Month: January 2021

Rosini Ranked No. 1 In Market Sales For 12 Consecutive Years

On April 16, the ‘2013 (22nd) China Market Commodity Sales Statistics Results Press Conference and Chinese Retailers, ‘Brand Developer Development Conference’ was grandly held in Guiyang, Guizhou. With its strong market strength, Rossini continued to lead in the ranking of domestic and foreign watch brands in the Chinese consumer market, and won ‘the first place in the overall market share of similar products in 2013’ and ‘ranked the first in the same product market for 12 consecutive years.’ ‘, Chen Sichu, deputy general manager of the company, attended the meeting and received honorary certificates and medals.

Quality is related to the life of the company. In the watch market where competition is intensifying, Rossini insists on quality, and uses good product quality to create a brand that is well-known in the country and even sold worldwide. Innovation and quality are the foundation of Rossini. For 30 years, Rossini has strived to integrate the advanced technology of the world watch industry in terms of hardware and software, and drive all work with quality. Brand determines product competitiveness. As a leading brand in China’s watch industry, Rossini insists on continuously improving brand status and brand competitiveness by strengthening brand communication and marketing innovation, social responsibility and public welfare activities. In 2013, Rossini won the “Guangdong Provincial Government Quality Award” and became the first company in the country’s watch industry to receive the highest award in the provincial government quality field. After nearly 30 years of careful building, the Rossini brand has also enjoyed in the Chinese consumer market. Very high visibility and reputation.

坚持 In the adherence to the business philosophy of ‘market-oriented, economic efficiency as the center, and sustainable development’, 2013 continued to maintain a strong momentum of sales revenue growth of over 20% and profit growth of over 30%. This time, the two heavyweight awards once again dominated the market. Not only is the market a powerful test of Rossini’s quality control and brand building, but it also reflects the consumer’s recognition and love of Rossini.


Hublot Hosts 2016 Design Awards Selection Event

Following the success of the first design award selection in 2015, Hublot is pleased to continue this artistic event and celebrate the tenth anniversary of the birth of the ‘All Black’ design concept. In the LVMHHouse studio in central London, Hublot decided to look to the future and provide talented designers with an opportunity to win recognition to celebrate this tenth anniversary. The Hublot Design Award was established to allow young designers to prove themselves with their work and win public recognition. Therefore, the award will be given to designers who stand out with bold ideas, just like Hublot.

   This is the successful experience of Big-Game (AugustinScottdeMartinville, ElricPetit and Grégoire Jeanmonod) and Daniel Rybakken, who won the first fair and goodness principle award of 2015 and the special award of the jury.

   Designers must also win recognition from a panel of judges made up of world-renowned experts in contemporary design, whose members include: PierreKeller, MarvaGriffinWilshire, RonanBouroullec, and SimondePury. As members of the judging panel of the design competition, they attended the establishment ceremony of the second Hublot Design Awards held in London on April 30th.

   The purpose of this competition is to award a Hublot Design Award to a young independent designer. The panel of judges will carefully review, debate and discuss the finalist design works, and then issue a special prize for the panel of judges in the late summer. The next stage of selection will be held at the Hublot Nyon plant, and the final prize will be presented to the winners before Christmas.

The jury members of the second Hublot Design Awards 2016 include:
Pierre Keller: Leader of the jury, former director of the University of the Arts and Design of Lausanne (ECAL), and chairman of the board of directors of the Geneva Centre for Contemporary Art (CAC);
Marva Griffin Wilshire: Director of International News at Milan Furniture Fair, founder and curator of Salone Satellite;
Ronan Bouroullec: Born in Brittany, a rising star in European design circles, one of the most promising industrial designers in France;
Simon de Pury: a key figure in the art market, curator, co-founder of Phillips Auction House


Chopard Limited Edition Triple Certified Tourbillon

Chopard, the fine jewelry and watch brand, created the world’s L.U.C Triple Certification Tourbillon, setting an important milestone in the history of watchmaking. The three certifications are: COSC Swiss Official Observatory Certification, Poinçon de Genève Geneva Seal, and Quality Certification Passing FQF Life Reality Test.

Chopard’s new ‘triple-certified tourbillon’, limited to 100
This time Chopard’s triple-certified tourbillon model is equipped with the automatic winding LUC 1.02QF movement. It is also the only movement design in the world with two sets of coaxial stacked series barrels. It can maintain a power reserve of up to nine days. The power reserve device is displayed on the dial at 12 o’clock, and the one-minute small seconds and tourbillon device are simultaneously displayed on the six o’clock direction. The traditional carved Fleurier tourbillon frame is used to find the perfect balance between complexity and simplicity. 18K rose gold case with matte silver dial, contrasting black rhodium-plated princess-style hands, and rhodium-plated minute markers inspired by the 1960s. In addition, the three certifications are added under the brand logo of the dial to see the important status given to this ‘triple-certified tourbillon’ model.

FQF imprint on the case back splint and Geneva imprint of ‘Eagle and Spoon’

Silver sand grain dial with contrasting black rhodium-plated princess-style hands and rhodium-plated minute markers inspired by the 1960s; three brand names are engraved under the brand logo
The more well-known watches are the “Geneva Mark” and “COSC Official Swiss Observatory Certification”. In simple terms, the Geneva Seal is to keep in mind the ultimate beauty of the movement, such as chamfering and polishing of the edges of metal parts, ruby ​​bearings, and hairspring styles, all have certain specifications. In addition, the certification is only issued to watchmakers located in Geneva, which has strong regional restrictions. This may make some watchmakers disagree, but they can have the Geneva seal of the ‘eagle and spoon’. There are considerable guarantees. ‘COSC Swiss Official Observatory Certification’ is focused on accuracy requirements. The movement has to pass 15 days of testing, 5 different orientations, and 3 different temperature tests, and it is less than the specified daily error value before the certification is issued, which is also the most on the market. One of the common certifications.

43mm rose gold case, crown engraved with L.U.C. is more delicate
Fondation Qualite Fleurier (FQF) imprint is relatively new. The certification began in 2004 and was initiated by a foundation formed by companies such as Chopard, Bovet, and Parmigiani. The movement must first be certified by the COSC Swiss Official Observatory, and then use a special tester to perform a simulation test on the wearing posture. The 6-month wearing situation is compressed to 21 days for testing to ensure that the watch is in latitude, longitude, latitude, Humidity, temperature, and various long-term difficult environmental losses still maintain a certain quality. The FQF mark does not have regional restrictions like the Geneva mark, but it is also relatively short because of its short establishment time, and relatively few popularity and certification movements; however, the movement can have more heavy certifications and improve higher quality. It is also welcomed by consumers.