Tissot Watches Have The Highest Sales Volume In The World

The world’s authoritative duty-free magazine ‘Moody’s Report’ recently issued a statement saying that from the opening of April 20 last year to April 20 this year, the sales of Tissot watches in Sanya duty-free stores reached the world’s highest. According to the article, in May 2012, the World Duty Free Association held the GateOne2One conference in Singapore, and China Duty Free Group revealed details of its amazing success experience in the Hainan Sanya store and its development plans for the next few years.
     At the meeting, Charles Chen, vice president of China Duty Free Group, said at the meeting that after the successful trial of the ‘Island Freedom’ policy in Hainan, the sales of China Duty Free Group increased by 43.6% in 2011 to US $ 660 million.
     It is understood that from April 20, 2011 to April 20 this year, the sales of China Duty Free Group Sanya Store exceeded 1.5 billion yuan, with an average of 3,857 transactions per day, with an average daily sales of 4.64 million yuan, an average 11,956 tourists enter the store every day.
     Charles Chen said that these are the brand influence brought by many top brands in the Sanya store. China Duty Free Group Sanya has the world’s largest Tissot store, the largest Lange cosmetics retail retail counter, and Lancome and Dior retail retail counters.
     According to the article, in addition to the world’s highest sales of Tissot watches, the sales of other top brands in the Sanya store have also achieved good results. The sales volume of Lange cosmetics in October last year was also the champion of the global travel retail market. Sales of cosmetics entered the top five in the world.