Iwc Iwc Aquatimer 2000

IWC gives people the feeling that it is durable and durable, and the details of the overall design of the watch are well done, so it has established a certain position in the watch altar. Each of its six major series has its own Uniqueness, such as the Mark series of flight watches, is also a popular pocket list for watch fans. As for the Aquatimer series to be discussed this time, the earliest prototype watch is the diving watch launched by IWC in 1967.

The first marine timepiece was launched in 1982, but the shape at that time was slightly different from the current one. The most amazing thing at that time was the data of 2000 meters water resistance, because it is impossible for ordinary people to reach Such a terrible depth, so the technology of 2,000 meters belongs to the level of showing watchmaking ability, and because IWC can make diving watches reach a depth of 2,000 meters, this has also become the support technology of GST diving watches in the future. However, the marine series has become more and more exquisite in appearance from the first generation to the new one. From the thick case and structure development to the current dial with a deck pattern and modern replacement strap design, it proves that IWC’s excellence in watchmaking technology The waterproof depth of up to 2,000 meters has become one of the pocket lists of collectors.

IWC has established a strong recognition in different product lines. For example, in the marine timepiece series, it has a feature of waterproofing up to 2,000 meters. Therefore, the series models all place this amazing data at the six o’clock position to represent Watchmaking power of the brand

Feature one: 2000 meters waterproof depth that breaks through the limit
The most important thing of the diving watch is the waterproof design. The IWC marine timepiece series resists the strong sea pressure through the thick sapphire crystal, and the titanium metal known as the marine metal is used as the case. The combination of these two materials makes The watch itself is quite durable, because the deeper it means the more pressure the case bears, and IWC reached this milestone with a unique patented technology, so this technology that broke the limits of the watch was also used later On other diving watches of the brand, IWC has successively released the GST diving watch series with a waterproof depth of 2000 meters, and the three-pin automatic diving watch with a waterproof depth of up to 1,000 meters, all of which are based on the technology of this watch. It has become a watchmaking technology arena for watch brands in the future.

The unique rotating bezel inside and outside the case is IWC’s innovative approach to break through the mold. With a practical black rubber strap and a quick-change strap system, this marine timepiece has a water resistant depth of 2000 meters. Many upgrades on a practical level, very practical

Feature 2: Classic yellow-black color
The yellow and black color scheme is actually quite suitable for diving watches that must be dived into the depths of the ocean. After all, when you are on a dark sea floor, the conspicuous yellow-black contrast becomes a practical design for you to identify time. Therefore, IWC Occasionally, this color scheme appears in diving watches. For example, the Deep One in 1999 used this color layout. Because of the strong contrast of color, such a combination has also become an impressive design element for many watch fans, so the new Aquatimer The 2000 watch once again used this design, which is quite nostalgic. The brand’s innovative inner and outer rotating bezel design, coupled with the finger press replacement system of the new strap, has also become one of the characteristics of the marine timepiece series, pragmatic The details of the actual operation of the watch by IWC are always innovating with the spirit of how to wear it more conveniently. Therefore, in addition to considering the obvious contrasting colors of the actual recognition time, it is also quite easy to operate.

The solid bottom cover is used to resist the strong pressure from the sea water. The image engraved on the case back is the image of the diver’s helmet, which represents the waterproof depth characteristic of the marine timepiece series.

Feature 3: 80110 is one of the most durable movements
The 80110 movement is IWC’s first self-made movement. It inherits the spirit of IWC’s pragmatic and durable brand. It not only makes a strong anti-magnetic, it can withstand up to 80,000 A / m 80,000 amps per meter. Made a certain height, its antimagnetic ability comes from the soft iron inside the case can directly offset the external magnetism, making the inside of the case a space for conducting magnetic fields. As for the high anti-vibration performance, it comes from the brand’s exclusive patented technology. IWC adds anti-vibration devices to the movement and assembles springs on the automatic plate, so that when the watch is subjected to vertical impact, it can offset the external force by itself and eliminate the ball The bearing is changed to a stable shaft device, and the 80110 movement is also equipped with the IWC signature Pellaton winding system with a vibration frequency of 28,800vph, which is one of the most durable movements of IWC.

IWC Marine Timepiece 2000 Automatic
Titanium material / 80110 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / sapphire crystal / waterproof 2000 meters / table diameter 46mm