Month: January 2020

Enjoy The Focus Of The Watch – Detailed Strap

Don’t you want to make a little change? Earth-shaking, downright total disruption may not be easy, then it is better to ‘re-divide’ the watch, the dial design, the strap pattern and even the shape of the case … all kinds of watches are ready to go and ignite the wonderful December. Earthshaking, downright total disruption may not be easy
Leather strap, steel strap, junior hand, plain plate … It seems that we are wearing those watches that are particularly suitable for the ‘workplace’ throughout the year. They are either formally elegant or casual, and it is difficult to escape the fixed mode. But in the end of December, which requires jubilation all month, don’t you want to make a little change? Earth-shaking, downright total disruption may not be easy, then it is better to ‘re-divide’ the watch, the dial design, the strap pattern and even the shape of the case … all kinds of watches are ready to go and ignite the wonderful December.
Detailed straps: definitely make them a second skin
Depending on the proportion of a watch, the color, material, and design of the strap may be the key points to change your overall match. If you like the elegant and clean surface, you can find a breakthrough on the strap; or you are a bold tryr, and “packing the dial” with the strap is also a startling choice.
Ferragamo Gancino watch

Ferragamo Gancino watch
Reference price: RMB11800
Nc Most of the Gancino that I saw before were matched with solid leather straps, just like the Ferragamo brand’s style. They are low-key, elegant, and have a superior sense of balance. This watch for Christmas seems to have painted the Christmas presents on the strap in a brain. The colorful women’s shoes not only make the watch lively, but also make it the most beautiful woman in Christmas. One of Weier’s decorations.
RoRolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Leopard Watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Leopard Watch
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A very wonderful watch. The Daytona, which is based on racing cars, can be integrated with the hot leopard pattern this year. The most important thing is the sports watch … too gorgeous? !! Definitely for those sexy and elegant women, 18ct gold material and leopard-print style belt, the dial is also the theme of the leopard pattern, inlaid with 8 diamonds. Very powerful, not a watch that everyone can control, the most important thing is that you must not expect that the simple and classic Rolex also has this design that makes glasses fall to the feet?
Tissot Ocean Wave Series Increase 2650 yuan

Tissot Ocean Wave Series
It is the same as the wave series, very elegant, the most special is the pattern on the strap, soft and moving.
The most dazzling dial: I just want to dazzle you!
Model wears Movado Artist Watch
Setting diamonds, hollowing out, painting … these ideas that can make a watch dazzling can only be shown on the dial. So, your style and taste, or the level of ancient spirit, can be seen through the dial of your choice. However, the watches worn for the festival are slightly different. They should be a little less solemn, a little bit more thought and shine, and in general must be wonderful.
Blancpain Women’s Slim Watch

Blancpain Women’s Slim Watch
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Balper, which goes hand in hand with tradition and innovation, does not like frequent updates on the case shape and strap, but it has endless creativity for the design and picture on the changing disk. This ultra-thin female watch, the dial is all drawn by hand. Whether it is a mother-of-pearl dial, jumping diamonds or stretched lines, it will bring the feminine femininity to the extreme.
Blancpain L-Evolution 8 Day Long Power Full Calendar Moon Phase Watch

Blancpain L-Evolution 8 Day Long Power Full Calendar Moon Phase Watch
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宝 This year’s new watch from Blancpain, you will find a very delicate dial design-multi-layer superimposed three-dimensional dial. The scale also uses the large Roman numerals ‘III’ and ‘IX’ and 30 dials to enrich the visual impact of the dial. It is even wonderful to set a moon phase smile on the masculine dial.
Editor’s Choice
Sima Fanto artist series watch 6600 yuan

Movado Artist Watches
艺术家 American artist Kenny Scharf designed a set of six works for Movado. The model wore a piece called ‘On-Time’ in this set, with saturated colors, a touch of rock design, contrasting colors … going out and playing, very dazzling.
Ado Rado precision ceramic series gold bright luxury watch

Rado Fine Ceramics Gold Luxury Luxury Watch
Reference price: RMB182,00
Sure enough, it is a luxury watch. The whole body is made of gold color. Especially the dial is not only extremely simplified, it only retains two hands and a date window at 6 o’clock. Moreover, the sequins are made of copper sequins to create an irregular flickering feeling, which is reflected against the arched sapphire crystal. Not to say that it is not suitable for other occasions, but with the flicker of the whole body, it is really the best companion for nightclubs and various parties!
Carl F. Bucherer Alika “Emperor” Wildcat Limited Women’s Watch

Carl F. Bucherer Alika ‘Emperor’ Wildcat Limited Women’s Watch
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表 A watch with absolutely aura, with nearly a thousand top-quality natural diamonds and extremely rare magnificent gems inlaid into the illusion of a real tiger pattern. Inlaid with flawless black diamonds, brown diamonds and yellow diamonds by hand, the shape of the tiger pattern is created. Between the movement and the silence, the elegant posture of the tiger is revealed naturally; it shows the mysterious temperament of the wild and difficult to tame, and the look of disdain for all living beings shows the forest king style. The most rare thing is that it is not only suitable for wearing at parties, it is always a ‘killer’ that shows extraordinary temperament.
Subversion of traditional cases: Can you be the one who dares to show them?

Model wears Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch
Round, square and barrel-shaped, it seems to be the main theme of wearing watches on weekdays. And we naturally see them as the main theme of watch styling. But in fact, it is much more than that. Whether it is a concept watch or a brand’s carefully designed special shape, it has become the love of unique people.
优雅 Montblanc Elegant Women’s Diamond Watch

Montblanc Elegant Women’s Diamond Watch
Reference price: RMB101,440
The rectangular case and the scale-like design of the “claw” above are indeed eye-catching. This design seems to integrate the dial with the case. The starting point of the design is to combine the two into one, which is more than the previous silhouette series. For boldness, more design aesthetics. The flickering diamonds and Montblanc stars on the disk seem to be stars that are unintentionally scattered, and they seem to have intentional suspicions, and they are all memorable.
75 Hamilton (Adventure) 75th Anniversary of ‘Elvis’ Birthday
Reference price: RMB 6,390 ~ 6,900
2010 is Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday. To commemorate this legendary superstar, Hamilton reinvented the “Adventure” watch that Elvis loved. As you can see from the picture, it is a watch with a very DISCO temperament and futuristic appearance. The case has a unique triangle, a multi-level tough case, and black or gold PVD coating. One wants the urge to high to the end.
Editor’s Choice
Jaeger-LeCoultre Women’s Watch 71,000 yuan

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reso
One of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s most impressive works is the Reverso series of double-sided flip watches, which can not only indicate the time, but also can be flipped at will, becoming the best decoration on the arm. Single product.
Juvenia Marquise Collection

Juvenia Marquise Collection
Reference price: RMB128,000
  Marquise itself is the meaning of the Countess. When I saw this gorgeous watch, I unconsciously thought of the Countess of Yang Naiwen … The dial is small and retro. The most special is the treatment of the lugs. Full of diamonds, exquisite and shiny, it is definitely the choice of ancient times.
Vacheron Constantin 1972 Cambrée small model
Reference price: RMB 214,000
1972, with its irregular case and elegant and charming femininity, has always been the flagship female watch style of the VC brand. Its minimalist design is only marked with Roman numerals at 12 and 6 o’clock. It is inlaid with 37 round-cut diamonds. ‘Wave pattern’ pattern. The most striking thing is that this traditional brand completely adopts the irregular, trapezoid-like case design that is in line with the trend. It can also be regarded as asymmetrical beauty for the arm. With it, you also need to appear with elegance.


Blancpain Presents A New Big Calendar Chronograph

In 1930, Blancpain presented the first self-winding watch designed for women. Since then, Blancpain has played an important pioneer in the history of ladies’ mechanical watches.

Blancpain Chronograph Large Date-Red Gold

At first glance, the sparkling mother-of-pearl dial surrounded by the minute orbit is divided into two parts by two wavy lines rippling from 17 diamonds of different sizes, with the chronograph second hand in the center. The eccentric time display at 12 o’clock is printed with the Roman numeral hour mark, the minute numbers on the mother-of-pearl dial and the Arabic numerals on the timer form a dynamic contrast; and the large dual-window calendar is displayed through the double holes at 6 o’clock.
The new Chronograph Large Date is equipped with Blancpain 26F8G movement. This self-winding mechanical movement consists of 495 parts.

Blancpain Chronograph Large Date-Platinum

The 18K red gold case with a diameter of 38.6 mm is set with 40 diamonds and is water-resistant to 3 bar. Through the sapphire crystal back, you can admire the hand-engraved aesthetics of the Blancpain movement and the elegant femininity of the petal-shaped automatic rotor. The crown is also set with a diamond.
This watch is also available in white gold and stainless steel, with a white ostrich leather strap, and comes with a second strap of different colors and materials for replacement.