Seiko’s New Sportura Series Watch Embodies The Precious Experience

In 2011, the Sportura series watch was reinterpreted by a new style and a new technology. This is only SEIKO (Seiko) with 50 years of official timing experience in high-level world sports events. ) To create a masterpiece. The Sportura series has quickly gained popularity internationally. New products introduced this year include: a new chronograph watch to pay tribute to our partner FC Barcelona’s proud achievements; and a special edition for women Striking watch design.
Choice of SEIKO, FC Barcelona
    When SEIKO was designated as the watch partner of FC Barcelona, ​​the state of the club was at its peak. In 2011, the club swept all opponents again, winning the Spanish Football League, the UEFA Champions League, and recently the FIFA World Club Cup. The enthusiasm, speed and precision shown by the entire team were incorporated into the design of the 2012 Sportura series FCB chronograph watch. The secret of allure is hidden in the details. The long curved lug design makes the watch fit the wrist perfectly; the chronograph button with a large contact surface ensures the accuracy of the chronograph operation; and the chronograph minute hand is designed as a curved needle with an arc shape, regardless of the light source The time can be read easily and accurately under all conditions. All these features reflect the valuable value of SEIKO’s rich experience as a leader in global timing technology. And confirmed that only with rich experience in top sports events, can we design a chronograph watch that truly matches the world’s top football teams.
SEIKO (Seiko) and FCB. Partnerships that share the philosophy of life.
   SEIKO and FC Barcelona shared many meaningful spirits, including how to strive for perfection in different professional fields, and our cooperation will continue to deepen our development prospects. SEIKO always believes that the industry’s leadership is based on the fact that all watchmaking technology is independently developed by its own technical masters in its own factory, which is why today SEIKO is one of the very few that can independently produce all types of watches , A ‘real watch maker’ that includes every part of the mechanical and electronic movements.
   Similarly, FC Barcelona also has a very clear goal: to make as many young players as possible to enrich and develop the team to learn professional golf skills in the club. Nowadays, the mission of the new “Lamasian Football Youth Training Camp” is very clear. It is to train and carry new generations of players so that they can inherit current players such as Harvey, Iniesta, Messi and Fabregas and other glorious years.
Darya Klishina is the new face of the SEIKO Sportura series.
   The first electric shock between the SEIKO brand and Darya Klishina was in 2007 when she won the IAAF (International Athletics Federation) Youth Championship, which was sponsored by SEIKO. She was only 16 years old, but there is no doubt that as a long jumper, she will have a bright future. Since that early success, she has continuously improved her sports career’s best results, and now she has reached the second place in the world. Especially in her career in the past four years, her personal record has been constantly refreshed, and she is among the best in all the events she currently participates in. Darya Klishina was born in Tver, north of Moscow. Before she became a professional long jumper, she played volleyball and trained as a sprinter.
   Darya Klishina is currently 21 years old. It has been widely reported at the beginning of 2012. All the competitions she participated in have won the championship, such as the international competition held in Glasgow, UK and the Russian Winter Championships. She is currently working hard to prepare for the upcoming IAAF (International Athletics Federation) Indoor Championships in Istanbul.
   Darya Klishina is pleased to be invited to be the face of the new SEIKO Sportura collection. ‘SEIKO has sponsored my sporting events for many years and I am excited to be part of this large team. When I won the IAAF (International Athletics Federation) Youth Championship in 2007, SEIKO (Seiko ) I was there to measure my long jump performance, and I am very happy to wear the new Sportura watch in 2012. ‘
Women’s Sportura, an elegant chronograph.
    The new Sportura watches are more elegant, smart and convenient for women. The delicate appearance of two new ladies’ chronograph watches, which debuted at Baselworld, clearly demonstrates this. The new watch inherits SEIKO’s traditional elegance and performance. It has a ceramic bezel and a unique combination: one has a stainless steel and ceramic strap, and the other uses high-quality leather. Strap. The dial’s signature feature is the echoing design of eight diamonds and an elegant mother-of-pearl background.