World Famous Watch Brand Breguet International Tour To Shijiazhuang

At noon today, the world’s first watch, the Queen of Naples series of world themes tour exhibition, came to the Shijiazhuang Xiantianxia store on the first floor of the Shijiazhuang Xiantianxia Shopping Plaza to tell the people in the world the first The classic historical legend behind the watch and the artistic changes of the watch.

¬†According to reports, in 1810, Breguet created a ‘long oval bracelet-type questionnaire’ in response to Napoleon’s sister Naples’ queen Lorraine Murat, and delivered it in 1812, two hundred years ago. But for historical reasons, this NO.2639, which was specially created for the Queen of Naples, has long been lost in history. Breguet’s unique ‘re-engraved’ Queen of Naples series based on fragmentary data in the archives is still amazing. Mr. Lu Keqin, Vice President of Breguet China said, ‘After two hundred years of accumulation and experience, we have always been committed to continuously promoting the development of watchmaking technology and art. The success of the ‘Queen of Naples’ series stems from our heritage of classics, The courageous spirit of innovation. Her extraordinary skills and concepts not only represent our infinite respect for traditional values, but also our unremitting pursuit of breakthrough innovation. ‘

¬†This exhibition not only reviews the classic stories in this history of watchmaking, but also continues the modern legend of Breguet’s continuous innovation. The queen-shaped case of the ‘Queen of Naples’ has a unique design and beautiful curves. With its complex functions such as the moon, it has become a beloved art boutique of modern women who advocate elegant quality. It is reported that this exhibition starts from September 6 to September 22, visitors are not only fortunate to be able to enjoy a variety of Naples collections, but also enjoy a unique selection of fine jewelry.