Ultimate Women Breguet Queen Of Naples 9808 Mini Princess Watch

In 1810, Abraham-Louis Breguet created the first wristwatch in history for Queen Caroline Murat of Naples. This timepiece is famous for its exquisite case. The elegant arc is not only a praise of feminine femininity, but also a tribute to the origin of life. The Queen of Naples watch not only has an iconic shape, but also has a unique movement. Although many watchmakers produce mechanical movements for men only, Breguet has designed mechanical timepieces for women from the beginning. Today’s Watch House brings you a ladies’ watch from the Breguet Queen of Naples series, reference model: 9808BR / 5T / 922 0D00.

  Many famous women in history have been obsessed and happy with Breguet’s timepieces. The Breguet Naples Queen Series watches are elegant and poetic, an ode to the beauty of women.

Case in 18K rose gold, measuring 32.9 x 27.3 mm

   This watch case is made of 18K rose gold with a case size of 32.9 x 27.3 mm. The unique goose oval case of the Queen of Naples series exudes elegant charm, and the round curves show the feminine femininity.

Watch with a sapphire crystal

   The mirror uses a sapphire crystal glass, anti-glare treatment, clear light transmission, convex round mirror reflects a unique classic charm, while protecting the delicate dial, it also reflects the brilliance of the mother-of-pearl dial of Tahiti. Presented without reservation.

18K rose gold crown set with a drop-shaped diamond
   The crown is also made of 18K rose gold. In addition to the triangular pit pattern on the side of the crown that enhances the feel of the winding, the top of the crown is inlaid with a drop-shaped diamond.

Unique ball lugs

   The design of the watch’s lugs is very sophisticated. The unique ball lugs of the Breguet Naples series are used to show the ultimate feminine charm. The lugs are studded with bright cut diamonds, turning the watch into a beautiful wrist. Jewelry.

Mysterious Tahiti mother-of-pearl dial

   The arc-shaped dial and the Roman numeral ‘XII’ on the dial are made of the shiny and mysterious Tahiti mother-of-pearl, and the Roman numeral ‘XII’ is fixed on the dial with a fine wood inlay process. The mother-of-pearl material is fragile and fragile, so it is especially tricky in the fine wood inlay process, which is a veritable masterpiece.

Beautifully shaped hands

   The two hands of the watch are mixed with 18K rose gold, and the tip of the needle is cut out with pear-shaped cutouts, showing a unique flavor. With the mysterious and colorful Tahitian mother-of-pearl dial, it reveals a feminine charm. .

Back case design

   The back of this watch is designed with a transparent back. Through the sapphire crystal glass embedded in the case, the exquisitely carved mechanical movements are clearly visible. Each movement is engraved with an independent number and the word ‘Breguet’.

The watch is equipped with a cal 586/1 automatic mechanical movement

   This watch is equipped with a Cal586 / 1 self-winding mechanical movement equipped with a Swiss linear lever escapement and a silicon flat balance spring, which can provide a power reserve of about 40 hours.

Summary: For Breguet, it is very natural to persist in doing her best for women. Many famous women in history have been obsessed and happy with Breguet’s watches. Of all Breguet’s collections, there is no doubt that the Queen of Naples series is the most poetic. This is not only reflected in the unique form of the case-a symbol of the origin of life, but also because it is an exclusive design for women Complex watch. With the talents of poets and magicians, Abraham and Louis Breguet combined the spirit of women’s pursuit of independence with technology and aesthetics, which has won the favor of countless outstanding women.