Seiko Solar Power Series Watch Introduction

The new SEIKO Seiko Solar Energy Watch Series combines the two most important development trends in today’s watch market, consumer demand for added value, and their commitment to pursue every consumption Determination of environmental protection.
The price of SEIKO Seiko Solar Power Watch is about the same as the ordinary quartz watch of SEIKO Seiko, but it adds practical value in function. These added values ​​make it more convenient for consumers to use. Every SEIKO Solar Power watch has the quality of a conventional quartz watch (with an error of only & plusmn; 15 seconds / month accuracy), and most watches can store energy from 6 to 12 It does not require frequent maintenance and is equipped with a quick start device. Its biggest highlight is that it does not require frequent battery replacement.
In terms of cost performance, SEIKO Seiko Solar Watches are very competitive and have a high purchase value. The price of no less than 81 watches ranges from USD 180 to 300. Whether compared to similar products in the market or other conventional quartz watches, the price / performance ratio of the products is very high.

SEIKO Solar Power Watch Series
There are 81 models in this series, including 37 men’s watches and 44 women’s watches. All models share an important common feature, the dials in pure colors. The dial does not have to use a lighter, translucent dial, thanks to SEIKO’s advanced solar power technology. Therefore, whether it is a white, black or blue dial, its color is purely flawless.
The only mark that identifies this series as a solar-powered watch is the name “Sola” (solar power) engraved on the dial.
Inside Legend
The charm of the new SEIKO SEIKO Solar Power Watch lies in the simplicity and practicality of the new SEIKO SEIKO Solar Power technology:
● All visible light sources can charge the watch, not just sunlight.
● Charging speed is very fast. In most SEIKO solar watch movements, only 2 minutes of sunlight can produce a day of electricity, and after 3 hours it can be fully charged.
● The watch can maintain long-term energy storage. The watch will remain fully charged when worn frequently. But even if the watch is left in the dark for up to 6 months (some models can even reach up to 12 months), it can still operate normally.
● When the watch runs out of power, it can begin to operate completely immediately after exposing it to the sun for 8 minutes (30 minutes for some models).
● No need to change batteries more frequently means that the watch is essentially maintenance-free. Although we recommend occasionally maintaining and maintaining it like other watches, the wearer can still use it for a long time without having to worry about running out of power and needing to replace the battery, and fully enjoy the high-quality performance provided by the watch.