Andreas Caminada Becomes Hublot’s New Chef

‘I’m a foodie, it’s no secret. I like beautiful things, I like beautiful things. So, when I discovered Andreas Caminada’s cooking, when I met him, I was taken by him That simple and clear way of cooking touched. He made the food less complicated and gave it a more distinguished taste. ‘Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe said.

   The best and the best are distinguished by talent, spirit, determination and passion. It is the unremitting pursuit of perfection that brings Hublot and the brand’s best friends together. Wearing jeans, sneakers and a black apron, Andreas Caminada met Ricardo Guadalupe in the smallest village in Europe. Andreas Caminada is a culinary wizard who has attracted food lovers around the world with cooking. He collaborates with local farmers and grows it himself, and his cooking is absolutely as precise as watchmaking. Andreas Caminada loves simple and natural things. Seven years ago he became the youngest Michelin star chef in Europe. He cleverly blends boldness, innovation and tradition, and eating at his table is like sitting in his own home, all thanks to the joyful atmosphere he cultivates.

   ‘Culinary arts inspire dreams and elicit rich emotions. As a chef, you must have tenacity, courage and extraordinary creativity to reinvent yourself day after day. Infinite risk, friendship and enthusiasm are for each Necessary elements to provide a unique and unforgettable experience with the diners. Our cooperation with Hublot has witnessed two dynamic teams gathered together under the guidance of common values. Both parties will always insist on innovation and continue to break new obstacles. ‘Andreas Caminada, Michelin-starred chef.

   To announce this new partnership, Hublot came to Andreas Caminada’s castle in Fürstenau. In this small village in Graubünden, time seems to have stalled. This is a place to live and breathe in a ‘Swiss attitude’ (cherished by watchmakers), a place to help us understand Andreas Caminada. The castle in Fürstenau tells the philosophy of Andreas Caminada. This building retains its historical heritage in its entirety and is reborn with a highly modern and sophisticated interior.

   It’s a bit like his dishes, or dials. Each element has a specific function, blending with each other, showing a unique explosive taste that blends reality and innovation. Working instinctively, Andreas Caminada, born in Graubünden, is accompanied by materials and senses, without changing the perception of the original taste. He retains the spirit of pure gastronomy while giving endless creativity to his dishes, and his creations redefine the classics.