What Is The Speed And Passion 8 That Can Still Impress You?

‘Speed ​​and Passion 8’ shocked

Unmanned, satellite positioning, hacking …
Make the most of the amazing technology
But it’s the one that moves the fans the most
Dominic Torreto
Driving his favorite Dodge Challenger muscle car
Speeding up with partners again on the track
The mechanical charm that symbolizes freedom is always bloody

Speed ​​and passion go beyond the screen
Blancpain has long enjoyed the power of gallop and precision machinery.
Into the field of watchmaking
L-EVOLUTION pioneering series
Watch as chariot, movement as engine, time as track
A perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology while adhering to traditional watchmaking techniques
Create a dynamic pioneering work

Limited edition super run in watch industry

Blancpain L-EVOLUTION pioneers a series of Carrousel Tourbillon watches

Sharp-edged, strong, technology
Even without mentioning its brilliant family pedigree
It is also an insurmountable peak in watchmaking.

Create passion, fly close to the wrist

Blancpain Cal.2322V2 movement, will ‘one minute flying tourbillon’

Exclusive ‘One Minute Coaxial Carrousel’ with Blancpain
Two legendary devices that counteract gravity, merged into one watch
Flying side by side, flying close to the wrist

Movement with dual barrel
Provide seven days of power for the two devices
The surging power that fits the super running engine

The beauty of a movement worthy of indulgence

The movement splint is finely sanded
Coated with NAC platinum alloy
Create modern, dark colors
Creates a rough and unrestrained visual appearance of the track ground

Plywood and bridge are hollowed out

Brings multi-layered hollow visual resonance
Also enhances the aesthetics of the components below

Seiko details of Hexagon movement screws and rim-type Blancpain wheels
Highlighting the racing properties of this watch
Make the movement as a whole avant-garde visual beauty

Informal and powerful

The watch also breaks the norm in appearance, completely reshaping dynamic details

Introduced powerful muscle design and drawing process
Create a platinum case with tension and aggressiveness (47.4mm diameter)
Numbers, scales and hands
Filled with Super-LumiNova luminous paint
Glamorous green fluorescence blooms at night

Wavy chamfer at the junction of the lug and case

Design skills that highlight informality

Detail among details

Unique craftsmanship not to be missed
Seven-string harp pattern carved with laser on Caruso frame
It also contains the Blancpain signature ‘JB’
This is the first time Blancpain has used this process
Rendering such fine details in tiny parts

L-EVOLUTION Tourbillon
Limited to 50 pieces worldwide
Destined to be only a few treasures of watch appreciation experts