimes it is also a market phenomenon actively created by brands. This not only guarantees the added value of the product owner’s wealth, but also increases the brand’s profit. As a result, Patek Philippe has become the most collectible watch brand, and high-end jewelry such as Harry Winston has become a regular guest on the auction floor.

‘Hunger Marketing’ can be said to be a tried and tested marketing tool for high-end products, so ‘Limited Sales’ has fully stimulated consumers’ shopping desires, which is a common marketing method for watch brands. The commemorative edition of special events and the limited edition of special materials or craftsmanship are the two most common means of limitation. But often limited editions are just a gimmick in marketing. Brands such as Breguet, Vacheron Constantin and Jaeger-LeCoultre have launched their own limited editions.

Of course, China, as the world’s second largest consumer of luxury goods and one of the markets with the most potential for consumption, has introduced a Chinese element to please Chinese consumers. It is also an effective strategy, that is, a local strategy. For example, the snake-shaped watches and rings launched by Bulgari in the Chinese Year of the Snake, snake-shaped necklaces, earrings and dragon-shaped brooches launched by Cartier, and Chanel’s plum-shaped earrings are all full of Chinese characteristics.