Omega’s Finishing Photograph-sochi Winter Olympics Short Track Speed ​​skating Junior Han Tianyu Wins China’s First Medal

February 10, local time in Sochi, the short track speed skating men’s 1500m final of the 2014 Winter Olympics, Chinese 17-year-old Han Hanyu won the silver medal.
   Omega Glory has witnessed this moment, and now I will share with you the final photographs of Han Tianyu’s winning moment.
Omega Finish Photo Photography-Sochi Winter Olympics Short Track Speed ​​Skating Junior Han Tianyu Wins China’s First Medal

Inter-frequency radar transceiver
   The extremely lightweight and reliable inter-frequency radar transceiver will be tied to the legs of the contestants, so that Omega can accurately measure, record and announce the mid-scores and final rankings of the contestants and teams during the competition. Once the skater crosses the finish line when the skates are above the infrared beam of the optoelectronic eye, the referee will determine the finish time and final ranking based on the record of the transponder.
Scan ‘O’ Vision Light Sensor Camera
   The speed skating competition is based on the photographic beam of the skates crossing the finish line to determine the finish time. In the event of any dispute, judgement is based on the record of the Omega light-sensing camera at the end. The device can take 2000 frames of pictures per second at the end point, and the timekeeper relies on it to determine the order and time of the players to finish the game. The moment the skater crossed the finish line, the timing time displayed on the scoreboard and the TV screen would immediately stop, but in the end it was the time measured by the light-sensing camera as the official match result.
Omega and the Olympics
   At the Los Angeles Olympics in 1932, Omega became the first company in history to be entrusted with the Olympic Games designated timing task, responsible for the timing of all events. The inextricable connection with the Olympics has prompted Omega to continue to innovate for more than 80 years, and has developed many pioneering sports timing technologies. Now at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Omega won the 26th Olympic Games designated time.