Tag Heuer’s First Race Show 2015 Opens In Kuala Lumpur

On January 13, 2015, Kuala Lumpur … TAG Heuer Motor Racing Exhibition opened in Suria KLCC shopping mall. This is the first stop of the series of global tour exhibitions, and it will be set to travel to other countries with the 2015 F1 Grand Prix.
   The owner of this year’s motorsport show aims to pay tribute to the milestones achieved by racing legends, and to organize comprehensive activities suitable for the participation of drivers and citizens during the exhibition. Such as BATAK, which is used by drivers to train their hand-eye coordination, visitors can also enjoy a complete F1 Sepang track experience with the help of a racing simulator. As a long-term partner of TAG Heuer, McLaren also has a 650S Spider sports car on display.
   The McLaren team name is a legend in itself, providing fertile ground for the glory of the most advanced cars and greatest drivers. For more than 30 years, TAG Heuer and McLaren have formed a close partnership to work side by side to promote the development of the F1 movement. During the racing test phase, TAG Heuer will provide top-notch precision timing services for McLaren drivers, so it is no coincidence that witnessing the birth of many great records together.
   The two teamed together to complete 120 grand prix victories and won the World Drivers’ Championship nine times. All the drivers who won the championship of the year, Senna, Prost, Hakkinen and Hamilton are members of the F1 Hall of Fame. They have also all been ambassadors for the TAG Heuer brand.
   The TAG Heuer Motor Show in Kuala Lumpur will run from January 13 to January 19 and will open daily at 10 am.


Blue Night, Time To Meet, Time For Fiyta 2017 Time Medal Brand Festival

On September 27, 2017, Fiyta held the 3rd Medal of Time at the China Oil Painting Institute. Zhou Yumin, a close friend of the brand, the talented woman Dai Penny, and many fashion bloggers and the media witnessed the brand grand ceremony. This year is also the 30th anniversary of the founding of the FIYTA brand. At such an important moment, the Grand Ceremony of the Time Medal has become even more profound. For 30 years, obsessed with watchmaking, Fiyta ‘stays in love, goodbye as always’, practices with its own brand, sends out spiritual claims to more young people, and imprints every wonderful moment dedicated to dreams In time.

   The Medal of Time is a tribute to every time enthusiast who has not forgotten his original intention and has forged ahead. Fiyta hopes to give more young people the spirit of ‘being loved’ by rewarding outstanding people: ‘Every moment, do what you love, whether it is the person you love or the thing you love. It’s worth every minute of our full commitment. ‘ Mr. Huang Yongfeng, Chairman of Fiyta Group, and Mr. Pan Bo, Deputy General Manager and Brand General Manager of Fiyta Group, attended the speeches and kicked off the ceremony of the Medal of Time.

Mr. Huang Yongfeng, Chairman of Fiyta Group

   Mr. Huang Yongfeng, Chairman of Fiyta Group, reviewed the achievements and achievements of the Fiyta brand over the past 30 years. He said: ‘The first general manager of Fiyta Group felt the huge gap between Chinese watches and Switzerland and founded Fiyta. Brand watches in Shenzhen, the market’s leading edge, have opened the road to international Chinese watch brands. ‘ From the founding of the Fiyta brand in 1987, to today, Fiyta has been leading the way of international watch brands in China with cutting-edge market strategies, high-quality products and outstanding designs. Fiyta is the first domestic brand to successfully enter the market, and The only brand settled in Hall 1 of the Baselworld Watch Fair. From ‘Once you have it, you have nothing to ask for’ to today’s ‘Persistent love, goodbye as always’, Fiyta has successfully won the favor of consumers in its younger brand strategy. The Indian series, photographers and the just-launched Young + series have made the average consumer group of the Fiyta brand down by nearly two years. Youngness has made the brand more dynamic, and fashion has been the brand’s insistence for 30 years. ‘Choose the good and live for the beauty. Fiyta will adhere to its beloved attitude and polish the design and details of the product more carefully to build Fiyta into an international and young fashion light luxury watch brand. ‘Mr. Huang Yongfeng once again emphasized Fiyta’s brand concept and paid his respects to the 30 years of time. Mr. Pan Bo, the general manager of the Fiyta brand, introduced to the guests the importance of the time of the brand, the significance of time, and Fiyta’s most important series of products.

Mr. Huang Yongfeng, Chairman of Fiyta Group, awarded the time medal ‘Starlight Outstanding Achievement Award’ to Zhou Yumin

   Not long ago, Fiyta just joined hands with the brand’s best friend Zhou Yumin to release the new blockbuster ‘Beloved, Goodbye as First’, which drew enthusiastic response from social networks. On the evening of the event, Zhou Yumin was wearing a black suit and wearing a Fiyta Indian series Watches help the brand celebrate. At the same time, Fiyta awarded Zhou Yumin with the Medal of Time “Starlight Outstanding Achievement Award” and gave him a limited edition of the photographer’s series of commemorative watches. I hope that he will go better and better on his career path of love. Enterprising, to witness every moment worth remembering. Zhou Yumin directly stated that he hoped to further cooperate with the Fiyta brand.

Brand friend Denny Penny

   As a special guest of the FIYTA Medal of Time, the talented woman Dai Pei Tian sang three masterpieces, ‘Love You Want’, ‘Blessings on the Corner’, and ‘How’. ‘Love.’ Dai Penny is wearing an evening gown and a Young + series Mickey special ladies watch on her wrist. The playful and cute design makes her more agile and attractive.

Fashion blogger Mimi wears Fiyta Young + watch

   At the same time, well-known bloggers such as Jiangnan, Mr. K, Ganlu, Hailing, Mimi, and FanFan appeared at the Time Medal Ceremony, under the neon, between the light and shadow, showing their charm.

Photographer’s Time Limited Edition 2017

   “The watch records time, and time tells our story.” Fiyta’s 3rd Time Medal Ceremony showcases the excellence of the watch in the changing light and shadow, conveying the brand’s “aggressive” spirit and making guests present Enjoy the beauty of timepieces and share the ‘persistent love’ in everyone’s heart.


Father’s Hard Core Fashion Philosophy

Father is the child’s first teacher. From life to talking and dressing, he inadvertently preached. However, he also chased freedom and fashion in his youth, and after years of trial and hardening, he became the father of gentleness and wisdom. What has changed is identity. What remains unchanged is the love and pursuit of fashion and quality. With a gentleman attitude, he is facing multiple challenges.

   On weekdays, it is necessary to enter and exit various conferences from time to time, and use wisdom to play at the negotiating table to stand out from the competition. He is a leader in the team and a competent person in the eyes of his boss. Facing every complex problem with confidence, keep calm and capable, and calmly challenge.

   Gucci G-Timeless series watches, the overall shape is made of metal materials, the minimalist appearance is as decisive as his rational decision. The bracelet is retro and exquisite, and it will not diminish even the baptism of time; the mix and match of gold-colored PVD coating adds a luxurious texture, highlighting the elegance of the wrist. The new window design shows hours, minutes and dates, allowing him to grasp every important moment.

   In a social setting, you can let yourself go freely, but still keep your taste online. Meet with two or two friends and share in-depth insights in your field. In the interlaced period, the accumulated erudition of time is displayed, and the hands are cast to show the elegant style. Get rid of the ‘greasy’ label and interpret the long-lasting charm of mature men with classic elements that have lasted for a long time.

   Gucci presents the new Eryx series of watches, paying tribute to his father’s mature gentleman charm with an elegant watch shape. The interchangeable leather strap can be changed according to different occasions and styles. The dial is made of gold-colored PVD or stainless steel, and the bezel and stainless steel bracelet are engraved with a repetitive pattern, creating a unique texture effect, which makes the overall design of the watch more elegant, which is reflected in modern shapes. Celebrity style.

   Warm weekend, set aside time for your family. The joyful parent-child interaction is far better than the silent companionship, regaining the innocent happiness with the child, as if also crossed back to the young 18-year-old, and retrieves the sun-dressed teenager who is dressed in a cool fashion, and shows his youthful vitality on the street Really my years.

   Make old silver jewelry retro, making him the coolest dad on the street. Gucci’s newly launched G Cube series silver jewelry, with the classic letter G logo and complicated Arabic pattern, the bracelet is also set with colorful gems, infused with vibrant colors. The collection includes men’s style items such as bracelets, bracelets, rings, cufflinks, etc., highlighting his father’s multi-faceted personality.

   In this warm holiday, choose a weighty gift, dedicate your father, and applaud Father’s Day!


Boll Watch Ball Watch Introduces New Railway Chief Series Standard Time Watch

In commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the creation of ‘Standard Time’ in the United States, Ball Watch has announced the launch of a new timeless classic watch-the Trainmaster Standard Time. Before the creation of Standard Time in 1883, since the time was based on the position of the sun, each city had its own time zone, which made the scheduling of railway timetables quite complicated. Since 1883, major American railway companies have switched to a new system that divides the country into four time zones. This change eliminated more than 70 different time zones and has since developed into a widely adopted ‘standard time system’.
In 1883, the founder of Ball Watch, Webster Clay Ball, was the first jewellery manufacturer in Cleveland, Ohio to use the U.S. Navy Observatory to issue time signals in Washington, DC, bringing accuracy to Cleveland residents time. Since he displayed the city’s first precision timepiece in the shop window, people have inertia adjusted their pocket watch time based on it, which led to the emergence of ‘Ball’s Time’ and ‘Accurate as a Ball’ ( on the Ball) to represent absolutely precise time in northern Ohio. In 1891, Mr. Ball was appointed Chief Time Prosecutor by the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Co. Railroad personnel wearing unreliable timepieces is enough to make train travel a dangerous thing. In view of this, the introduction of a comprehensive monitoring system became the most urgent task at the time. Mr. Ball sets strict standards for the quality, accuracy and design of all railway timepieces. In order to ensure the best accuracy of the timepieces worn by each railroad employee, he develops a list of approved timepieces for employees, and conducts regular checks every two weeks to make employees’ timepieces consistent with Washington Standard Time. Proofreading.

The design of the Trainmaster Standard Time model is inspired by pocket watches of the 19th century. Its retro style crosses ancient and modern fashions and is still new. This new model combines the classic, simple and reliable elements of the past. It is a watch that fully meets the ‘railway standards’ set by Mr. Ball for American Railways. The Trainmaster Standard Time model embodies the subtle combination of the retro style of the 19th century railway with the cutting-edge technology of contemporary watchmaking. The case is crafted from 18K rose gold with a crocodile leather strap, highlighting the luxury and elegance of this watch. The diameter of the 39.5 mm case is relatively medium, but its low-key design, materials, and wide dial make the watch’s legibility unparalleled. In order to confirm the accuracy of this watch, the dial is engraved with the words ‘Automatic Chronometer’, which proves that the watch’s precise movement has been certified by the Swiss Observatory (COSC). In addition, all the features of this model, including the Arabic numerals, the white enamel dial, the specially cut hands, and the small dial at the six o’clock position, are inspired by the brand’s first short watch and pocket watch worn by railway personnel . And the dial on the dial ‘7’ is composed of the brand name ‘Ball & Co.’, which is very interesting.
 In order to ensure clear and accurate reading in a completely dark environment, this watch, like other Ball Watch models, is equipped with revolutionary self-luminous miniature gas light technology. This model is inlaid with 14 Swiss 3H self-illuminating miniature gas lamps with hour, minute and hour markers on the dial. These miniature gas lamps do not need to rely on any external light or energy and can provide up to 100 times the brightness of traditional luminous paint. The watch has a sapphire crystal back so that the wearer can appreciate the operation of the Swiss mechanical movement Ball RR1105-C. The unique design and features of this model make it an indispensable classic watch.
 Today, Ball Watch continues to follow the brand’s established route, once again being identified as the leader in the history of watchmaking and the modern adventure timepiece.


Seiko’s New Sportura Series Watch Embodies The Precious Experience

In 2011, the Sportura series watch was reinterpreted by a new style and a new technology. This is only SEIKO (Seiko) with 50 years of official timing experience in high-level world sports events. ) To create a masterpiece. The Sportura series has quickly gained popularity internationally. New products introduced this year include: a new chronograph watch to pay tribute to our partner FC Barcelona’s proud achievements; and a special edition for women Striking watch design.
Choice of SEIKO, FC Barcelona
    When SEIKO was designated as the watch partner of FC Barcelona, ​​the state of the club was at its peak. In 2011, the club swept all opponents again, winning the Spanish Football League, the UEFA Champions League, and recently the FIFA World Club Cup. The enthusiasm, speed and precision shown by the entire team were incorporated into the design of the 2012 Sportura series FCB chronograph watch. The secret of allure is hidden in the details. The long curved lug design makes the watch fit the wrist perfectly; the chronograph button with a large contact surface ensures the accuracy of the chronograph operation; and the chronograph minute hand is designed as a curved needle with an arc shape, regardless of the light source The time can be read easily and accurately under all conditions. All these features reflect the valuable value of SEIKO’s rich experience as a leader in global timing technology. And confirmed that only with rich experience in top sports events, can we design a chronograph watch that truly matches the world’s top football teams.
SEIKO (Seiko) and FCB. Partnerships that share the philosophy of life.
   SEIKO and FC Barcelona shared many meaningful spirits, including how to strive for perfection in different professional fields, and our cooperation will continue to deepen our development prospects. SEIKO always believes that the industry’s leadership is based on the fact that all watchmaking technology is independently developed by its own technical masters in its own factory, which is why today SEIKO is one of the very few that can independently produce all types of watches , A ‘real watch maker’ that includes every part of the mechanical and electronic movements.
   Similarly, FC Barcelona also has a very clear goal: to make as many young players as possible to enrich and develop the team to learn professional golf skills in the club. Nowadays, the mission of the new “Lamasian Football Youth Training Camp” is very clear. It is to train and carry new generations of players so that they can inherit current players such as Harvey, Iniesta, Messi and Fabregas and other glorious years.
Darya Klishina is the new face of the SEIKO Sportura series.
   The first electric shock between the SEIKO brand and Darya Klishina was in 2007 when she won the IAAF (International Athletics Federation) Youth Championship, which was sponsored by SEIKO. She was only 16 years old, but there is no doubt that as a long jumper, she will have a bright future. Since that early success, she has continuously improved her sports career’s best results, and now she has reached the second place in the world. Especially in her career in the past four years, her personal record has been constantly refreshed, and she is among the best in all the events she currently participates in. Darya Klishina was born in Tver, north of Moscow. Before she became a professional long jumper, she played volleyball and trained as a sprinter.
   Darya Klishina is currently 21 years old. It has been widely reported at the beginning of 2012. All the competitions she participated in have won the championship, such as the international competition held in Glasgow, UK and the Russian Winter Championships. She is currently working hard to prepare for the upcoming IAAF (International Athletics Federation) Indoor Championships in Istanbul.
   Darya Klishina is pleased to be invited to be the face of the new SEIKO Sportura collection. ‘SEIKO has sponsored my sporting events for many years and I am excited to be part of this large team. When I won the IAAF (International Athletics Federation) Youth Championship in 2007, SEIKO (Seiko ) I was there to measure my long jump performance, and I am very happy to wear the new Sportura watch in 2012. ‘
Women’s Sportura, an elegant chronograph.
    The new Sportura watches are more elegant, smart and convenient for women. The delicate appearance of two new ladies’ chronograph watches, which debuted at Baselworld, clearly demonstrates this. The new watch inherits SEIKO’s traditional elegance and performance. It has a ceramic bezel and a unique combination: one has a stainless steel and ceramic strap, and the other uses high-quality leather. Strap. The dial’s signature feature is the echoing design of eight diamonds and an elegant mother-of-pearl background.


2014 Basel Watch Exhibition: Amy Long Interprets The Art Of Time And Continues To Write Watch Legends

The Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show 2014 was grandly opened. The 42-year-old Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show gathers industry professionals, exhibitors and media from all over the world in the home of watches. The jewellery event will lead the global luxury fashion trend and guide the world’s watch and jewelry field.
 As an independent watch brand under the Swiss Montres Chouriet SA company, Amyron followed last year’s three themes of wisdom, galaxy and Lehman multi-function watch series. The limited edition cooperated with the case sculptor Mr Jean-Pierre Hagmann Minute repeater, a tourbillon with the brand’s unique core, Heritage with a retro design as its design concept, a perfect moon phase watch Moonphase. Everyone feels the watchmaking philosophy of the Emilion brand: unique and refined!

 At this year’s Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show, Emilion continued to maintain the brand’s outstanding watchmaking spirit and brought beautiful new themed watches. Conquering the abyss of the challenger of extreme charm, the golden horse watch that shows success and vitality, and the pure and elegant series designed for elegant women all over the world, three unique brand watch series embody the excellence and determination The spirit, it can be said that every Emilon watch is a combination of traditional watchmaking technology and innovative modern industrial art. Emilon’s watchmaking art makes the fine timepieces engraved with eternal imprint in the flow of time.

Mysterious Deep Sea Conquering the Limits-Challenger Abyss
 With infinite enthusiasm for deep sea exploration, Swiss Emily successfully developed the brand’s first deep sea diving watch, which has both practical functions and artistic elegance.
 The 12 o’clock position of the ring mouth and the entire dial are covered with the original luminescent material of Swiss TRITEC SNL. The green fluorescence emitted from the sea floor and the night sky ensures that the time can be accurately read under any conditions. One-way counterclockwise spiral ceramic and steel rings, creatively inlaid on the surface of zirconia ceramics, finely polished ceramic powder exudes a gem-like luster. Available in black, blue, gray and blue, the steel and PU straps are suitable for different occasions. Water-resistant to 300 meters, with a junior dial, which complements the sporty performance and business temperament.

Thousands of horses galloping back-the golden horse

 2014 is the Lunar New Year’s Day and the Chinese Year of the Horse. The second Zodiac watch launched by Amy Long sincerely—Jin Junma, is just like the return of the king.
 Amy Long’s watchmakers brought infinite inspiration to restore the horse’s power and dignity. The idea of ​​minimalism was in full play immediately in Jin Jun. The 18K rose gold horse is inlaid in the center of the white or gray dial, complete and harmonious. The superb texture of the radial sun sand on the dial makes the watch even more refined. The 18K rose gold case is equipped with a Swiss Observatory-certified movement and is equipped with a black crocodile strap. It is limited to 99 pieces.
 In addition, the 18K bezel is more cost-effective and more suitable for the public. The stainless steel case is equipped with the brand’s fully automatic mechanical movement and a gold bracelet. It is limited to 999 pieces.

Women such as the Netherlands, elegant and refined-Jingya

 Jing Ya watch series designed for elegant women, with lotus as the design theme, praises a woman’s life. Whether it is the presentation of the overall effect or the idea of ​​the details, it can give people a sense of surprise.
 Through the complicated manufacturing process, the disc surface is formed with folded, high-low contrast folded patterns, vivid and three-dimensional, like a blooming lotus. Looking at the side of the case, a rich lotus-shaped shape is perfectly natural, matching the sapphire glass with the double arch which is not easy to wear. The crown, case, and strap links are each inlaid with 5 natural sapphires or rubies, with hollow lotus-shaped hands, the whole watch is agile, natural and elegant.


Chopin Becomes The Official Jewelry Brand Of The Film ‘diana’

For many years, the Chopard brand, which has always been the darling of red carpet guests, has always been keen to support the film industry. As the official partner of an international film feast like Cannes, while participating in the event, this Swiss jewellery family has also specially created the Golden Palm Awards to focus on the stars of tomorrow; and to discover talent through the Dazzling Actor Award. To satisfy the love of movies, Chopard always meets the challenge and moves forward. That’s why the Geneva company was able to complete the task arranged by Oliver Hirschbiegel’s love-loving ‘Diana’ film crew to select from the design jewellery that Princess Diana might wear.

 Although Chopard has collaborated on countless films, such as Elizabeth: Golden Age (directed by Shakhkha Kappa), Nine (directed by Rob Marshall), and Midnight Paris (directed by Woody Allen), etc. , But this mission is particularly risky; this is because the jeweler working with the film ‘Diana’ not only needs to understand Princess Diana’s distinctive jewelry collection taste, but also needs to adopt a cautious and charming modern style interpretation method, so that The world remembers her legendary elegance. Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director of Chopard, specifically requested to work closely with the company’s costume designer Julian Day. I was thrilled when invited to collaborate; for me, both in personality and style, Princess Diana is a model of charismatic and extremely elegant women. This is the first time since she participated in the movie Nine in 2009. With the second collaboration with Robert Marshall, this new partnership is even more exciting with the addition of top actress Naomi Watts.

 In the final version of the movie, viewers will see on the screen a selection of Chopard watches, jewellery and handbags, including the Happy Diamonds diamond watch, and show Chopard in the luxury sector High-end jewelry pieces with rich professional skills. This Swiss brand successfully combines the Princess of Wales with jewellery that fits her noble status and glamour personality. Julian Day put it this way: ‘From the first time I read the script for’ Diana, ‘I realized that I would need gorgeous jewelry. When the opportunity to collaborate with Chopard appeared, I knew, It is possible to meet this need. The help provided by Chopard cannot be measured by value. ‘

 Due to her hairstyle, Princess Diana was particularly fond of wearing earrings during her lifetime; she usually does not wear jewelry other than earrings. Among her many collections, the most special are white gold earrings set with sapphires and diamonds, and the engagement rings she often wears. In order to highlight the heroine’s delicate neck, Chopard also chose luxurious necklaces for it, including a delicate white gold chest set with 92 diamonds in three rows. This extraordinary accessory perfectly matches the temperament of the princess and the heroine through the alternating pearls and diamonds. The perfect combination of glamour, simplicity and romanticism, Princess Diana’s style is thus fully interpreted. This Swiss jeweler may never dream that his inspiration can be reflected in such noble and mysterious characters. In Paris, many years after the death of the princess, the magic of the film and the cooperation of high-quality designers such as Chopard made Diana’s image of caring for others and unique style still remembered.


Walk Into The Baodi Workshop And Explore The Mystery Of Sculpting

Guilloché is a decorative art that first appeared in the pocket watch case in the early 18th century. Abraham Louis Breguet combined circles and straight lines to use a professional lathe (ie Rose Engine) to engrav the dial to create a coherent pattern. The engraving process has made great progress. A person who has both the genius of inventing the tourbillon and the artistic talent of reconciling the fine dial decoration, it seems that the world is a little unfair.

The Breguet watch factory is equipped with a professional and precious Rose Engine (curve pattern lathe accessory) lathe

   Even if developed, this style of decoration will only be used on the most expensive watches of that era. Think of Kari Voutilainen, Philippe Dufour, and Roger Smith. In contrast, perhaps they can better understand the contours of Breguet’s customized watches in the early 19th century. The gold owners are willing to spend time waiting, in order to finally put a piece in their pockets, they can meet all the needs of the watchmaker.

The people who operate these machines are called ‘guillocheur’

   Today, Baodi Watch Factory has formed a large team to ensure the quality of the process while expanding the relative scale. The company produces about 30,000 watches per year, far higher than the independent watchmakers mentioned above. A small number of these watches rely on stamping technology to achieve effects similar to traditional engraved patterns.

Operating these machines is not easy and requires a lot of training

   So, is the dial ultimately made by a machine? Yes, technically, it is. But the precision of the carving depends entirely on human skills and robust hands. Only the most skilled craftsmen can decorate the dial in this way, and it takes time. Rose Engine uses a series of metal cams to control the lateral movement of the cutting head. The cutting head is guided by human hands and rests on the gold dial.

Breguet Classique 7147 watch with rich guilloché dial

   The size of the force determines the depth of carving. To achieve a coherent, consistent, charming and charming effect requires a pair of experienced hands. By adjusting the metal plate that controls the movement of the cutting head, the carving pattern can be changed. The combination of patterns in different forms is not only beautiful, but also easy to recognize, and few other decorative techniques can match it. But the completion of this work requires a careful and careful watchmaking apprentice.

A closer look reveals the rich patterns contained in the simple design

   Even though it is slightly conservative in the taste of some people, it is undeniable that the engine-turning dial is very attractive. The core value of the engraving process is almost pure decoration, but it is really helpful in improving readability. Let’s take Ref. 7147 as an example. This seemingly simple timepiece has just replaced Ref. 5140, becoming Breguet’s thinnest entry-level automatic dress watch.

Breguet Classique 7147 is the brand’s thinnest entry-level automatic dress watch

   The watch is equipped with a silver-plated gold dial, which is a decorative dial, which is divided into three areas by the craftsman according to the function display. Each pattern is carved to improve the readability of each part. The center is decorated with a Paris nail pattern (because it is similar to the nail head of the reinforced boot sole), the reverse small seconds at 5 o’clock is decorated with a wave pattern, and the outer track scale circle is decorated with a circular pattern. The guilloché process divides the entire dial into different areas, and the decorative patterns are both decorative and legible. Of course, the movement oscillating weight is also machined.

The rotor of the Breguet Classique 7147 watch is also machine-engraved

   The guilloché dial and Breguet go hand in hand to complement each other. Almost all Breguet watches (except enamel dials) are decorated with this technology, including military-inspired watches with non-gold dials and La Musicale watches with brass dials for better acoustics. If you still doubt the importance of the engraving department, look at the decorative lettering at 6 o’clock on the Breguet dial, not ‘Swiss Made’, but ‘Swiss Guilloché Main’, which is Breguet’s firm commitment to the guilloché process.


Introduction To Breguet Puerto Banus Exclusive Watches

On Thursday, July 17, Breguet and its tourbillon boutique hosted a twenty-person super VIP party in Puerto Banus, Puerto Rico, dedicated to the Breguet Classicique Chronométrie7727 watch, This is one of the most accurate watches in the world. The party gave invited guests a chance to watch this masterpiece face to face.

Breguet’s revolutionary use of magnetic effects to improve the stability of the balance wheel makes this watch with excellent precision.

At the end of the event, Breguet invited all VIPs to enjoy a rich dinner prepared by Dani Garcia, a 2-star Michelin restaurant. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)


Certina Ds Series Watches Delicate And Elegant For Women

Certina (Certina) DS series of traditional ladies automatic watches, reflecting the true classic beauty and the brand’s exquisite and unique style. The watch is made of high-quality materials, equipped with an accurate and reliable automatic movement, perfect for timing. In addition, the watch can record the footsteps of time passing.
     This traditional automatic watch is feminine, with a small body, only 25 mm in diameter and 9.3 mm thick. The round body is exquisite and cute, with two holes on the bracelet and top quality 316L stainless steel. Equipped with double-precision safety performance concept and sapphire glass shell, the waterproof depth reaches 100 meters (300 feet). Automatic Swiss movement ETA 2671.
    The DS series of traditional ladies automatic watches is a good choice for fashionistas and classic (or vintage) lovers. Suitable for any formal occasion. The dial is black and white, the hour numerals are Arabic numerals, and the luminous hands are elegant. The date hole is set at 3 o’clock, which is clear and easy to read. The brand name is below 12 o’clock, and the brand was founded under the name. This watch is simple and elegant, with high quality. The dial is available in three colors: black, white and silver. The style of the white dial is elegant and luxurious. The outer ring and bracelet are PVD-treated to show dazzling gold (its serial number is C561.7195.44.16). The black (serial number C561.7195.42.66) and silver (serial number C561.7195.42.15) dials have silver bracelets. The retail price of this watch varies according to its color. The PVD-treated gold model sells for about $ 570, while the other two models sell for about $ 480. No matter which one you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Switzerland’s top watchmaking technology plus the brand’s tradition is the best guarantee.

     Certina was founded in 1888 by two brothers, Adolf and Alfred Kurth, who started their watchmaking journey in the Swiss town of Grazen.
     All Certina women’s watches embody their sporty atmosphere while being clear and easy to read, truly reaching the beauty of harmony and elegance. Certina’s first ladies ceramic watch “DS Queen Ladies Watch”, “DS Spel Ladies Watch” and “DS First Lady Chronograph” enjoy a high reputation in the watch industry, while the DS traditional ladies automatic watch is a ladies automatic The pride of the watch series fully demonstrates the confident style of modern women.