Chopin Becomes The Official Jewelry Brand Of The Film ‘diana’

For many years, the Chopard brand, which has always been the darling of red carpet guests, has always been keen to support the film industry. As the official partner of an international film feast like Cannes, while participating in the event, this Swiss jewellery family has also specially created the Golden Palm Awards to focus on the stars of tomorrow; and to discover talent through the Dazzling Actor Award. To satisfy the love of movies, Chopard always meets the challenge and moves forward. That’s why the Geneva company was able to complete the task arranged by Oliver Hirschbiegel’s love-loving ‘Diana’ film crew to select from the design jewellery that Princess Diana might wear.

 Although Chopard has collaborated on countless films, such as Elizabeth: Golden Age (directed by Shakhkha Kappa), Nine (directed by Rob Marshall), and Midnight Paris (directed by Woody Allen), etc. , But this mission is particularly risky; this is because the jeweler working with the film ‘Diana’ not only needs to understand Princess Diana’s distinctive jewelry collection taste, but also needs to adopt a cautious and charming modern style interpretation method, so that The world remembers her legendary elegance. Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director of Chopard, specifically requested to work closely with the company’s costume designer Julian Day. I was thrilled when invited to collaborate; for me, both in personality and style, Princess Diana is a model of charismatic and extremely elegant women. This is the first time since she participated in the movie Nine in 2009. With the second collaboration with Robert Marshall, this new partnership is even more exciting with the addition of top actress Naomi Watts.

 In the final version of the movie, viewers will see on the screen a selection of Chopard watches, jewellery and handbags, including the Happy Diamonds diamond watch, and show Chopard in the luxury sector High-end jewelry pieces with rich professional skills. This Swiss brand successfully combines the Princess of Wales with jewellery that fits her noble status and glamour personality. Julian Day put it this way: ‘From the first time I read the script for’ Diana, ‘I realized that I would need gorgeous jewelry. When the opportunity to collaborate with Chopard appeared, I knew, It is possible to meet this need. The help provided by Chopard cannot be measured by value. ‘

 Due to her hairstyle, Princess Diana was particularly fond of wearing earrings during her lifetime; she usually does not wear jewelry other than earrings. Among her many collections, the most special are white gold earrings set with sapphires and diamonds, and the engagement rings she often wears. In order to highlight the heroine’s delicate neck, Chopard also chose luxurious necklaces for it, including a delicate white gold chest set with 92 diamonds in three rows. This extraordinary accessory perfectly matches the temperament of the princess and the heroine through the alternating pearls and diamonds. The perfect combination of glamour, simplicity and romanticism, Princess Diana’s style is thus fully interpreted. This Swiss jeweler may never dream that his inspiration can be reflected in such noble and mysterious characters. In Paris, many years after the death of the princess, the magic of the film and the cooperation of high-quality designers such as Chopard made Diana’s image of caring for others and unique style still remembered.