Except For Local Tyrant Gold, Can I Put Some Other Case In My Eyes?

The case of the watch is colorful. From the shape, there are Cartier’s square tank, Blancpain’s round case, Audemars Piguet’s octagonal case, and Girard Perregaux’s goose eggs. Type case, there are some strange and irregular shapes; from the material point of view, it is ever-changing, in addition to common gold, stainless steel, but also titanium, high-tech ceramics, PVD, etc., how much do you know about these materials? ? To understand a watch, you need to know more about the watch in order to truly understand this field. Let’s take a look at several types of different materials of the watch case.
  Gold case

  Gold, platinum, rose gold … are luxurious materials. There is never pure gold, because pure gold is too soft and too difficult to shape, and gold must be mixed with other materials. The case is usually made of 18K gold, that is, 75% of it is pure gold, and the remaining 95% is other metals. Mixing different gold colors can bring out different colors, so white gold and rose gold appear. Rose gold and pink gold are the same. Copper and silver are added to the gold, but the amount of copper is different, and 4N and 5N represent the level of copper. Red gold (redgold) contains more copper than rose gold, but it does not mean that red gold has higher value than rose gold, because the gold content of both is the same.

  Lange watches are only precious metal watches, not steel watches. All the parts of Lange watches have to be carefully polished by hand before they are finished. Its high standards have achieved its amazing quality. The Lange 1815 series 233.03218K watch is made of rose gold with a 40 mm case, exuding a metallic luster, noble and elegant. The minimalist design of the dial gives a refreshing impression. The central recessed part of the solid silver dial draws on the design of Lange’s famous pocket watch, making the level of 1815 clearer. The delicate Arabic numerals are matched with blue steel hands. (For 18K gold and platinum watches, I believe you have seen many of them, and I know them well, so I wo n’t list them one by one.)

  Ceramic case

 First of all, to bring you closer to fashion brands, Chanel’s case material has also been unique. In addition to PVD and DLC, there are now high-tech ceramics, the material of which consists mainly of a crystalline oxide called zirconium oxide, and the raw materials are like sand-like powder and gray.

  The world’s top luxury brand-CHANEL, Chanel’s ‘Double C’ has become a pride in the fashion industry, and one of the most wanted brands for women on this planet. The J12 series was born in 2000. Chanel watches made of high-tech precision ceramics, this modern classic, immediately fashionable, has become synonymous with 21st century high-end watches. In 2003, the J12 white watch was born. The J12 white watch, just like the J12 black watch, was extremely popular at the beginning and led another wave of white watches. Before Chanel, no brand had ever been able to increase the color of the watch to Design, technology, and craftsmanship are generally sharp. It is the first in the industry to have a pure white concept.

  This series of watches have gloss, high hardness, no rust and discoloration, no stain, and stable chemical properties. Chanel Ceramic Watches This new watch uses ceramic materials such as zirconia and cermets for the case and strap. Compared with stainless steel watches, the weight of ceramic watches is reduced by about 60%, and its hardness is about 10 times that of stainless steel. Does not damage the advantages of the skin. The radian and the details of the design convey the eternal charm of CHANEL.

  Radar is also a high-frequency user of high-tech ceramics. Rado’s DIAMASTER series has its own new face: a large dial that is easy to read and a clear view. The watch is made of plasma high-tech ceramics. This type of material is not only anti-allergic, not easy to wear, lightweight, but also provides an extremely comfortable wearing experience. The black dial with rose gold hands and scales is low-key and contains noble temperament, and the case has a perfect smooth feel. The use of high-tech ceramics fully reflects the brand’s concept of ‘if you can imagine, you can create. If you can create, you can achieve.’

  Black case (PVD and DLC)

  Steel was followed by PVD steel, followed by DLC. DLC is the material, ‘DiamondLikeCarbon’, which is diamond-like carbon. Diamonds are made of carbon, and DLC is artificially manufactured in the laboratory. The hardness is like the carbon particles of diamonds.

  The new Bvlgari DiagonoUltranero chronograph uses a 42mm stainless steel case and uses a DLC anti-scratch surface treatment process to create a distinctive dark black color, showing a strong modern beauty. Dial with white scale, luminous coating enhances the chronograph function and date window readability controlled by stainless steel chronograph buttons. The rubber strap with satin-finished stainless steel chain link is water-resistant to 100 meters, making it a perfect fit whether it’s a diving suit or a tuxedo.

  PVD is one of the coating technologies, which is ‘PhysicalVaporDeposition’. The metal is vaporized into a coating, which is then applied to another metal object. Hublot is the first Swiss top watch brand to combine precious metals and natural rubber as its raw materials. Its birth has revolutionized the watch industry both in terms of watchmaking materials and unique aesthetic concepts interpreted by watches. . The brand concept advocated by Hublot is ‘the art of fusion’, covering the perfect fusion of precious metals such as zirconium, tantalum, magnesium and titanium with diamonds, rare gems, gold, platinum, ceramics, stainless steel and natural rubber.

  Hublot has always been known for its boldness and publicity. This model continues the brand’s usual style, with a multi-layered complex dial structure and a powerful 48 mm case structured for a powerful angle. The minute hand, chronograph at 9 o’clock and the calendar window at 4 o’clock all use striking red. The watch also has the famous slightly rebellious red devil logo printed at 3 o’clock. The red and black dial brings a sense of dynamism, showing the mature charm of men. Black PVD coating to achieve a beautiful and uniform overall effect.

  Titanium case

 Titanium looks like steel and has silver-gray light translation. It is a transition metal. Titanium has the advantages of lightness, hardness, and rust prevention, and has a wide range of applications. Appeared on watches, mainly used to make sports watches. Titanium was discovered in 1791, but pure titanium was first made in 1910, and it took more than a hundred years. The reason is that titanium is very active at high temperatures, and it is easy to combine with oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and other elements. To obtain pure titanium requires very harsh conditions. In application, titanium is often mixed with other metals to form alloys, in order to make it harder. The following introduces two models using titanium, light and convenient.

  The new Bentley Supersports LightBodyLimitedEdition focuses on appearance: bright red, cool black, and bright white set off against each other, which has great visual appeal and impact. The watch adopts a revolutionary appearance, combining the outstanding performance and noble temperament of the two brands of Breitling and Bentley in an ultra-light titanium case, which is light and comfortable; it uses the unique rolling pattern bezel of the Breitling for Bentley series; The unique dial design with red and black contrasting colors complements the dashboard of the Bentley Continental GTC supercar, perfectly combining extraordinary performance and innovative appearance. The application of titanium material is also very suitable for its sports style, light and tough and practical.

  The Omega Speedmaster series is one of the most representative models of the brand. The legendary Speedmaster watch has participated in all six moon landing missions. It is a model for the pioneering spirit of brand exploration. This Omega watch has a blue lacquered facade, a domineering 44.25 mm titanium case, and a smooth blue ceramic bezel and titanium bracelet with a tachymeter scale that fit comfortably on your wrist. appropriate.

  Through the loss-resistant sapphire crystal glass, you can see the blue lacquered surface with the white time scale, a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, and 12 hours and 60 minutes at 3 o’clock. Central chronograph seconds hand. It is worth mentioning that this watch is equipped with the Omega 9300 coaxial movement, which is the first chronograph movement of the brand’s self-developed coaxial mechanical movement series.

  Steel case
  Steel is actually an alloy, which is made of mixed multiple metals. The most commonly used material for watches is 360 stainless steel. Rolex uses 904L stainless steel. Its advantages are high corrosion resistance, high hardness, and difficult to oxidize.

  Green Ghost’s unique case and design have a high degree of brand recognition. The Rolex Submariner’s Oyster case is water-resistant to 300 meters (1,000 feet), providing optimal protection for highly accurate movements from water. Damage from dust, pressure, and impact. The unique middle case is cast from 904L stainless steel or 18ct gold with strong corrosion resistance, and is equipped with an integrated crown shoulder. The triangular bottom case back is screwed tightly by Rolex watchmakers with special tools to completely seal the case. The winding crown uses a patented three-lock waterproof system, and is firmly screwed on the case, hermetically sealed like a submarine door. The mirror of the watch is made of scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

Summary: The case material has many changes, and it is also an area of ​​constant competition and innovation in the watch industry. Each change is an innovation, and it is understandable. Understanding of watch materials will help you solve some problems encountered in the process of purchasing watches. Rich people wear gold cases, rich people wear stainless steel cases, sports lovers wear titanium, and elegant ladies wear ceramic cases. Each material case has its advantages and disadvantages. If you wear a gold watch to participate in various sports, it will inevitably be scratched and bumped. At this time, you will find the benefits of stainless steel. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)