Month: April 2020

World Famous Watch Brand Breguet International Tour To Shijiazhuang

At noon today, the world’s first watch, the Queen of Naples series of world themes tour exhibition, came to the Shijiazhuang Xiantianxia store on the first floor of the Shijiazhuang Xiantianxia Shopping Plaza to tell the people in the world the first The classic historical legend behind the watch and the artistic changes of the watch.

 According to reports, in 1810, Breguet created a ‘long oval bracelet-type questionnaire’ in response to Napoleon’s sister Naples’ queen Lorraine Murat, and delivered it in 1812, two hundred years ago. But for historical reasons, this NO.2639, which was specially created for the Queen of Naples, has long been lost in history. Breguet’s unique ‘re-engraved’ Queen of Naples series based on fragmentary data in the archives is still amazing. Mr. Lu Keqin, Vice President of Breguet China said, ‘After two hundred years of accumulation and experience, we have always been committed to continuously promoting the development of watchmaking technology and art. The success of the ‘Queen of Naples’ series stems from our heritage of classics, The courageous spirit of innovation. Her extraordinary skills and concepts not only represent our infinite respect for traditional values, but also our unremitting pursuit of breakthrough innovation. ‘

 This exhibition not only reviews the classic stories in this history of watchmaking, but also continues the modern legend of Breguet’s continuous innovation. The queen-shaped case of the ‘Queen of Naples’ has a unique design and beautiful curves. With its complex functions such as the moon, it has become a beloved art boutique of modern women who advocate elegant quality. It is reported that this exhibition starts from September 6 to September 22, visitors are not only fortunate to be able to enjoy a variety of Naples collections, but also enjoy a unique selection of fine jewelry.


2018 Formal Gentleman Riding Zenith Is Ready To Go

On September 30, 2018, more than 120,000 elegant gentlemen will take to the streets, dressed in elegant dresses, riding antique motorcycles, and helping the official charity partner TheMovemberFoundation Foundation to raise funds to increase public awareness of the prostate. Cancer Research and Mental Health Awareness.

 The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) event began in 2012 with a concept from Australian Mark Hawa. Since its launch, the event has reached more than 650 cities in 95 countries and regions around the world. Passionate riders proudly display their elegance, walking through the centres of cities such as London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Munich, Vienna and Andorra and taking pictures with passionate tourists and surprised young people. Formal gentleman riding has become one of the world’s largest men’s health charity fundraising events, raising more than $ 13 million to date, with a target of adding another $ 6 million in 2018.

Elegant and generous
 Zenith teamed up with formal gentleman riding to praise timeless style and selfless charity. With the same goals of raising money and funding research, Zenith Ambassadors and brand friends have provided enthusiastic support. The impressive fundraising results also reflect the dedication and passion of brand partners.
 Zenith is no stranger to the motorcycle world, and during the 2018 event, the brand also prepared additional surprises for watch and motorcycle enthusiasts. In celebration of supporting this global charity event for the third consecutive year, Zenith is proud to introduce the new PILOTType20ChronographTonUpBlack watch (model: 11.2432.4069 / 21.C900).

Understated retro glamour
 The design of this watch salutes the coffee knight community (also known as Ton-up Boys), hence the name HeritagePilotTon-up. To increase speed, the Café Racer discards all unnecessary weight and is used to show off during parties. Café Racer is known for its visual minimalism and is part of the rock music culture.

 Like the motorcycle of the same name, the PILOTType20ChronographTonUpBlack watch has a ‘type’. The 45mm diameter stainless steel case is full of masculine and retro charm, matching the overall design of the watch, and matte black dial. For added comfort and longevity, the signature oiled suede leather strap with rubber lining features contrasting white stitching and a titanium buckle. Built on the legendary ElPrimero 4069 self-winding movement, this movement vibrates up to 36,000 times per hour (5 Hz) and provides a power reserve of up to 50 hours. For a gentleman rider who is looking for vintage charm and sporty style, this watch must not be missed. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)


Young + Sports + Racing! Lingke Was Born With A “Hubot” Temperament!

When it comes to ‘Hublot’, many people are not very familiar with it. Because in the watchmaking industry, with a history of one or two hundred years, Swiss luxury watch brands that began in 1980 can only be called ‘little brothers.’ Hublot was born in this watchmaking industry that pays much attention to ‘history’, and the challenges it faces are naturally unprecedented. The first time I knew the Hublot brand was in a Ferrari F1 car. It goes without saying that Ferrari’s position in F1 is still the team with the most F1 championships. The outstanding results in the F1 race have also made Ferrari one of the world’s top sports car brands without dispute. To cooperate with such a brand team, not only must it have strong financial strength, but also must have the temperament and spirit. If you want to find a watch brand with a long history or more luxury than Hublot, it is not difficult, but Ferrari still chooses this young brand. The mysterious Hublot naturally has different ‘hard power’. In fact, since November 2011, Hublot has worked closely with Ferrari. In addition to the team’s official timing work, Hublot has also launched a number of BIG BANG Ferrari limited edition watches, creating magic gold and red ceramics. And a series of patented materials. Today, Hublot’s BIG BANG series has become the main force of the brand. Young, sports and racing, these three are perfectly combined. The starting price of more than 100,000 yuan also destined that the Hublot BIG BANG series belongs to the niche, but it is very exciting. The author is one of the fans attracted by him. At the Hongqiao Airport during the Shanghai Auto Show, an advertisement for the Hublot Ferrari UNICO Magic Gold Watch attracted the author to stop and watch photos. On the left is a Ferrari SF90 for the 2019 season, and on the right is this Hublot Ferrari UNICO Magic Gold watch with an official price of 269,800 yuan. Since the birth of Hublot, it has been known for its precious metals and natural rubber. This magic gold material is also a patented invention of Hublot. It is the world’s first and only 18K scratch-resistant gold alloy. It is a Hublot watch. The first effort of the plant metallurgy department to innovate materials. The breakthrough in materials has allowed the author to see the advantages and innovations of Hublot in the watchmaking industry. From titanium on the basic classic fusion series to the use of carbon fiber, natural rubber and other materials, Hublot’s surprises are also not found in traditional watch manufacturers. In addition, the MP-05 LaFerrari watch, priced at more than 3.5 million, is equipped with its own HUB9005 movement, which breaks the world record for power reserve. This ‘God’ uses a manual winding movement with a suspended vertical tourbillon, 11 black-coated series barrels, a power reserve of 50 days, and a bead-blasted black PVD-coated titanium case. Metal seems to be a rare work of art now. The MP-05 LaFerrari watch is limited to only 20 pieces worldwide, and one of the famous male stars Li Chen, I believe that if you have seen it once, it will be unforgettable for life. The success of Hublot, in my opinion, is not only the innovation of its own products, but also the fit of the user’s mind at the marketing level. For young consumers, whether a good product has a history of hundreds of years is not necessarily the most important, it is even more important to bring a brand new experience. Sports and racing are undoubtedly a very good starting point. To exercise and racing, we must cooperate with the best. This also adds a lot to the ‘premium’ of Hublot. At present, Hublot is the only watch brand that cooperates with Ferrari, and there is no second. In early April this year, the author’s circle of friends was swiped by a news screen. The team that is currently racing for the 2019 WTCR race has won the first championship at the world-famous Marrakesh Moulay Hassan Circuit in Morocco. 03 TCR racing, which is also the first time that a Chinese car brand has won a championship in the world’s top car races, is of extraordinary significance to the history of China’s auto industry and racing. When it comes to the WTCR (World Touring Car World Cup), everyone may not be familiar with it, but when it comes to the WTCC (World Touring Car Championship), you probably know more. The WTCR (World Touring Car World Cup) is a brand-new race after the famous WTCC and TCR events merged. It is ranked as the world’s top five automotive events with F1, WEC, WRX, and WRC. In terms of scale and influence, it is still very much There is gold content. From the date of listing, Linker 03 has been inseparable from the three words ‘young, sports, racing’. I have to say that Link is a very young car brand. Since the brand was released in Berlin on October 20, 2016, it has been less than 3 years. It currently has Link 01, Link 02, and Link. K03 has three main series models and is involved in new energy and high performance vehicles. The listing of Collar 03 also impressed me. The listing place was selected at the very famous Fuji Speedway in Japan. As the birthplace of Asian motor sports in Japan, the listing of the Link 03 was selected at the Fuji Speedway in Japan, and it can be said to be one of the most influential listing conferences for the 2018 automotive industry. In this way, ‘young, sports, and racing’ entered the public’s field of vision with the listing of Link 03. At the scene of the listing conference, Linker Automobile announced that it would soon use Linker 03 to compete in the WTCR race. To my surprise, the ‘Golden Report’ of Team Link came really fast. Perhaps the car should be fast, and the faster the better. At the recent Shanghai International Auto Show 2019, Linker Automotive released the Linker 03 2.0TD version. This new power version is equipped with a 2.0T engine from Volvo. The matching drive system is a 6AT manual automatic transmission. New cars are sold. The prices were 158,800 yuan and 168,800 yuan, respectively. In the future, Lynk & Co. will deploy high-performance models of 1.5TD PHEV 256hp and 2.0TD 250hp, as well as limited exaggerated 2.0TD 350hp models. The overall appearance includes body surround, large wheels, exhaust system, There will be separate configurations for aerodynamic accessories and color matching. The author can’t help but sigh, ‘This is a way to prepare for sports and go to the dark’! Hublot’s success through sports events is obvious to all. The visibility and brand positioning in the watchmaking industry is also clearer, which is also extremely beneficial to the development of the brand. On the Hublot brand’s official website, we have also seen the cooperation of top sports stars in the world’s sports industry, such as the king of the ball Bailey, basketball star Wade, trapeze port, Mbappe, who just won the football World Cup championship, which also shows that as A high-end brand is either non-cooperative, and the best is to cooperate. Like the Hublot, Linker does not have a long brand history, but has a deep manufacturing background. As a high-end brand under the Geely Group, Linker Automotive is a joint venture between Geely and Volvo Cars. It is manufactured based on the CMA basic module structure jointly developed by Geely and Volvo. ‘European technology, European design, global manufacturing, global sales’, according to Volvo The same quality standards and car manufacturing technology have created a new era of high-end brands with European ancestry and Internet genes, which also reflects the century-old European car manufacturing experience and the spirit of Chinese innovation, and represents the high-end car manufacturing level of the Chinese automotive industry. The innovations in the ‘manufacturing concept’ of Linker Automotive are similar to the innovations in Hublot’s ‘material marketing’, and have achieved good response in various fields. Regarding the future of Lynk & Co., the author believes that by virtue of the inherent “Hubble” temperament, “track cars” from China have risen, and the future road is still full of challenges, but as long as you choose the right road and work hard, Success is only a matter of time! (Text / Qiu Xiaozheng)