Focus On The Forefront Of Richard Miller’s Booth In Geneva 2013

The 23rd Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH for short) will be held in Geneva from January 21st to 25th, which will also become the major event of high-end watches in 2013 First stop. The watch watch home will send a special editor to Geneva to bring you the most cutting-edge and most intuitive brand show.

米 Richard Miller’s booth display

Very technical booth design

During the SIHH period, netizens can fully understand all the information of the Richard Mille booth through this link. The watch home will present a rolling update mode supplemented by pictures as the main text. Please stay tuned. . (Picture, text / watch home Mao Zhuang Yang Fan)

 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013:
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