Why Men Don’t Like To Say ‘fast’, But Love Speed And Passion

Pursuing speed and conquering speed is the desire of all men. Therefore, there are many speed-related sports and events, such as the FIA ​​Formula 1 World Championship, which is also commonly known as ‘F1’. Even a woman like me who does not care about sports events, I heard about it.

Formula 1 competition scene

 Formula 1’s most noticed period in China should be the heyday of ‘Car King’ Schumacher, from the late 1990s to the early millennium, in his 16-year career, almost every record was set. The seven championships have deeply imprinted his name on the historical milestone of Formula One Formula One. Even China, which has only been in contact with this event since the 1990s, has an indelible passion for F1.

F1 matches

 F1 seems to be far away, or even out of reach. It is not a sport that ordinary people can control, nor is it an event that we can easily participate in. But in this highest level of racing today, our heart beats every time the engine sounds. In addition to the team’s technology, team cooperation, and the talent and strength of the driver, the support for the car to reach the top speed has a great relationship with the development of the car and the use of new materials. Each time a new record is created, it means that the elements that make up speed have been renewed.

Richard Mill’s three partner teams

 Of the fine watch brands, RICHARD MILLE, who has an almost enthusiastic love for F1, certainly will not miss the moment to witness every moment of speed. The same pursuit of excitement, speed and breakthrough Richard Mille brand has deep roots with F1. Jean Todt, the brand’s best friend, is the current FIA President. To this end, Richard Mill has launched three masterpieces of limited edition Jean Todt watches, namely: RM 11-03, RM 050 and RM 056 Jean The 50th anniversary of Todt’s career, to commemorate his fifty years of racing roar. And what many people don’t know is that the famous international movie star Michelle Yeoh, who is also a close friend of the RICHARD MILLE brand, is actually Jean Todt’s fiancee. At the Shanghai International Circuit on April 14 this year, the two appeared together at the scene.

Jean Todt and Michelle Yeoh

 The timing of F1 races is not multi-year, using a single annual league system, accumulating annual points to determine the performance of drivers and teams in order to produce a championship. Of all the competitions held in the F1 competition, Europe is the most hosted, North America is the second, and Oceania is the least. There are 16 to 17 races planned each year (20 races in the 2012 season), usually starting around mid-March and ending the season at the end of October. The Shanghai F1 circuit, which started in October 2002 and was completed in June 2004, has also witnessed countless glories.

 On the Shanghai International Circuit on April 14th, ten teams and 20 drivers drove fiercely on the racing track. Three teams of RICHARD MILLE include Alfa Romeo Racing and Haas F1 ( Haas F1 Team) and the McLaren F1 Team as we know it.

Red and white Alfa Romeo Racing

Alfa Romeo Racing driver Kimi Raikkonen

Haas F1 Team Debuted in Black

Romain Grosjean, brand friend of the Richard Mille of the Haas F1 team

Iconic orange-painted McLaren F1 Team

 The three teams each have their own characteristics. Whether it is from the technical strength of the driver or the overall coordination of the team, the three teams will not disappoint the audience. Just like RICHARD MILLE, it never disappointed us. When it comes to the history of innovation in watchmaking, RICHARD MILLE must be among the best. Adopting high-tech technology, integrating cutting-edge thinking and integration, each time RICHARD MILLE launches a new watch, it will redefine the concept of watch technology in the industry.

RICHARD MILLE RM 50-03 McLaren F1 Ultralight Double Seconds Chasing Tourbillon Chronograph

 In 2017, RICHARD MILLE and McLaren-Honda (McLaren), using superb watchmaking craftsmanship, to create RM 50-03 McLAREN F1 ultralight double-second chase tourbillon chronograph, with a weight of less than 40 grams Won the most timepiece manufacture, continuing the legend of brand watchmaking.

RICHARD MILLE RM 50-03 McLaren F1 Ultralight Two Seconds Chasing Tourbillon Chronograph Dial Details

 Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon nanomaterial with hexagonal honeycomb lattice composed of carbon atoms with sp² hybrid orbitals. The brand introduced this brand-new material into the creation of the case. This material allows the case to reduce weight to the greatest extent, making this watch lighter. In addition, this watch not only retains ergonomics and a unique stunning appearance, but also adds ultra-high shock resistance and ultra-lightweight characteristics.

Case material made of titanium alloy, carbon fiber and graphene

Fernando Alonso wears RICHARD MILLE RM 50-03 McLaren F1 ultralight two-second chase tourbillon chronograph

 F1 symbolizes the ultimate pursuit of speed by human beings, and every summit of it means the perfect collision between team, driver and racing car. For RICHARD MILLE, the passion of watchmaking and the speed of chasing self are the eternal theme of the brand. RICHARD MILLE will never stop the rapid pace because it has already stood high.