Tag Heuer Hosts $ 1 Million Golf Challenge To Fund Sean Vaughan Foundation

At the Australian Masters on Saturday, the brand motto of TAG Heuer’s Don’t Crack Under Pressure (Don’t Fear Challenge, Achieve Yourself) was fully displayed, and the legendary cricket player Shane Warne participated in the $ 1 million golf one-hole challenge at a Swiss watchmaker.
   Millions of dollars are crucial to the Sean Vaughn Foundation of King of Spin, and Warnie invited AFL legend Dermot Brereton and Philip Richards, general manager of TAG Heuer to join him in the challenge.
   In front of a huge and enthusiastic audience, the three challengers made a bold attempt to prove their ability to face the pressure and meet the challenge at Huntingdale Golf Club.
   Although Warnie and his team worked hard and the shouting of cheers around soared, a hole in a hole and a million dollar prize still missed them on the day.
   Although Warnie did not win the award, TAG Heuer generously donated $ 20,000 to the Sean Vaughn Foundation.
   TAG Heuer Australia’s general manager Philip Richards congratulates Warnie and Brereton who participated in the challenge. ‘Determining a hole in a single decision often turns out to be counterproductive. However, TAG Heuer is very happy to donate $ 20,000 to the Sean Vaughan Foundation, and we thank Warnie and Dermott for their great charity. Take the ultimate stress test. ‘
   David Rollo, vice president and director of IMG Golf and owner and sponsor of the Australian Masters, added: ‘TAG Heuer has been a great partner for the Masters for the past ten years, which supports us in Sean · The official charity partners in the Vaughn Foundation play a big role.
   TAG Heuer is proud to be the official timekeeper and official watch for Australian masters, and continues to maintain a long-term relationship with the Australian Golf Association.