Hublot Hosts 2016 Design Awards Selection Event

Following the success of the first design award selection in 2015, Hublot is pleased to continue this artistic event and celebrate the tenth anniversary of the birth of the ‘All Black’ design concept. In the LVMHHouse studio in central London, Hublot decided to look to the future and provide talented designers with an opportunity to win recognition to celebrate this tenth anniversary. The Hublot Design Award was established to allow young designers to prove themselves with their work and win public recognition. Therefore, the award will be given to designers who stand out with bold ideas, just like Hublot.

   This is the successful experience of Big-Game (AugustinScottdeMartinville, ElricPetit and Grégoire Jeanmonod) and Daniel Rybakken, who won the first fair and goodness principle award of 2015 and the special award of the jury.

   Designers must also win recognition from a panel of judges made up of world-renowned experts in contemporary design, whose members include: PierreKeller, MarvaGriffinWilshire, RonanBouroullec, and SimondePury. As members of the judging panel of the design competition, they attended the establishment ceremony of the second Hublot Design Awards held in London on April 30th.

   The purpose of this competition is to award a Hublot Design Award to a young independent designer. The panel of judges will carefully review, debate and discuss the finalist design works, and then issue a special prize for the panel of judges in the late summer. The next stage of selection will be held at the Hublot Nyon plant, and the final prize will be presented to the winners before Christmas.

The jury members of the second Hublot Design Awards 2016 include:
Pierre Keller: Leader of the jury, former director of the University of the Arts and Design of Lausanne (ECAL), and chairman of the board of directors of the Geneva Centre for Contemporary Art (CAC);
Marva Griffin Wilshire: Director of International News at Milan Furniture Fair, founder and curator of Salone Satellite;
Ronan Bouroullec: Born in Brittany, a rising star in European design circles, one of the most promising industrial designers in France;
Simon de Pury: a key figure in the art market, curator, co-founder of Phillips Auction House