Tag Heuer’s First Race Show 2015 Opens In Kuala Lumpur

On January 13, 2015, Kuala Lumpur … TAG Heuer Motor Racing Exhibition opened in Suria KLCC shopping mall. This is the first stop of the series of global tour exhibitions, and it will be set to travel to other countries with the 2015 F1 Grand Prix.
   The owner of this year’s motorsport show aims to pay tribute to the milestones achieved by racing legends, and to organize comprehensive activities suitable for the participation of drivers and citizens during the exhibition. Such as BATAK, which is used by drivers to train their hand-eye coordination, visitors can also enjoy a complete F1 Sepang track experience with the help of a racing simulator. As a long-term partner of TAG Heuer, McLaren also has a 650S Spider sports car on display.
   The McLaren team name is a legend in itself, providing fertile ground for the glory of the most advanced cars and greatest drivers. For more than 30 years, TAG Heuer and McLaren have formed a close partnership to work side by side to promote the development of the F1 movement. During the racing test phase, TAG Heuer will provide top-notch precision timing services for McLaren drivers, so it is no coincidence that witnessing the birth of many great records together.
   The two teamed together to complete 120 grand prix victories and won the World Drivers’ Championship nine times. All the drivers who won the championship of the year, Senna, Prost, Hakkinen and Hamilton are members of the F1 Hall of Fame. They have also all been ambassadors for the TAG Heuer brand.
   The TAG Heuer Motor Show in Kuala Lumpur will run from January 13 to January 19 and will open daily at 10 am.