Seven Bentleys, Seven Jets, Seven Ultimate Chronographs, Speeding And Running Excellence

Recently, at the Boeing Seafair Airshow in Seattle, Breitling and Bentley jointly released the Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​Special Edition (Bentley Continental GT). Speed ​​Breitling Jet Team Series), along with seven Breitling jets. The seven custom Bentleys were handed over by seven pilots of the Breitling Jets to seven buyers. Each buyer also received a limited edition of the Breitling Ultimate Chrono Watch ‘Breitling Jets Tour to the United States’. Each wrist The table is engraved with its unique number. The surprise of the first encounter with the car has not subsided, and the owners have ushered in another heartbeat moment that will be unforgettable in their lifetime-rushing to the sky with the Breitling Jets and soaring in the Seattle skyline.

Seven Bentley Seven Jets Breitling_Jet_Team_Bentley_Seattle

  The Breitling Jet Team is the world’s largest civilian professional jet aerobatic team, equipped with 7 L-39C Albatros two-seat jet trainers; the maximum speed of each jet can reach At 565 miles, the distance between them is only a few feet. Like the Bentley Continental GT Speed, the leader in the automotive industry, the Breitling Jets are widely acclaimed for their breathtaking formation displays and impeccable flight performances.

  This new car is tailor-made by Bentley Mulliner’s personal customization department and uses special exterior and interior materials to echo the airframe design of the Breitling Jets. The new limited edition model is made of silver and rosewood two-tone paint. The classic yellow paint of Breitling Aviation Performance Team is added under the front bumper, side skirts and under the rear bumper. In addition, each car’s body plate is engraved with an exclusive limited edition independent number corresponding to the jet, making it even more precious. In addition to the eye-catching custom look, the interior seats are also embellished with the iconic Breitling yellow, further highlighting its unique style. The special edition of the Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​Breitling Jet Team is equipped with a 6.0-liter W12 twin-turbo engine, with a maximum output of 626 horsepower and a maximum speed of 331.5 kilometers per hour. It is the fastest model of Bentley so far.

  The Chronomat 44 “Breitling Jet Team American Tour” Limited Edition is the ultimate chronograph with a streamlined and glossy black steel case, and the agate black dial is engraved with Breitling Jet Fleet-specific logo, embellished with the team’s signature yellow; the bottom of the case is printed with the ‘Breitling Jet Team American Tour’ logo and limited edition number.
  In 2002, the Bentley Continental GT (Continental GT) model debuted, becoming the brand’s most powerful new masterpiece. Breitling also participated in the design of the car’s technical instruments and created the dashboard clock for it, injecting Breitling’s personality into this luxurious sports car showing luxury and extraordinary performance, and initiated the cooperation between Bentley and watch manufacturers First. Inspired and blended by Britain’s top car design style and Switzerland’s exquisite watchmaking technology, the Breitling for Bentley series came into being.
  Breitling and Bentley have officially cooperated since 2003. In the same year, Bentley made a gorgeous counterattack in the Le Mans 24 Hours, winning the first and second runner-up. For 13 years, the lineup of luxury Breitling for Bentley watches has successfully captured the hearts of many fans around the world, interpreting Breitling’s fusion of luxury and achievement, performance and glory, strength and taste, classic and courageous Unique world.