Bvlgari Bvlgari Launches Serpenti Jewellery Watch Series Limited Edition In Greater China

In 2015, BVLGARI, Italy’s top jewelry watch brand, launched its SERPENTI jewelry watch series in China. This brand new watch is specially designed for Greater China, limited to a total of 30 pieces.

   Since the introduction of the first Serpenti watch in the 1940s, the Serpenti series has become an iconic symbol of BVLGARI’s extraordinary creativity. The spirit snake theme, constantly innovated and reinterpreted under the inspiration of Bulgari’s extraordinary creation, composes one of the most brilliant chapters in the history of Roman jewelers.

   In 2015, driven by the spirit of innovation, Bvlgari launched the Chinese limited edition watches of the Serpenti jewelry watch series. The Serpenti collection perfectly inherits the brand’s history and culture. This exquisite and charming new jewellery watch draws inspiration from ancient Bulgari works and reinterprets it in a contemporary and innovative way, exuding a bright light on the wrist.

   This year, Bulgari chose luxurious rubies to interpret the Chinese red favorite by the Chinese, and integrated it into Serpenti’s elegant agility. Since ancient times, red has been of great significance to Chinese people. It represents many meanings such as wealth, peace, joy, enthusiasm, and love. Therefore, red has become a symbol of beautiful things, and it has also become synonymous with beautiful things. For this reason, Bulgari also hopes to perfectly integrate the glamour essence of Chinese red with fashion trends.

   The Bvlgari Serpenti Jewelry Series China Limited Edition watch adhering to the essence of the rich colors of the jewellery, showing the unique style of the jewellery family. The case is all made of rose gold, red lacquer and mother-of-pearl dial with 33 diamond hour markers, telling the passage of time against the backdrop of shining diamonds. The two Serpenti series watches have a curved case design, set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds on both sides, weighing a total of 0.47 carats, and a bezel-less diamond set on the bezel, which shows the noble and elegant temperament even more.

   The serpenti design is a long-standing icon of Bulgari, and the Serpenti series is the representative of its worldwide reputation. In ancient mythology, the snake is a mysterious totem symbolizing wisdom, strength, and rebirth. It has been living for more than 2700 years in history and is now reborn in Bulgari’s ingenious craftsmanship. Since the 1940s, in order to pay tribute to its rich Roman origin, Bulgari has reinterpreted the serpentine totem and carefully crafted a unique snake bracelet watch series, which has become an important part of the brand’s heritage. Whether it is a subtle simulation or a geometric abstraction to present the snake shape, Serpenti series watches fully show the essence of the Bulgari brand: passion for color never fades, perfect control of materials, perfect fit to fit the curve of the wrist Sex, and avant-garde audacious craftsmanship.
BVLGARI Serpenti jewellery watch series China limited edition watch-technical parameters
Serpenti Jewellery Watch Series China Limited Edition – Pink Gold and Pink Mother-of-Pearl Dial
   26 mm curved rose gold case set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.47 carats). Pink mother-of-pearl dial with 33 brilliant-cut diamond hour markers (0.05 ct). Single ring in rose gold set with 48 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.01 carats) and 53 rubies (1.34 carats). Bvlgari custom Swiss movement Calibre B033.
Serpenti Jewellery Watch China Limited Edition – Rose Gold with Red Lacquer Dial
   26 mm curved rose gold case set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.47 carats). Red lacquered dial with 33 brilliant-cut diamond hour markers (0.05 ct). Single ring in rose gold set with 48 brilliant-cut diamonds (2.01 carats) and 53 rubies. Bvlgari custom Swiss movement Calibre B033.
Serpenti series new appearance in 2015: creative use of head-to-tail design
   The new Serpenti series watches use a variety of diamond setting techniques and are inspired by the head-to-tail connection of the Bvlgari jewelry series. A number of stunning masterpieces have become the most proud watch of this prestigious Italian jeweller. . The soft and smooth touch resembles the second skin of a woman. The new design of the collection benefits from Bulgari’s superb goldsmithing craftsmanship, creative talent for Italian-style jewelry making, and the meticulous skills of Swiss watchmakers. Bvlgari carefully creates, assembles and carves every ‘snakescale’ and is set with flawless diamonds and rubies. These brilliance diamonds are hand-cut and inlaid to complement the superb craftsmanship of traditional Serpenti watches.
   For the first time in 2015, the bracelet of the new Serpenti series watch abandoned the traditional internal spring, which makes the watch more flexible and flexible, which can meet the daily collocation needs and highlight the infinite design creativity of Bulgari. The opening and closing of the bracelet is equipped with double pressure buttons to ensure safety while maintaining elegance. The length of the bracelet can be adjusted at will to bring the ultimate comfort to the wearer. In addition, the side and back of each bracelet and curved case of each Serpenti series watch are exquisitely hollowed out. The light can be penetrated to the maximum extent, which makes the gems set on the watch bloom more brightly. Guanghua.
Serpenti series new appearance in 2015: Serpenti series jewelry watch
   In 2015, Bvlgari released the Serpenti series of jewellery watches to the world, with rose gold black lacquer dial and 12 diamond hour markers. This Serpenti series watch has a curved case design. It is set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds on both sides and weighs 0.46 carats. The bezel is set with a circle of flawless diamonds. The black dial under the sapphire mirror is even more brilliant. Shenghui.
  The same Serpenti series watch is carefully crafted in white gold. A single ring of bright-cut diamonds is wrapped around the wrist. The dazzling light echoes the elegant color of platinum. Another Serpenti series watch is made of rose gold with a red lacquer dial, and the bracelet is also filled with red lacquer. The glorious circulation shows a strong exotic atmosphere.
  The Serpenti series full diamond inlaid watch can be described as the star of this new series: the bracelet is all made of white or rose gold material, the total weight of more than 12 carats of 168 brilliant-cut diamonds, shines on the single ring bracelet . The snowflake-set diamond dial is set with 144 brilliant-cut diamonds, creating a top-notch visual feast, giving this white gold timepiece masterpiece a magnificent look. The dial of the new Serpenti series watch in rose gold features a delicate translucent design. The single circle coils out the classic serpentine shape. The rare pink mother-of-pearl is favored for its rich pink shades and delicate translucent gloss. , More and more show noble and elegant temperament. The dial is embellished with flawless diamonds, and the 33 brilliant-cut diamond hour-markers exude dazzling light.