Bvlgari Bvlgari Launches Serpenti Jewellery Watch Series Limited Edition In Greater China

In 2015, BVLGARI, Italy’s top jewelry watch brand, launched its SERPENTI jewelry watch series in China. This brand new watch is specially designed for Greater China, limited to a total of 30 pieces.

   Since the introduction of the first Serpenti watch in the 1940s, the Serpenti series has become an iconic symbol of BVLGARI’s extraordinary creativity. The spirit snake theme, constantly innovated and reinterpreted under the inspiration of Bulgari’s extraordinary creation, composes one of the most brilliant chapters in the history of Roman jewelers.

   In 2015, driven by the spirit of innovation, Bvlgari launched the Chinese limited edition watches of the Serpenti jewelry watch series. The Serpenti collection perfectly inherits the brand’s history and culture. This exquisite and charming new jewellery watch draws inspiration from ancient Bulgari works and reinterprets it in a contemporary and innovative way, exuding a bright light on the wrist.

   This year, Bulgari chose luxurious rubies to interpret the Chinese red favorite by the Chinese, and integrated it into Serpenti’s elegant agility. Since ancient times, red has been of great significance to Chinese people. It represents many meanings such as wealth, peace, joy, enthusiasm, and love. Therefore, red has become a symbol of beautiful things, and it has also become synonymous with beautiful things. For this reason, Bulgari also hopes to perfectly integrate the glamour essence of Chinese red with fashion trends.

   The Bvlgari Serpenti Jewelry Series China Limited Edition watch adhering to the essence of the rich colors of the jewellery, showing the unique style of the jewellery family. The case is all made of rose gold, red lacquer and mother-of-pearl dial with 33 diamond hour markers, telling the passage of time against the backdrop of shining diamonds. The two Serpenti series watches have a curved case design, set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds on both sides, weighing a total of 0.47 carats, and a bezel-less diamond set on the bezel, which shows the noble and elegant temperament even more.

   The serpenti design is a long-standing icon of Bulgari, and the Serpenti series is the representative of its worldwide reputation. In ancient mythology, the snake is a mysterious totem symbolizing wisdom, strength, and rebirth. It has been living for more than 2700 years in history and is now reborn in Bulgari’s ingenious craftsmanship. Since the 1940s, in order to pay tribute to its rich Roman origin, Bulgari has reinterpreted the serpentine totem and carefully crafted a unique snake bracelet watch series, which has become an important part of the brand’s heritage. Whether it is a subtle simulation or a geometric abstraction to present the snake shape, Serpenti series watches fully show the essence of the Bulgari brand: passion for color never fades, perfect control of materials, perfect fit to fit the curve of the wrist Sex, and avant-garde audacious craftsmanship.
BVLGARI Serpenti jewellery watch series China limited edition watch-technical parameters
Serpenti Jewellery Watch Series China Limited Edition – Pink Gold and Pink Mother-of-Pearl Dial
   26 mm curved rose gold case set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.47 carats). Pink mother-of-pearl dial with 33 brilliant-cut diamond hour markers (0.05 ct). Single ring in rose gold set with 48 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.01 carats) and 53 rubies (1.34 carats). Bvlgari custom Swiss movement Calibre B033.
Serpenti Jewellery Watch China Limited Edition – Rose Gold with Red Lacquer Dial
   26 mm curved rose gold case set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.47 carats). Red lacquered dial with 33 brilliant-cut diamond hour markers (0.05 ct). Single ring in rose gold set with 48 brilliant-cut diamonds (2.01 carats) and 53 rubies. Bvlgari custom Swiss movement Calibre B033.
Serpenti series new appearance in 2015: creative use of head-to-tail design
   The new Serpenti series watches use a variety of diamond setting techniques and are inspired by the head-to-tail connection of the Bvlgari jewelry series. A number of stunning masterpieces have become the most proud watch of this prestigious Italian jeweller. . The soft and smooth touch resembles the second skin of a woman. The new design of the collection benefits from Bulgari’s superb goldsmithing craftsmanship, creative talent for Italian-style jewelry making, and the meticulous skills of Swiss watchmakers. Bvlgari carefully creates, assembles and carves every ‘snakescale’ and is set with flawless diamonds and rubies. These brilliance diamonds are hand-cut and inlaid to complement the superb craftsmanship of traditional Serpenti watches.
   For the first time in 2015, the bracelet of the new Serpenti series watch abandoned the traditional internal spring, which makes the watch more flexible and flexible, which can meet the daily collocation needs and highlight the infinite design creativity of Bulgari. The opening and closing of the bracelet is equipped with double pressure buttons to ensure safety while maintaining elegance. The length of the bracelet can be adjusted at will to bring the ultimate comfort to the wearer. In addition, the side and back of each bracelet and curved case of each Serpenti series watch are exquisitely hollowed out. The light can be penetrated to the maximum extent, which makes the gems set on the watch bloom more brightly. Guanghua.
Serpenti series new appearance in 2015: Serpenti series jewelry watch
   In 2015, Bvlgari released the Serpenti series of jewellery watches to the world, with rose gold black lacquer dial and 12 diamond hour markers. This Serpenti series watch has a curved case design. It is set with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds on both sides and weighs 0.46 carats. The bezel is set with a circle of flawless diamonds. The black dial under the sapphire mirror is even more brilliant. Shenghui.
  The same Serpenti series watch is carefully crafted in white gold. A single ring of bright-cut diamonds is wrapped around the wrist. The dazzling light echoes the elegant color of platinum. Another Serpenti series watch is made of rose gold with a red lacquer dial, and the bracelet is also filled with red lacquer. The glorious circulation shows a strong exotic atmosphere.
  The Serpenti series full diamond inlaid watch can be described as the star of this new series: the bracelet is all made of white or rose gold material, the total weight of more than 12 carats of 168 brilliant-cut diamonds, shines on the single ring bracelet . The snowflake-set diamond dial is set with 144 brilliant-cut diamonds, creating a top-notch visual feast, giving this white gold timepiece masterpiece a magnificent look. The dial of the new Serpenti series watch in rose gold features a delicate translucent design. The single circle coils out the classic serpentine shape. The rare pink mother-of-pearl is favored for its rich pink shades and delicate translucent gloss. , More and more show noble and elegant temperament. The dial is embellished with flawless diamonds, and the 33 brilliant-cut diamond hour-markers exude dazzling light.


Ultimate Women Breguet Queen Of Naples 9808 Mini Princess Watch

In 1810, Abraham-Louis Breguet created the first wristwatch in history for Queen Caroline Murat of Naples. This timepiece is famous for its exquisite case. The elegant arc is not only a praise of feminine femininity, but also a tribute to the origin of life. The Queen of Naples watch not only has an iconic shape, but also has a unique movement. Although many watchmakers produce mechanical movements for men only, Breguet has designed mechanical timepieces for women from the beginning. Today’s Watch House brings you a ladies’ watch from the Breguet Queen of Naples series, reference model: 9808BR / 5T / 922 0D00.

  Many famous women in history have been obsessed and happy with Breguet’s timepieces. The Breguet Naples Queen Series watches are elegant and poetic, an ode to the beauty of women.

Case in 18K rose gold, measuring 32.9 x 27.3 mm

   This watch case is made of 18K rose gold with a case size of 32.9 x 27.3 mm. The unique goose oval case of the Queen of Naples series exudes elegant charm, and the round curves show the feminine femininity.

Watch with a sapphire crystal

   The mirror uses a sapphire crystal glass, anti-glare treatment, clear light transmission, convex round mirror reflects a unique classic charm, while protecting the delicate dial, it also reflects the brilliance of the mother-of-pearl dial of Tahiti. Presented without reservation.

18K rose gold crown set with a drop-shaped diamond
   The crown is also made of 18K rose gold. In addition to the triangular pit pattern on the side of the crown that enhances the feel of the winding, the top of the crown is inlaid with a drop-shaped diamond.

Unique ball lugs

   The design of the watch’s lugs is very sophisticated. The unique ball lugs of the Breguet Naples series are used to show the ultimate feminine charm. The lugs are studded with bright cut diamonds, turning the watch into a beautiful wrist. Jewelry.

Mysterious Tahiti mother-of-pearl dial

   The arc-shaped dial and the Roman numeral ‘XII’ on the dial are made of the shiny and mysterious Tahiti mother-of-pearl, and the Roman numeral ‘XII’ is fixed on the dial with a fine wood inlay process. The mother-of-pearl material is fragile and fragile, so it is especially tricky in the fine wood inlay process, which is a veritable masterpiece.

Beautifully shaped hands

   The two hands of the watch are mixed with 18K rose gold, and the tip of the needle is cut out with pear-shaped cutouts, showing a unique flavor. With the mysterious and colorful Tahitian mother-of-pearl dial, it reveals a feminine charm. .

Back case design

   The back of this watch is designed with a transparent back. Through the sapphire crystal glass embedded in the case, the exquisitely carved mechanical movements are clearly visible. Each movement is engraved with an independent number and the word ‘Breguet’.

The watch is equipped with a cal 586/1 automatic mechanical movement

   This watch is equipped with a Cal586 / 1 self-winding mechanical movement equipped with a Swiss linear lever escapement and a silicon flat balance spring, which can provide a power reserve of about 40 hours.

Summary: For Breguet, it is very natural to persist in doing her best for women. Many famous women in history have been obsessed and happy with Breguet’s watches. Of all Breguet’s collections, there is no doubt that the Queen of Naples series is the most poetic. This is not only reflected in the unique form of the case-a symbol of the origin of life, but also because it is an exclusive design for women Complex watch. With the talents of poets and magicians, Abraham and Louis Breguet combined the spirit of women’s pursuit of independence with technology and aesthetics, which has won the favor of countless outstanding women.


Expensive Price For Ladies Watches With Gorgeous Charm

The watch records time, time confirms every bit of life. Women not only need the beauty of appearance, but also the inner cultivation. The wrist watch will remind you of the preciousness of time, giving you more stability and confidence, more calm and low-key, and constantly enrich yourself to become a more attractive woman. Below, the Watch House recommends four watches for you, which are not only simple and elegant, but also noble and gorgeous.

  Piaget LimelightDancingLight Collection G0A37172

Review of the model: Piaget LimelightDancingLight series G0A37172 The dial drawn with the traditional big fire enamel technology emits a shocking color. A rose blooms in the middle of the dial, showing A stunning beauty. The bezel is paved with 78 diamonds, shining in gold, with a silk strap. The miniature miniature paintings of the Piaget’s painter make each petal clear and meridian, and the color transition is natural. The watch vividly shows the magnificent elegance of Eve Count Rose, and it shows the Piaget’s keen observation of femininity.

  This series of watches is limited to 6 pieces each and is equipped with Piaget ultra-thin quartz movement. Delicate and charming, moving and interesting, the hollow roses dragged with the movement of the wrist, witnessing the endless flow of time. Rose gold with diamonds, mother-of-pearl, and white silk ribbons bloom in luxuriant colors, adding richness to the delicate and delicate surface.

Basic Information
Model: G0A37172
Brand: Piaget
Series: Creative
Style: Quartz, 39 mm, ladies
Material: 18k rose gold with diamonds, set with 52 round diamonds, 1.6 carats
RMB: ¥ 419,300
For more watch details, please click: Jaeger-LeCoultre Dating Series Q3462521 Watch
Review of the model: Rendez-VousNight & Day Date and Night Display Women’s Watch is a glamour for Jaeger-LeCoultre for women. Its design essence and love Purely coincident. The exquisite dial is carefully crafted by professional craftsmen. The blue steel flower-shaped pointer jumps in the center, confirming the quiet flow of time. The delicate digital scale is clear at a glance, showing the ultimate pure love ideal. The day and night display at 6 o’clock shows that the lingering couple is always accompanied.

  The bezel inlaid with beautiful diamonds reflects every romantic moment experienced, and time flows quietly under its halo. Rather than a watch, this is a date with time. It is like the player of simultaneous light, grasping every moment with enthusiasm.
Under the gorgeous appearance, the watch is equipped with a 967A self-winding movement, which maintains high quality from design, manufacture to assembly. The Jaeger-LeCoultre movement is not only well-formed in external grinding, but also in functional grinding. It can be seen from the chamfering of the gears and the beveling of the edges of the splint.

Basic Information
Model: Q3462521
Brand: Jaeger-LeCoultre
Series: Dating
Style: Automatic, 29 mm, ladies
Material: 18k rose gold with diamonds
RMB: ¥ 165,500
For more watch details, please click: Girard Perregaux CAT’SEYE 80485D52A761-KK7A Watch

Comment on the watch: The Cat’sEye series proves that complex watches can also be perfectly integrated with feminine design. Since its launch, the Cat’sEye collection has had different models. The following introduces one of them, which is equipped with a double retrograde function and has two dial-back hands that display seconds and days.

  This Girard Perregaux watch is extremely feminine and noble, with neat and bright diamonds shining brightly on the bezel. The two-digit hour markers on the dial of pure mother-of-pearl look a bit playful, at 12 o’clock The moon phase window is very subtle, the shape of the small second dial is very novel, it jumps to the 8 and 9 o’clock positions, and has a flyback function. The day of the week is displayed on the right.

  A clear view of the movement through sapphire crystal glass. The GP03390 self-winding movement is equipped inside. The power reserve after winding can provide approximately 46 hours of energy. The Geneva ripples and scales form a sharp contrast, making a decorative distinction between the different positions. The golden oscillating weight is a highlight of this self-winding movement.

Basic Information
Model: 80485D52A761-KK7A
Brand: Girard Perregaux
Series: Women’s Watch
Style: Automatic, 35.25×30.25 mm, ladies
Material: 18k rose gold with diamonds
RMB: ¥ 275,000
For more watch details, please click: Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra VCARN5HZ00 watch

Comment on the watch: Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Watch is the most precious and delicate gift God has given us. Normal watches appear as regular-shaped straps, but Van Cleef & Arpels has given clover to the bracelet in a different way, incorporating lucky blessings into the delicate design. Alhambra watches continue to follow Van Cleef & Arpels’ iconic patterns, exuding a long-lasting elegance.

  The watch is made of yellow gold and the diamonds on the bezel sparkle. The black strap matches the black dial very harmoniously and softly. It is like a delicate bracelet on the wrist. The harmonious marriage of watches and jewellery craftsmanship creates this exquisite timepiece. This watch uses a quartz movement, eliminating the need for many women to wind up. Its unique appearance is the most attractive.

Basic Information
Model: VCARN5HZ00
Brand: Van Cleef & Arpels
Series: Women’s Watches
Style: Quartz, 29.3 mm, ladies
Material: Gold Diamond
RMB: ¥ 119,000
For more watch details, please click: vancleefarpels / 25027 /

Summary: Although time is a woman’s enemy, a watch is a woman’s companion. Whether it is to attend a dinner beautifully, to dress up for a date, or to go to work with motivation, a watch can add to your wrist. A companionship and comfort. The above watches, each with its own advantages, are exquisite timepieces of the brand, highlighting the nobility and beauty of women; although the price is high, whether you buy it or not, you should learn to appreciate it with a desire to have it. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)


Treasure Tells Of Australia’s Journey Of Exploration In Two Centuries

Last week, Breguet collaborated with Centre Nicolas Baudin in Sydney to host a unique exhibition, using visual images to describe key moments in Australian history from the perspective of explorers .

   Taking this opportunity, the brand also exhibited a particularly rare collection treasure-the nautical chronograph N ° 3196 created in 1822, as well as the refined models selected from the Marine nautical series and the Classicique classic series for guests reward.

   A number of guest speakers were invited to the exhibition, including the director of the Nicholas Bodin Center, the anthropologist Alizée Chasse, and the writer Patrick Llewellyn. Two brave French explorers, Hyacinthe de Bougainville and Jules Dumont d’Urville, discover Australia’s adventures.


Extremely Elegant, Jaeger-lecoultre Double-sided Flip Jewelry Watch

The use of decorative arts to give the ultimate feminine charm, exquisite, delicate, simple and stylish design, has made the Reverso watch series shining on the wrist. In 2017, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the Reverso One Duetto Jewelry jewellery watch in rose gold, which is extremely elegant and exudes charming femininity. This piece is inspired by the purest Art Deco style of the 1920s and 1930s, when the classic Reverso watch was released. The rose gold bracelet is composed of geometrically shaped chain links, embellished with gorgeous diamonds, and is uniquely designed to highlight the extraordinary skills of the master of jewelry craftsmanship. The distinctive diamond pattern on the back dial is striking. This watch is full of personality and elegance, becoming one of the delicate and elegant works of the Reverso series.

Inspiration from decorative arts
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reeverso One Duetto Jewelry jewelry watch in rose gold combines high-end jewellery and fine watchmaking craftsmanship in the Grand Workshop to present a masterpiece of jewelry that perfectly balances artistic design and functionality for women. Inspired by Art Deco, this watch features a rectangular dial, a diamond pattern on the back dial, and an 18K rose gold bracelet design with slender and slender lines that show elegant femininity. In addition, the top and bottom of the dial are decorated with iconic three decorative engravings, making this reversible watch more distinctive. Art Deco style has been leading the fashion since its birth and has always been new. This exemplary work perfectly interprets the Art Deco minimalist design philosophy.
Jaeger-LeCoultre’s craftsman interprets the concise beauty of decorative arts, echoing the new image and status of women in this era. Freed from physical and mental constraints, women are freed like never before. This freedom can be seen in different costumes and shapes, such as the use of softer fabrics, tailored slightly loose clothing, cut long hair into shoulder-length short hair style, and the bell hat gradually popular at the time.

Feminine and charming jewelry masterpiece
Jaeger-LeCoultre’s jewellery craftsmen have designed a unique bracelet for the Reverso One Duetto Jewelry series of jewellery watches, the links of which are subtly intertwined, soft to the touch, and fit perfectly to the wrist; plus the slightly concave case To ensure comfortable wearing.
The master of jewellery craftsmanship has exerted excellent craftsmanship, setting gemstones on the links of the rose gold bracelet one by one. The finely crafted details complement the dial on the back. The diamond-shaped pattern on the rose gold dial is beautiful, and it is even more charming against the backdrop of carefully set brilliant-cut diamonds. The front dial is made of Bali mother-of-pearl, which is also full of elegance.
Arabic numerals are hand-painted with elegant outlines. Gold-plated lines subtly outline the corners of the dial, highlighting the sheer geometric beauty of minimalist lines. The crown is diamond-shaped, showing ingenious light and shadow effects.
The decorative engraving on the upper and lower sides of the dial is set with bright-cut diamonds, which exudes the brilliance of fine jewelry art. This Duetto double-sided watch is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 844 manual winding mechanical movement, which simultaneously drives the time display on both sides of the dial, which shows the superb craftsmanship of the brand watchmaker.
The new Reverso watch is extremely delicate, showing extraordinary femininity. Jaeger-LeCoultre presents new works, adding unlimited creativity while retaining the design features of this classic watch. This watch showcases the exquisite jewellery craftsmanship of the Grand Workshop and is admirable. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Rare Crafts (Métiers Rares) workshop brings endless creativity, constantly introducing timepieces with the ultimate craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso One Duetto Jewelry
Set with 460 diamonds (2.02 carats)
Technical characteristics
· Jaeger-LeCoultre 844 automatic mechanical movement, hand-made, assembled and decorated
Vibration frequency: 21,600 times per hour
· Power reserve: 38 hours
· Number of parts: 100
· Number of gems: 18
· Thickness: 3.45 mm
Hour and minute display
18K Rose Gold
· Decorative carvings with diamonds
36.3 x 18 x 10 mm
Water resistance: 3 bar
· Front: white Bali mother-of-pearl, Arabic numerals. Art Deco Corner
· Back:
· The center of the bottom is a diamond pattern: rose gold, satin polished
Above the dial: rose gold, polished, set with brilliant-cut diamonds
· Crown Prince Hand
18K Rose Gold
· Diamond


Seiko Solar Power Series Watch Introduction

The new SEIKO Seiko Solar Energy Watch Series combines the two most important development trends in today’s watch market, consumer demand for added value, and their commitment to pursue every consumption Determination of environmental protection.
The price of SEIKO Seiko Solar Power Watch is about the same as the ordinary quartz watch of SEIKO Seiko, but it adds practical value in function. These added values ​​make it more convenient for consumers to use. Every SEIKO Solar Power watch has the quality of a conventional quartz watch (with an error of only & plusmn; 15 seconds / month accuracy), and most watches can store energy from 6 to 12 It does not require frequent maintenance and is equipped with a quick start device. Its biggest highlight is that it does not require frequent battery replacement.
In terms of cost performance, SEIKO Seiko Solar Watches are very competitive and have a high purchase value. The price of no less than 81 watches ranges from USD 180 to 300. Whether compared to similar products in the market or other conventional quartz watches, the price / performance ratio of the products is very high.

SEIKO Solar Power Watch Series
There are 81 models in this series, including 37 men’s watches and 44 women’s watches. All models share an important common feature, the dials in pure colors. The dial does not have to use a lighter, translucent dial, thanks to SEIKO’s advanced solar power technology. Therefore, whether it is a white, black or blue dial, its color is purely flawless.
The only mark that identifies this series as a solar-powered watch is the name “Sola” (solar power) engraved on the dial.
Inside Legend
The charm of the new SEIKO SEIKO Solar Power Watch lies in the simplicity and practicality of the new SEIKO SEIKO Solar Power technology:
● All visible light sources can charge the watch, not just sunlight.
● Charging speed is very fast. In most SEIKO solar watch movements, only 2 minutes of sunlight can produce a day of electricity, and after 3 hours it can be fully charged.
● The watch can maintain long-term energy storage. The watch will remain fully charged when worn frequently. But even if the watch is left in the dark for up to 6 months (some models can even reach up to 12 months), it can still operate normally.
● When the watch runs out of power, it can begin to operate completely immediately after exposing it to the sun for 8 minutes (30 minutes for some models).
● No need to change batteries more frequently means that the watch is essentially maintenance-free. Although we recommend occasionally maintaining and maintaining it like other watches, the wearer can still use it for a long time without having to worry about running out of power and needing to replace the battery, and fully enjoy the high-quality performance provided by the watch.


Dior’s First Boutique Specializing In Jewelry And Fine Watches In Geneva, Switzerland

Since the opening of the high-end ready-to-wear boutique in ‘la rue du Rhône’, in a blink of an eye, Dior has opened the first boutique in Switzerland specializing in jewelry and fine watches Dior House entrusted the project to well-known architect Peter Marino, who was solely responsible for the design of the boutique.

Continuing the style of the brand’s building at 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris (reconstructed in September 2007), the architectural art of this new store lies in its playful charm:
• Dior gray, visible in an infinite palette like silk tones
• Pattern chairs are made by hand
• Dior’s proprietary pleated design covers the entire crystal wall, and the other walls are painted dark gray with glittering metal, reproducing a magnificent structural appearance
• The magnificent triangular prism shows the infinite style of the gem facet
• Aquarius is the constellation of Mr. Dior, so the zenith light design presents such a constellation

Original source: Dior


What Is The Speed And Passion 8 That Can Still Impress You?

‘Speed ​​and Passion 8’ shocked

Unmanned, satellite positioning, hacking …
Make the most of the amazing technology
But it’s the one that moves the fans the most
Dominic Torreto
Driving his favorite Dodge Challenger muscle car
Speeding up with partners again on the track
The mechanical charm that symbolizes freedom is always bloody

Speed ​​and passion go beyond the screen
Blancpain has long enjoyed the power of gallop and precision machinery.
Into the field of watchmaking
L-EVOLUTION pioneering series
Watch as chariot, movement as engine, time as track
A perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology while adhering to traditional watchmaking techniques
Create a dynamic pioneering work

Limited edition super run in watch industry

Blancpain L-EVOLUTION pioneers a series of Carrousel Tourbillon watches

Sharp-edged, strong, technology
Even without mentioning its brilliant family pedigree
It is also an insurmountable peak in watchmaking.

Create passion, fly close to the wrist

Blancpain Cal.2322V2 movement, will ‘one minute flying tourbillon’

Exclusive ‘One Minute Coaxial Carrousel’ with Blancpain
Two legendary devices that counteract gravity, merged into one watch
Flying side by side, flying close to the wrist

Movement with dual barrel
Provide seven days of power for the two devices
The surging power that fits the super running engine

The beauty of a movement worthy of indulgence

The movement splint is finely sanded
Coated with NAC platinum alloy
Create modern, dark colors
Creates a rough and unrestrained visual appearance of the track ground

Plywood and bridge are hollowed out

Brings multi-layered hollow visual resonance
Also enhances the aesthetics of the components below

Seiko details of Hexagon movement screws and rim-type Blancpain wheels
Highlighting the racing properties of this watch
Make the movement as a whole avant-garde visual beauty

Informal and powerful

The watch also breaks the norm in appearance, completely reshaping dynamic details

Introduced powerful muscle design and drawing process
Create a platinum case with tension and aggressiveness (47.4mm diameter)
Numbers, scales and hands
Filled with Super-LumiNova luminous paint
Glamorous green fluorescence blooms at night

Wavy chamfer at the junction of the lug and case

Design skills that highlight informality

Detail among details

Unique craftsmanship not to be missed
Seven-string harp pattern carved with laser on Caruso frame
It also contains the Blancpain signature ‘JB’
This is the first time Blancpain has used this process
Rendering such fine details in tiny parts

L-EVOLUTION Tourbillon
Limited to 50 pieces worldwide
Destined to be only a few treasures of watch appreciation experts


Meeting With Mingyue Taste The Iwc Moonwatch Automatic Phase 36

Moon phase, a fascinating and magical feature on the watch. Placing the shape of the moon on the watch seems to have a meeting with the moon, full of poetry and fun. At the 2017 SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon, the new watches of the IWC series are brilliant. The exquisite round case, the new removable lugs and other designs make people shine, and once again define the 20th century The style of the classic timepieces of the 80’s is a fusion of the brand’s traditional design and modern aesthetics. Today, I want to introduce this IWC 36 Moon Phase Automatic Watch 36 is one of them, let’s enjoy it together. (Watch model: IW459306)

Da Vinci Collection, a classic heritage

   At the Basel Jewellery & Watch Fair in 1969, the first watch of the IWC series, with its technical appearance: a hexagonal gold case, a gold bracelet, and a long time scale completely overturned aesthetic standards. This watch immediately became a bestseller. However, as global economic conditions deteriorated, the currency value of Swiss francs and the price of gold rose sharply. In order to solve this problem, IWC launched the SL series in 1976, and included the classic Da Vinci watch, the name of Da Vinci also hidden in the series. After a long time in 2017, the brand re-launched this series, and with a unique new timepiece for people who come to watch, ergonomic active lugs and perfect round case highlight the traditional classic design elements Perfectly integrated with today’s watchmaking technology, it has become a refreshing classic watch for 17 years.

Watch display
   The moderately sized 36 mm diameter case, moon phase profit and loss display complication, semi-circular crown and other watch characteristics, show a subtle and luxurious style, simple and generous, rich in content.

Watch case display
   The polished watch case presents a unique glow of stainless steel, tough and modest, and very beautiful. Feels good.

Watch crown display
   The crown made of stainless steel also has a non-slip texture design style, which has a good operation feel and is not slippery, ensuring accurate debugging of the watch.

Watch dial display
   On the simple and exquisite watch, the dial, moon and stars sparkle in silver light, complementing the deep blue sky, Arabic numerals and hands, showing the unique charm of the watch.
Lugs ‘moved’

Watch lug display
   The new lugs at the two corners of the new removable lugs allow the strap to fit the wrist for comfort. And the watch and the strap are well connected together, adding luster to the watch’s overall viewing.
Interpretation of creativity, design and aesthetics

Watch back cover display
   The watch adopts the secret bottom technology design, which can well protect the movement’s safety. The ‘Flower of Life’ ornament is engraved on the case back, which symbolizes the perfect combination of creativity, design and aesthetics. Equipped with IWC 35800 automatic winding movement, power reserve is about 42 hours.

Watch strap display
   The watch is connected to a dark blue crocodile leather strap of Santoni, which has a deep color and rich content, and is more comfortable to wear. With a stainless steel folding clasp, it can better protect the watch from the wrist and not fall off easily.

Watch overall display

Summary: The new and sophisticated design of the IWC watch, with respect to the brand’s classic timepieces, faces everyone in a new attitude. They are exquisite and simple. They are also the outstanding timepieces in the SIHH watch salon this time. Those who like moon phases and classic feelings can not help thinking about this watch. Watch price: RMB 63,300


Tag Heuer’s First Race Show 2015 Opens In Kuala Lumpur

On January 13, 2015, Kuala Lumpur … TAG Heuer Motor Racing Exhibition opened in Suria KLCC shopping mall. This is the first stop of the series of global tour exhibitions, and it will be set to travel to other countries with the 2015 F1 Grand Prix.
   The owner of this year’s motorsport show aims to pay tribute to the milestones achieved by racing legends, and to organize comprehensive activities suitable for the participation of drivers and citizens during the exhibition. Such as BATAK, which is used by drivers to train their hand-eye coordination, visitors can also enjoy a complete F1 Sepang track experience with the help of a racing simulator. As a long-term partner of TAG Heuer, McLaren also has a 650S Spider sports car on display.
   The McLaren team name is a legend in itself, providing fertile ground for the glory of the most advanced cars and greatest drivers. For more than 30 years, TAG Heuer and McLaren have formed a close partnership to work side by side to promote the development of the F1 movement. During the racing test phase, TAG Heuer will provide top-notch precision timing services for McLaren drivers, so it is no coincidence that witnessing the birth of many great records together.
   The two teamed together to complete 120 grand prix victories and won the World Drivers’ Championship nine times. All the drivers who won the championship of the year, Senna, Prost, Hakkinen and Hamilton are members of the F1 Hall of Fame. They have also all been ambassadors for the TAG Heuer brand.
   The TAG Heuer Motor Show in Kuala Lumpur will run from January 13 to January 19 and will open daily at 10 am.