Precise Speed ​​courage Breitling Jet Team

Set speed, precision and courage, Breitling’s legendary flying team, the top independent watchmaking brand in Switzerland-Breitling JetTeam is currently the world’s largest civilian professional jet Aircraft aerobatic team. Seven Czech-made L-39C Albatros two-seater jet military trainers, seven elite pilots, mostly from the French Air Force and the French Patrol (Patrorouillede France Air Show), made up this A unique flying team. As a trusted partner of the world aviation industry, Breitling wholeheartedly supports the flight team for more than ten years, showing the wonderfulness of flight to the public through wonderful aerobatic flight performances, and conveying the brand’s century-old aviation heritage.

Breitling Jets

Every year, the Breitling Jet Team performs about 50 flight shows in the world. It can be seen in some well-known air shows, Formula One Grand Prix, sports events and so on. Every appearance of the Breitling Jets is a thrilling visual feast. With a flying speed of up to 750 kilometers per hour and a flight distance of less than 3 meters, the seven planes in a neat formation and with precision can dance in the blue sky elegantly; the pilots simultaneously flip and fly in the air, rotate in circles, and challenge gravity. The carefully arranged ballet is as accurate as the Breitling precision timing meter, which will astound the audience.

Breitling Jet Team Escorts A380

 In June 2011, at the 49th Paris International Aerospace Exhibition, the Breitling Jet Team escorted the ‘Air Giant’-Airbus A380 over the Toulouse, France. Six L-39C albatross jets are constantly changing the formation to accompany the A380 to dance the blue sky at a speed of 500 kilometers per hour. The dazzling bright yellow silver grey Breitling jet, the snow-white A380, and the vast sky combine to form a spectacular visually stunning picture. The entire escort flight lasted about 50 minutes.

The Breitling Jets fly with the ‘French Patrol’ formation

 In August 2011, at the celebration of the 67th anniversary of World War II in the famous French city of Saint-Tropez, the Breitling Jets teamed up with the famous French Air Force aerobatic flight demonstration team ‘Patrouillede France’. Over the city of Saint-Tropez, known as the ‘Sun City’, to pay tribute to this city of luxury and glory, and create another cloud sensation.

Spirit Jets East Coast Tour of the Mediterranean

 In November 2011, the Breitling jet team successfully completed its journey to the east coast of the Mediterranean. Seven jet fighters flew over five east coast countries for the first time in 18 days, flying a total of more than 225 sorties. Whether performing on the coastline, flying over the cities of Beirut, Lebanon and Amman, Lebanon, or performing with the Royal Jordanian Falcons (Royal Jordanian Falcons) on the same stage, a passionate and shocking aerobatic flight show for the first time Breitling’s infinite love for aviation was shown to the audience on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the Middle East.

The Breitling Jets fly with the ‘Flying Man’ Ivrossi formation

 On November 25, 2011, over the Swiss Alps, the Breitling Jet Team flew for the first time in formation with Yves ‘Jetman’ Rossy, who was fully supported by Breitling. Yves Rossi completed a passionate aerobatic flight with only two L-39C albatross jets of the Breitling Jet Team with only homemade jet wings equipped with four jet engines. The whole process is breathtaking and exciting, it is an absolute challenge to the limits of flight, and adds a glorious legend to the history of human flight.

Breitling Jets Unveiled at China Air Show

 From November 12th to 18th, 2012, the Breitling Jet Team made its debut in China, flying high at the 9th China Air Show in Zhuhai, Guangdong. The 7 L-39C jets fully explain precision, speed and courage: magnificent formation flying, eye-catching dual-machine cross flight, high-tech close-range flying, wonderful spiral flip, specially designed for Dragon The Chinese-designed flying action ‘Yu Long Xi Zhu’ and finally the beautiful ‘Ultimate Bloom’ presented a perfect visual feast for Chinese friends. The ‘Breitling DragonTour’ tour departs from Dijon, France, passes through Eastern Europe, passes through Russia’s Siberia and Mongolia, and then enters China. It finally reaches Zhuhai with a mileage of 13,000 kilometers, the longest voyage in fleet history. The most challenging journey.

Breitling Jets fly over the Jiayuguan Cantilever Great Wall

 From February to May 2013, the Breitling Jet Team embarked on a magnificent ‘BreitlingAsianTour’ tour. Seven L-39C jets departed from Zhuhai, China, and successively flew over several important cities and landmarks in seven countries, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, and Japan. With a total mileage of more than 15,000 kilometers and a flight time of more than 40 hours, it is an unprecedented flying feat, sharing the passion of flying through the clouds with Asian audiences.

Breitling Jet Team Unveils 2013 Karamay Aviation Festival in Xinjiang, China

 From August 16th to 18th, 2013, the Breitling Jet Team appeared at the 2013 Xinjiang Karamay Air Tourism Festival. Seven L-39C jets once again winged China’s blue sky, and presented the ‘Breitling DragonTour’ perfect ending performance. . During the transition, the Breitling Jet team also successively flew over the Jiaoguan Pass, “the world’s first strongest gate”, the Karamay Devil City in Xinjiang, and the Baili Oilfield, creating legendary moments of Breitling. Above the blue sky.