Schaffhausen Iwc Opens New Boutique At Dubai International Airport

Recently, Schaffhausen IWC opened a new boutique at Dubai International Airport, displaying iconic timepieces including Portugal. From then on, passengers passing through the luxury Dubai International Airport can visit the new high-end watch boutiques before going to their respective gates.

   Luc Rochereau, Regional Director of Schaffhausen IWC Brands, said: ‘I am very pleased to open the first Middle Eastern airport boutique here. Dubai International Airport is not only the busiest but also one of the most famous international airports. Concourse D board After the airport, more and more passengers will pass through Dubai International Airport, the new point of sale can meet the different needs of watch enthusiasts. It is an honor to work with retail partner Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons again to provide travelers with a world-class shopping experience . ‘
   Mohammed Seddiqi, Chief Commercial Officer of Seddiqi Group, further added: ‘The opening of the new boutique is a landmark moment. It is an honor to be part of Schaffhausen’s successful journey in the Middle East.’


Ceiling Of The Chronograph Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980

The Swiss watch brand PatekPhilippe founded 179 years ago, from the three-question perpetual calendar chronograph movement with a variety of complex functions to the most basic hand-finished movement, the almost lost tradition of filigree enamel technology to The industry’s highest standard Patek Philippe imprint standard, its strong watch strength has created a fantasy watch just like a work of art, in the highly competitive fine watchmaking industry. However, from the high-end to the entry-level watch technology, Patek Philippe believes that the ‘chronograph’ function best reflects the spirit of the brand. In recent years, it has actively held special exhibitions focusing on this theme, ranging from the century-old pocket watches in the brand museum to recent topics. Constantly making large chronographs, reviewing the achievements of the chronograph field in the past century, and witnessing the brand’s breakthrough innovations in watchmaking technology.

CH 28-520C is the first self-winding chronograph movement of Patek Philippe in 2006. It is also the first flyback chronograph movement of modern PP. It is equipped with a column wheel structure and a double-layer hairspring.

Feature one: the starting point of the PP self-made movement
Since 2005, Patek Philippe has gradually implemented its own blueprint for chronograph movements. It first introduced the CH 27-525 PS hand-finished caliber with the thinnest double-tracking chronograph movement. It was launched the following year. The CH 28-520C chronograph movement introduced this time. CH 28-520C is Patek Philippe’s first self-made automatic winding movement. It is mounted on Ref. 5980 / 1A-001 chronograph and pays tribute to the 30th anniversary of its classic series Nautilus. The first use of the column wheel and vertical clutch mechanism CH 28-520C effectively solves the delay and fast jitter caused by the impact of the chronograph second hand when starting and stopping timing, which greatly improves the timing accuracy. It is also rare to have a Breguet double-layer spring. Automatic winding movement, excellent isochronism needless to say, can be called the leader of a new generation of chronograph movement. Different from the ordinary three-eye or two-eye chronograph configuration, Ref.5980 adopts the unique time-axis coaxial chronograph configuration. The central second hand also counts seconds. The 6:00 chronograph dial shows the hour and minute accumulation scales, which can directly read the time.

The current version of Nautilus uses a three-layer case with locking screws on the side. The brand has fine-tuned the structure and shape of the case to make the watch more comfortable to wear. In addition, the dimensions of the case, hour markers, hands, etc. are also enlarged. Makes it more readable

Feature two: the case structure evolves again
Not only working on the movement, Patek Philippe replaced the previous two-layer structure with a three-layer case. The front side is locked with screws and the transparent bottom cover is designed. The fine-tuned structure and the shape of the case are more comfortable to wear, and the case is enlarged. , Hour markers, hands and other dimensions, better visual readability, hand-worked to transform the masterpiece of Gérald Genta masterpiece, so that ‘the world’s most expensive stainless steel watch’ show a new look thirty years later. This Nautilus Ref.5980R-001 launched by Patek Philippe is made of rose gold with a special case and a leather strap. It is an attempt that Nautilus has never seen before. Different from the reddish hue of rose gold, Patek Philippe uses 18K rose gold 5N material with more copper elements. On the one hand, the rose gold material gives a noble image, and the unobtrusive and restrained red system brings out the series in a timely manner. A sporty style that strikes a perfect balance between sport and elegance.

The watch is equipped with a brown face plate. The central color of the face plate is decorated from light to deep with straight stripes, and with a brown leather strap, let Nautilus exude an elegant style.

Feature three: Golden Eagle series rare brown face plate
On the other hand, the special color of the Nautilus series faceplate has always been the focus of watch fans, especially the metallic texture and the case material complement each other. Among them, Ref.5980R uses a series of rare brown faceplates, and the central color of the faceplate Extending from light to deep with straight stripes, and matching brown leather strap, Nautilus’s elegant style is more prominent. The Ref.5980 / 1A-014 published in the same year is loyal to the original color of stainless steel, but it is different from the main color of the dark blue gradient faceplate of the predecessors such as Ref.5980 / 1A-001. For the first time, the black element is introduced. The most unchanged primary color black tone creates a rich and diverse faceplate layer. At the same time, the date window at the three o’clock position also uses a black background with white digital display for the first time. Looking at the different materials and color matching styles that have evolved in 5980 in recent years, people can see that the watch king has more than enough flexibility in the use of materials and colors, making the Nautilus series constantly new.

Nautilus Ref. 5980R-001

18K rose gold material / CH 28-520 C self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / chronograph function / Pakto Philippe imprint / brown face plate / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 120 meters / table Diameter 40.5mm / Reference price: 410,000 RMB


Glashütte’s First Observatory In Germany

Glasuti Senator Chronometer is the first observatory watch to be released with a certificate issued by the German Calibration Service (DKD). It officially entered the Chinese market at the end of last year. The ‘heart’ of the Senator Chronometer is a hand-wound movement 58-01. After the latest refinement, this exquisitely crafted and stunning movement can be seen through the anti-glare sapphire crystal case back. As an example of Glashütte’s superb watchmaking skills, this movement has three-quarters of splints, screw-set gold sleeves and hand-carved balance wheels. This movement is also equipped with a newly developed transmission gear, which controls the power reserve display and has a power of up to 45 hours.

    The wearer can use the novel stop-second / reset mechanism to adjust the time conveniently and accurately. Pull out the crown to stop the time running, the second hand jumps back and maintains the initial position; at the same time, the minute hand moves to the next minute scale. When you turn the crown to adjust the time, the minute hand moves according to the minute scale. This mechanical structure can always ensure the precise relationship between the minute hand and the second hand. The movement is equipped with a new day / night display, making it easier to adjust the date.


Parmigiani Double ‘p’ Marriage Elegant ‘man’ Extension

PARMIGIANI and POMELLATO join hands with POMELLATO for a top-level marriage about exquisiteness. Parmigiani has solemnly announced the establishment of a new cooperation relationship with Italian famous jewelry brand POMELLATO The combination of extraordinary professional capabilities of companies will redefine the look of women’s watches.
 Both PARMIGIANI and POMELLATO demonstrate excellence with high-quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. This strong combination perfectly combines the strengths of both parties: Parmigiani’s expertise in process technology, POMELLATO demonstrates unconventional creativity, allowing the watch’s elegant appearance to embrace the brilliance of jewelry. This collaboration will surely produce many amazing works in the future, paying tribute to women without reservation and satisfying their diligent and elegant pursuit.

A similar destiny – stories from Milan and Fleurier
 The combination of PARMIGIANI and POMELLATO is logical, because both brands have the spirit of change that does not fall into the same category. The establishment of POMELLATO in Milan in 1967 was an exciting historic moment. Jewellery has always been considered a very traditional and conservative industry. Jewellery has always been regarded as a status symbol. Most of the time it is hidden in the boudoir, and people basically only pay attention to the monetary value of jewelry. However, POMELLATO boldly challenged this tradition: introducing the concept of ‘ready-to-wear’ which was then worn out in the fashion industry into the jewelry industry. The jewellery immediately turned into a striking accessory, won people’s cherishment, became daily wear, and matched with clothing according to personal mood or personality. POMELLATO, who challenged stubborn conservative views, declared that ‘the safe is not the home of sexy jewellery’ and used it to win the shining favor of the goddess of success. As time goes by, the POMELLATO product series is becoming more and more abundant, always keeping abreast of fashion and trends, and finally accumulating a heritage: continuous exploration of new and unique. POMELLATO can be called a pioneer. It always takes the lead to change, lead the trend, and become a vane that everyone is following.
 Look at PARMIGIANI again. In 1996, PARMIGIANI was established in Waldtravel, Neuchâtel. Although the environment, conditions and challenges faced by Parmigiani are different from those of POMELLATO, they have shown the same courage in their commitment to innovation. At that time, the technologically advanced watchmaking industry prevailed in purchasing finished movements or parts from third-party companies, then decorating them, packaging them with standard cases, and marking the brand mark on the bottom of the faceplate. Over time, ‘watchmaking’ has gradually reduced to a ‘design’ practice, focusing only on whether the work is beautiful or not, a brand that can escape this stereotype. As a result, the exquisite craftsmanship of the watchmakers who had laid a solid foundation for the watchmaking industry was pushed behind the scenes, and was ‘monopolized’ by only a few watch machinery companies. PARMIGIANI abandoned this approach, restored the superb craftsmanship of watchmakers and made it the cornerstone of the development of the PARMIGIANI brand. The whole process is carried out in two aspects: First, based on the brand’s unique restoration art, Parmigiani regards watchmaking knowledge as the core element of brand development. The founder of the company, Mr. Michel Parmigiani, is a genius restorer. With his rich experience, he unveiled the century-old secret of watchmaking technology. Based on this, he worked tirelessly and refined his skills to create the same excellence Contemporary works.
 Secondly, PARMIGIANI chose the road of completely independent production, which is a difficult road, but also a necessary road. Thanks to the financial support of the Sandoz Family Foundation, less than a decade, or through acquisitions, or new construction, Parmigiani owns one of the industry’s top manufacturing plants. The brand’s complete watchmaking system today-a fully integrated professional skills center. In this way, PARMIGIANI chose to follow the challenging path of ‘original originals and originals’, at all costs, to break through the rules and break the rules. Today, the brand has mastered the entire production process of the watch, from the smallest parts to the most complicated wheel train; from the most creative draft design to the assembly and decoration of the finished product. This is an important moment shared by PARMIGIANI and POMELLATO: Italy’s POMELLATO is the only jewelry brand in the world whose headquarters directly controls its own manufacturing plants.
 Now a unique and brand new bridge of cooperation has been established between Milan and the mountains of Neuchâtel. Today’s PARMIGIANI and POMELLATO have a lot in common: both companies have full control over their business, they have the same strict quality standards, they also pay attention to details, and they also innovate in an eclectic manner. This innovation respects watchmaking , The manufacturing tradition of the jewelry industry, but not stubborn.

PARMIGIANI and POMELLATO have chosen to join hands. Both parties will uphold the same excellent craftsmanship, the same independent spirit and the unremitting pursuit of the beauty of creativity, complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and show their capabilities.

PARMIGIANI and POMELLATO have established a new partnership that will redefine the look of women’s watches.

 By PARMIGIANI, an elegant and pure women’s watch, the faceplate is accompanied by the brand mark of POMELLATO, which meticulously and meticulously interprets the sincere work from the fusion of two companies from Fleurier and Milan. First of all, which Parmigiani watch to choose to reflect the characteristics of this Italian jeweller? The Tonda 1950 became a logical choice. First of all, as the iconic model of PARMIGIANI, the Tonda 1950 can represent the essence of the brand, and even its name itself is a reasonable reason-1950 was the year of birth of Michel Parmigiani. Secondly, this ultra-thin watch with diamond-encrusted female models has a simple design and smooth lines, leaving necessary space for new interpretations. Specifically, it can be transformed into a POMELLATO-style ‘look’. All of the Tonda Pomellato series are rose gold models: rose gold is the ultimate choice to convey a feminine atmosphere, and it is also the iconic material of this Milanese jeweller; the newly designed hands and hour markers also use rose gold. This new collection includes four faceplate appearances, each carefully decorated with jewellery.

Arabesque wind Tonda Pomellato
 There are four models in the Tonda Pomellato series, three of which are inspired by the Arabesque series (‘Arab arabesque’ style) of POMELLATO, which is characterized by rose gold-shaped ‘Arab arabesque’ hollow patterns inlaid with colored gems, creating A transparent look and feel.
 Watches are often characterized as flat and opaque. If you want to reflect this swirling ‘vine’ pattern on your watch and reproduce the delicate light and dark reflection effect-the chiaroscuro effect, the only medium that can achieve this nuanced effect is the surface. plate. PARMIGIANI’s professional faceplate manufacturer Quadrance et Habillage successfully reproduced this ‘Arabian arabesque’ pattern through two independent processing steps using a surface protective coating process called épargnage. First, the entire surface of the face plate is subjected to high-brightness opalization. In the second step, screen-printed stickers were superimposed on the milky surface, and these stickers showed the pattern of arabesque vines. Then a second sandblasting process was performed, this time including all surfaces not covered by the sticker. After the above process, the area ‘protected’ by the sticker is milky white (as indicated by the process name), and the second treatment process makes the remaining surface sandblasted. Thanks to Quadrance et Habillage for the clever craftsmanship, the Arab arabesques obtained in the end are extremely smooth, but shining, and the light is vividly reflected, which is comparable to the real jewelry effect created by superimposing gold and gemstones.
 The ‘Arab Arabesque’ Tonda Pomellato watch is available in beige and graphite. The former is available with or without diamonds, and the latter has four lugs and diamonds.

Capri Tonda Pomellato
 The fourth model of the Tonda Pomellato collection is inspired by the Capri collection of Italian jeweler POMELLATO and pays tribute to the typical Mediterranean colors of Capri, a paradise island on the Naples coastline. Capri jewelry uses Capri’s most iconic color-emerald blue, with colorless crystals to create a transparent effect, reminiscent of the deep azure blue grotto (Blue Grotto).
 The ‘Capri’ style Tonda POMELLATO watch expresses this mood very delicately through the delicate emerald blue dial. Emerald gem cutting is a challenging technical task, because a stable surface must be found to avoid the natural roughness of the gem. In the center of the ‘Full setting’ case, the emerald blue dial is shining-‘full setting’ refers to the bezel and lugs with diamonds. Therefore, it can be said that the “Shadow and Darkness” feature, which marks the success of the POMELLATO Capri jewelry, is perfectly reproduced on this watch.

Capri’s TONDA 1950 POMELLATO rose gold case with turquoise dial and diamonds has a simple design and smooth lines.

TONDA 1950 POMELLATO rose gold case beige face plate, low-key and elegant, more style.

Arabian arabesque TONDA 1950 POMELLATO rose gold case graphite black face disc lugs and diamonds models, fashionable colors, low-key luxury.

The TONDA 1950 POMELLATO rose gold case with beige dial and diamonds is elegant and luxurious.


Jackson Launches New 101 Series Jewelry Watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre knows how to win the hearts of men and women. The latest Grande Reverso 101 Art Déco jewelry watch is the best proof. Grande Reverso 101 Art Déco has launched new models for men and women.
     When the tiny movement occupies the heart of the largest Reverso watch case, the lapse of time becomes illusionary. And the magical scene composed of mother-of-pearl and diamonds reveals mysterious magic, making the fantasy time presentation more dwarfed.
    Rows of rectangular cut diamonds underline the Art Deco style of this watch. Snow flake-set diamonds cling to each other on the side of the watch, immersing itself in the charming light.


Exquisite Craftsmanship Comment On Beijing Zodiac Series Watch

The zodiac sign is regarded as one of the important traditional cultures of our country. People have paid more attention to the zodiac sign recently. In addition to Jackie Chan’s movies, there are also songs by Wang Lihong. Of course, our watch industry also attaches great importance to the zodiac series watches. Many foreign brands launch some zodiac watches every year, and China’s famous watch manufacturer Beijing Watch Factory Co., Ltd. has launched a complete set of zodiac watches. Watch. This set of zodiac watches can be said to be very beautiful. One of the “Zodiac Horses” was edited and photographed. This year is the Year of the Snake. There are some regrets for not taking “Zodiac Snakes”, but “Zodiac Horses” The watch is also very beautiful. The black enamel craft dial, a galloping steed on the dial symbolizes that everything can be ‘successful.’

 Enamel gold engraving series watches produced by Beijing Watch Factory are issued in a limited edition of 36 sets per twelve zodiac signs. Except for the gold engraving zodiac signs on the dial, the movements used are all Swiss A10 machines. Core with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 11 mm. The case and hands are made of 18K rose gold. The black crocodile leather strap with sapphire crystal glass penetrates the case back and is waterproof to 30 meters.

 The 18K rose gold case exudes charming gold under the light. The back of this watch is designed with sapphire crystal back. Through the case, you can clearly see the movement of the movement. This watch The waterproof ability is 30 meters, which can be used for ordinary daily wear.

 This watch only provides the commonly used hour and minute indication functions. The design is equipped with an onion crown, which is more common on some high-end watches or women’s jewelry watches. Cute and round, it is also a classic crown.

 Everyone knows that the composition of 18K rose gold is composed of 75% gold and 25% alloy, which is stronger than gold and brighter and more attractive. From the picture above, we can appreciate the obviousness of rose gold. Traits. The lustrous lugs and black alligator strap are the perfect combination.

 Black stands for deep and steady. This watch uses a black crocodile leather strap, and the lining is made of a more stain-resistant beige color with the crocodile logo and the logo of the Beijing Watch Factory.

 The sample watch we photographed uses a silver-white steel pin buckle, and the officially sold watch will use a 18K gold pin buckle. The surface of the black alligator leather is embossed with a large lattice pattern, which is simple and capable. Black silk is hand-stitched to ensure the perfect display of every detail.

 The back of the watch is designed with sapphire crystal glass. Through the bottom of the watch, you can clearly see the movement of the movement. The water resistance of this watch is 30 meters, which can be used for ordinary daily life. Many people may not be familiar with this Swiss-made A10 automatic mechanical movement. The A10 movement is produced in the Swiss Soprod movement factory. Soprod movement factory has provided ETA movement customization and secondary modification business in the early days. The group owns a large number of shares in the Soprod movement factory, and the group also owns shares in the Tianjin Seagull Watch Factory. We still return to the topic of the movement, the slogan of the Soprod movement factory is ‘we only use the best materials’. From this we can see that the quality of this movement is quite guaranteed, and it is indeed a rival of ETA. One, in addition, Ball has also used the movement produced by Soprod, so we do not have to doubt the quality of this movement.

Summary: Finally, let’s talk about the gold enamel on the dial. The black enamel dial is engraved with a spirited horse. The horse pattern is carved with a very high-end manual deep relief process. The material is 18K gold. The zodiac horse looks like a life-like spirit, and is also carved with the Oracle ‘horse’ at twelve o’clock, highlighting the profound background of Chinese culture. At present, the domestic price of this watch is 228,000 yuan, and there are other zodiac attributes watches to choose from. If you like this watch, you can contact your local dealer to buy it.
For more watch details, see: bjwaf / 27184 /


Exquisite And Elegant Tasting 2017 Sihh Richard Mill Rm07-01 Watch

At the annual Geneva watch fair, the new Richard Mill always surprises us. The brand combines traditional watchmaking with exciting and cutting-edge technologies such as technology and racing to create classic timepieces that are full of unique connotations, and 2017 is no exception. In the real-time meter launched at the Geneva Watch Fair this year, an elegant and generous watch is particularly attractive, unlike the previous full diamond appliqué, which remains only on the middle and inner dial. Compared with previous years, it seems more low-key and luxurious.

   The barrel-shaped case, the diamond-encrusted crown of the racing wheels, and the like are all unique DNA of the brand’s watch, showing Richard Mille’s unique style. Advanced technology is Richard Millmere’s unremitting driving force. Continuous innovation, breakthrough, and constantly show us Richard Millmere’s watchmaking technology and innovative charm.
   The above content is the information related to the 2017 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, please everyone attention.
   2017 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon features:


Innovative Solutions From Saxony-lange’s Nine Inventions

Like most Lange inventions, real innovations are sometimes not discernible. The main purpose of these inventions is to make mechanical watches more considerate and practical. RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR ‘Terraluna’ ‘s patented trajectory moon phase display shows the position of observers looking at the moon, earth and sun in the northern hemisphere.

 For many years, Germany has led Europe in patent applications. According to the latest annual report published by the European Patent Office, in 2017, German companies have applied for more than 25,000 patents. Of course, the number of patent applications alone is not enough to measure the innovation of a company. The key factor is whether the invention can bring about real technological development. All patents filed by Ferdinand Adolph Lange follow this principle; he founded the first Saxony watchmaking company in 1845, hoping to produce top-quality watches in his hometown. After the Lange watch factory was rebuilt in 1990, it once again enriched the field of precision watchmaking with many major inventions. Here are some Lange patents that deserve attention:

Zero return device

Patented in 2000
 In 1997, Lange introduced an advanced and precise automatic winding movement-the award-winning Sax-0-Mat movement with built-in zeroing device. When the crown is pulled up, the balance wheel is stopped, and the second hand returns to zero immediately , Just like a chronograph. Sax-0-Mat movement remains Langematik
 Basic movements of watches such as Perpetual and Saxonia ANNUAL CALENDAR. 1815 Tourbillon and Richard Lange
Seconds’ manual winding movement also has a zero reset function, which simplifies the time setting process. In the future models, the zero reset device uses an independent module design and is equipped with a clutch composed of multiple discs, so that the second hand can still operate smoothly during sudden shocks or rebounds.

2. Accurate jumping points

Patented in 2001
 The precision jumping points were originally installed on Lange’s first chronograph movement L951.1 for the Datograph. After 60 seconds, the precision jumping minute dial advances by one division, and it is not bad to stop timing even at the moment of crossing the zero position. So you can read the minutes at any time, no doubt about it. This patented device allows watchmakers to perfectly synchronize the jumping of the integrating disc when the movement is fully assembled. In the current watch series, all Datograph, Double
 Both Split and the latest Triple Split models are equipped with this device.

3. Detachment gear

Patented in 2005
 With a delicate split gear, Lange Double Split, Triple Split and other chronograph chronographs can prevent amplitude loss during the split timing. This device was patented in 2005. By pushing the push-button, the push-button can be separated from the chronograph central mandrel and the chronograph hands on the integrating disc mandrel, eliminating the wear and tear in the old design.

4. Stop-second device for tourbillon

Patented in 2008

 More than 200 years after Lange’s invention of the tourbillon, it was realized how to stop the vibration balance in the rotating tourbillon frame, so that the tourbillon watch can also accurately design the time. Pulling out the crown, a sophisticated lever system drives a movable V-spring toward the edge of the balance wheel. The balance wheel then stops. Press the crown, the ‘brake’ will be released, and the balance will start to swing again. This patented device is equipped with other devices in Lange
 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar, 1815 Tourbillon, Datograph Perpetual

5. Constant power escapement

Patented in 2010

 The patented constant-power escapement on all Zeitwerk models is located between the barrel and the balance wheel, and is responsible for adjusting the operation of the digital dial to advance it by one division every minute. At the same time, the device ensures that the balance wheel is driven by constant energy and maintains a stable rate during the entire power reserve period, regardless of the state of the watch’s winding device and how the switching program consumes energy.

6. Word jump device

Patented in 2011

 Zeitwerk models are equipped with precision word-jumping devices, which reflect the unambiguous and clear design. The display module consists of three discs, and its layout allows the wearer to easily read large numbers from left to right. The constant-power escapement slightly jumps, making the patented word-jumping device advance one by one until it reaches the right point, and the three digital dials advance at the same time.

7.Translucent dial coating

Patented in 2013

 The technical problem when developing the ‘Lumen’ dial is to use light energy to ‘charge’ the luminous material hidden in the dial. Lange’s expert solution is to apply a translucent material to the sapphire crystal dial to allow ultraviolet rays to pass through. Visible light transmission is attenuated by the high-contrast, clearly visible dial. In contrast, ultraviolet light waves can pass through. Zeitwerk
 ‘Luminous’, Grand Lange 1 ‘Lumen’, Grand Lange 1 Moon
Phase’s dial thus glows for hours in the dark.

8. Track moon phase display

Patented in 2014

 Richard Lange Perpetual Calendar
The patented trajectory moon phase display carried by ‘Terraluna’ shows the position of observers watching the moon, earth and sun in the northern hemisphere. The display device consists of three disks, namely the celestial disk, the moon phase disk below it, and the earth disk in the middle. In this layout, the balance wheel represents the position of the sun. The trajectory moon phase display accurately tracks the orbit of the moon on the 29th, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 3 seconds, and only one day of deviation occurs after 1058.

9. Delayed Digital Conversion

Patented in 2015

 To ensure Zeitwerk Minute
The function of the complex movement in the Repeater runs smoothly, and the engineer installs a precision fuse for the movement. For example, when the beeping device is operating, the digital disk cannot be advanced until the three-question sequence is completed. The worm gear of the three-question device is connected to the mandrel of the dial, once it is switched while the three-question device is in operation, it may cause component conflicts and damage the movement. The delay mechanism also ensures that the alarm sound must be consistent with the displayed time.


“Wolf Is Here” The New Hermes Arceau Series Awooooo! Watch

When you shout ‘Wolf is here’, it appears on the dial of the new Hermès Arceau Awooooo! Watch! This new watch is hand-made using enamel technology. A silver fur wolf stands under the starry sky and a new moon. The platinum case is like a delicate picture frame, which perfectly complements this delicate and vivid micro-painted landscape. Watch with graphite grey alligator strap.

The new Hermes Arceau series Awooooo! Watch

The new Hermes Arceau series Awooooo! Watch

   Following the release of the beloved Grrrrr! Bear Enamel Watch in the fall of 2016, this time we welcome a wolf that looks at the moon, a new character in an animal illustrated book designed by Alice Shirley. This new Arceau watch is called ‘Awoooo!’ And is inspired by the Hermès men’s scarf collection. The picture depicts the charming but fearful white wolf in the myths and fairy tales appearing in the trees, using the micro-painted enamel process to present on the dial, emitting a dazzling wild light.

 The new Hermes Arceau series Awooooo! Watch dial color map

The new Hermes Arceau series Awooooo! Watch dial color map

   In order to reproduce the exquisite beauty of the original design, the white wolf and the background of the starry sky are made with extremely detailed processes, making the pattern effect come to life. The craftsman first produced a double-sided translucent enamel dial, carefully polished to achieve a high degree of smoothness, and then dipped a variety of enamel powders and natural oils to paint the outline of the pattern with a very fine brush. Next, it needs to go through a continuous coloring process, including repeated firing and drying processes, and finally the gorgeous pattern can be presented to our eyes.

The new Hermes Arceau series Awooooo! Watch dial

   The image of the wolf presents its nocturnal animal lifestyle in drawing style and rich gray tones. The starry night sky and a thin moon also evoke the cycle of nature, and the predator is the absolute protagonist. The overall tone of the scene contrasts with the white gold case. The top of the round case is crowned with stirrup-shaped lugs. It is equipped with a Hermès-made movement inside and a graphite matt alligator alligator strap. 40 years ago by Henri d ‘The classic design conceived by Origny highlights the elegance of this limited edition (only 8 pieces worldwide).


Details Of The History Of Watchmakers (On)

The development of watchmaking industry has gone through more than 500 years. In this long history, the watchmaking industry also has a different division of labor. They are responsible for manufacturing movements, dials, hands, cases, enamels. , Jewelry, and other positions, and the input of each role is based on culture, skills and enthusiasm. Culture is the medium of all creation and a resource for developing creativity that already exists. Knowledge of mathematics, astronomy and micromechanics is of great significance for manufacturing movements. At the same time, art culture and design experience are also essential.

 Whether handmade or with the help of machines, haute horlogeries are always exploring all the potential of human wisdom. Many basic tools have been used since ancient times. Files, saws, pliers, screwdrivers, drills, compasses … Although some of these tools have been replaced by automated and CNC machines and promoted production, but for watchmaking technology and art Research is never ending.

 Culture and knowledge can be passed from one generation to the next through language, and the hard work will be passed on to craftsmen who love perfect craftsmanship. In fact, fine watchmaking artists do not even consider the number of products, but inject a strong enthusiasm into their works. In short, culture is the source of inspiration, skills are absolutely necessary, and enthusiasm can develop more potential talents.

 In the late 13th century, clocks with escapement and hammer power mechanisms have appeared, where they now appear in France, Britain, Italy, and later Germany and Belgium. Although we can’t say exactly who made those clocks, the invention of these timers is very meaningful for human progress.

 The artisans who made clocks at that time were called ‘metal artisans’. It wasn’t until 1544 that the clockmaker became a legal occupation. At their request, the French king François I organized the clockmaker into a union. This is to prevent problems in product quality. When clockmakers are promoted to masters, they will not only improve their work, but also have the ability to support their lives. There will be imprints and even signatures in their works. Although these measures will protect the identity of the clockmaker, they are still under pressure from the goldsmith and try to prevent them from making precious metal items. From the beginning, goldsmiths retained the right to make gold or silver clocks.
 In fact, the 1646 Act even states that ‘goldsmiths or members of other unions are not allowed to directly or indirectly participate in the manufacture and sale of clocks, big or small, old or new, unless he is a master clockmaker.’ Despite these ordinances, the power of the clockmaker is still unable to compete with competitors and is still forced to struggle hard. Because the goldsmiths have a lot of resources, they can find more outlets in the manufacture of diversified gold and silver utensils, and the clockmakers have no close ties with the trade merchants in Paris.